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Paintings of Thomas Kinkade

Updated on July 21, 2014

Paintings of Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade seems to have touched on a variety of subject matter through his numerous paintings, and the vast majority of those are recognizable for his unique style.

Included below are a number of Kinkade's paintings for you to enjoy and look at to contrast a variety of themes and subjects he created.

While his winter and Christmas scenes are among my favorites, his other paintings are surely great as well, and I enjoy them as much as I enjoy the subject he chooses to paint upon.

In other words, I like the majority of Kinkade's works because I like his style. From there it comes down to the subject matter he chooses as to which paintings I like best.

Bridges by Thomas Kinkade

I thought I would start off with paintings of different seasons, rather than my favorite Christmas and/or winter paintings of Thomas Kinkade, so I don't get too distracted and only show those works of his, since they're my favorite.

Even so, those with water and the changing fall colors are always well done by Kinkade, and the Cobblestone Bridge is a wonderful example of that.

Below that we have Broadwater Bridge, which includes a very different look, with the sense that you're out in the country rather than near the city like in the Cobblestone Bridge.

And while Stepping Stone Cottage can't properly be called a painting of a bridge, in reality it is, as the stones provide the walkway to cross the river. It's my favorite of the three bridges by Kinkade.

Cobblestone Bridge

Broadwater Bridge

Stepping Stone Cottage

Light of Peace from Thomas Kinkade

Light of Peace from Thomas Kinkade reminds me of the days I lived near Lake Superior in my youth, and the lighthouses that dotted the drive along what was called the North Shore, which wound its way up to Canada. I like the great waves splashing against the rocks and the light seeming about to break through the clouds. Those sailboats in the background are also a great addition.

Light of Peace Painting by Thomas Kinkade

Gates and Stairways from Thomas Kinkade

The two following paintings from Thomas Kinkade draw upon his Christian faith, where the mysteries of a walk with God, along with the eventual entry into paradise by the followers of Christ is represented.

Both tell different stories and are really well done. Great paintings.

Garden Gate

Stairway to Paradise

Evening on the Avenue Painting from Thomas Kinkade

What a great portrayal of days gone by from Kinkade. I love that horse-drawn trolley going down the middle of the street and his signature lights immersing the painting. And among my favorites, as always, are those lamp post lights and their muted light coming from them.

Evening on the Avenue

Christmas or Winter Works of Thomas Kinkade

As I mentioned above, the winter and/or Christmas paintings of Thomas Kinkade are my favorites, and the beginning one called Evening Glow shows the reason why I like them so much.

The snow-covered yard and rocks around the river, along with the light marking the path home, which you can see feet had tread upon, is a great image.

Memories of Christmas is another fantastic celebration of the season, and the beautiful clothes of the woman and her daughter are captured perfectly to me. I really enjoy the contrast of the old represented by the horse and sleigh, along with the introduction of the future shown by the automobile. Great contrast of the changing times.

Kinkade was commissioned to do the 75th anniversary of the tree in Rockefeller Center, and the skating rink reminds me of times I spent skating at the local rink. The light shining off the ice and the mist in the background in great.

Finally, the last one called Hometown Memories, again, reminds me of my childhood in northern Minnesota where the streets looked exactly like they're painted by Kinkade.

Evening Glow

Memories of Christmas

75th Annual Tree on Rockefellor Square

Hometown Memories

Thomas Kinkade Paintings

From this small sampling of fantastic painting by Thomas Kinkade, you can see why he's the most collected painter in the world over the last couple of decades. His paintings capture the essence of what's important to the average person, and they reward him by buying up his paintings and having them strewn across the walls of the homes of America, as well as many other places.


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    • profile image

      Tina Walker-Reser 5 years ago

      As a self-taught artist I had great admiration for Thomas Kinkade's art works. He seemed to convey the "gentle" side of life in all his beautiful creations of past and present on canvas and I think that was why his work was and always will be loved and enjoyed by so many. He certianly earned the title "Painter Of Light" May he rest in peace.

    • profile image

      faryal  7 years ago

      sir !! mashAllah awsome painting may God bless u!! m a painter 22