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Toilet roll tube stars Christmas tree ornaments

Updated on December 2, 2012

Toilet roll tube stars Christmas tree ornaments

What do you usually do with the leftover toilet roll tube? I bet you throw them away. Of course, as would anyone.

But, I have a great idea. How about recycling toilet rolls?

Christmas is coming, and all you can think about is decorating the Christmas tree, buying ornaments and fairy lights, and tinsels, making a gorgeous Christmas tree.

Star ornament
Star ornament

Instead of buying Christmas tree ornaments, make them at home

You don't even need to buy anything to make the Christmas tree ornaments.

You definitely have everything you need at home. Guaranteed.

The most important piece you need is in your bathroom. The toilet roll which is nearly finished, so make sure you don't throw the tube away, cause that's gonna be your Christmas tree ornament.

You will also need paper glue, which if you have kids going to school, you have paper glue as well.

If the theme of your Christmas tree involves brown or cream color, you can leave the toilet roll tube just as it is. If you fancy some other colors, I am sure you have some leftover colored nail polish, and your teenage girl definitely has some glittery nail polish.

And if you are into crafts, whether is sewing, or bauble making, you also have some jewels, which are self- adhesive or you can just glue them on. If you don't have jewels, maybe you have a piece of jewelry with gems which you don't wear anymore or your dog broke it into pieces, but you didn't want to throw away the beads, so you decided to keep them, thinking one day you will create something with them. Well, now is your chance.

That's everything you need to make a Christmas tree star ornament out of toilet paper roll tube.

Instructions on how to make the Christmas tree star ornament out of toilet paper roll tube

First thing, you need to take the tube and flatten it. Then take a measuring tape to know the length of the roll. You will need 5 pieces of toilet paper roll to make the star. So just divide the paper roll into pieces using the measuring tape. It helps if you mark where you will be cutting.


Cutting the toilet paper roll and finishing the masterpiece

Then take a pair of scissors and cut the tube into equal pieces. A paper roll tube of standard size should be cut in equal pieces of 5. These pieces will become your Christmas tree ornament. Glue the ends of each piece together by attaching them next to each other, NOT on top of each other. What you should know is the shape of the star is quiet difficult to achieve if you try to glue all the pieces together in the same time. But, if you try, two at once, it will be much more easier. And if you want to make sure they will stay glued, before the glue gets dry, make sure you press the two pieces, with either a hair clip or tweezers .

After forming the star, decide on the color. You can leave it as it is, but if you decide to change the color, choose the nail polish and color the star as you would do your nails. Again, allow to dry for about 15 min. After you finished assembling your star, in the middle you should add a gem or beads. The sky is the limit. Let your imagination flow. If you chose a specific theme for your Christmas tree, you could match the gem with the theme. If the gem is self-adhesive it's easy, you just need to stick it, but if the gem does not stick, just use some leftover glue, it should be alright.

This is how you make a toilet roll a Christmas tree star ornament

Do you think it's easy to make a toilet roll Christmas tree star ornament?

Toilet roll Christmas tree Star ornament on my Christmas tree

Toilet roll Christmas tree Star ornament on my Christmas tree
Toilet roll Christmas tree Star ornament on my Christmas tree

Helpful Tips on how to make a toilet roll Christmas tree star ornament

1. If you don't have paper glue, but you do have some other type of glue in the house or some wood glue from your husband's workshop, take it easy, wood glue will do just fine, as long as it will be clear after getting dry. We wouldn't want some white glue becoming an issue in our toilet paper roll journey.

2. If you think the toilet roll pieces are too thick after cutting them, you need to know if you decide to go for thinner cut pieces, it will be much more difficult to handle in order to achieve the desired shape.

3. If you decide to use nail polish to color the stars, allow for the nail polish to dry for a few hours, otherwise you might end up with ripped toilet roll pieces, as the roll will get moist from the nail polish and it will become more fragile.

4. To hang your toilet roll Christmas tree star ornament on your Christmas tree, you can either hang it from one end, or you can add a piece of thread or ribbon.

5. If you want your star to be glittery and glittery, you can sprinkle some powdered glitter on the pieces, exactly after you used nail polish, before getting dry.

Are you ready to make your toilet roll tube Christmas tree star ornaments?

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    • Jawill profile image

      Jawill 5 years ago

      Who would have guessed? This is great.

    • amoki13 profile image

      amoki13 5 years ago

      Next snow day, my kids and I are on this! Thx!

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      These Toilet roll tube stars Christmas tree ornaments are cool.