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Top 5 FREE Halloween knitting patterns

Updated on August 15, 2011

Halloween is a great time for (FREE) knitting!

Halloween is a holiday that brings out the kooky, the zany, and the cute in all crafters, especially knitters. There are lots of free knitting patterns on the web, and whether you're looking for traditional knitting patterns or those with a bit more modern edge, I've got you covered. (Knitted eyeballs, anyone?)

Some of these patterns are quick, easy, and addictive, like the knit eyeballs in the photo at left. Others, like the knit hamburger dress will take some time, so get started now! Click on any of the images in this article to go directly to its FREE knitting pattern.

Knit olives in jar
Knit olives in jar

1. Free Knit eyeballs pattern

This pattern for knitting eyeballs comes from the blog Mary Jane, Midge, and Mink and takes no time to knit. The pattern originally was for knit olives, which are great any time of year!

More knit eyeballs:

Juggling eyeballs

Stuffed eyeball with optic nerve

large knit eye ball

Lil baby devil hat
Lil baby devil hat

2. Lil' Devil Baby Hat

This knit devil hat for babies is so cute! The pattern is so easy that you could make one for each little devil in your life!

More Devil hats:

Adult Devil Hat

Domiknitrix's Devil Hat

Debil Zevil Hat

Halloween Ghosties free pattern
Halloween Ghosties free pattern

3. Free Knit Ghosties Pattern

This quintet of cute characters couldn't be quicker or easier to make from scraps of yarn and stuffing. They are knitted in garter stitch (no increases or decreases) and with one nifty stitch they stand up by themselves, like magic!

Moreover, children can join in the knitting. The smallest size only has 12 stitches and 19 rows and they are all worked on 4mm [No 8, USA 6] knitting needles - perfect for beginner knitters, grown-ups included. Even the arms are easy-peasy, just one cast on/cast off piece, which is threaded through the body.

There are instructions for five sizes ranging from 4.5cm [1¾in] to 7.5cm [3in] in height. You can knit them all year round, providing lots of amusing treats for the 31st of October.

Free wig knitting pattern
Free wig knitting pattern

4. Free Hallowig pattern

About her knit wig pattern, the designer says, "I found myself wondering just what I could do with all that cheap, bright acrylic yarn one finds in craft shops. I also found myself thinking about Halloween. Add in a bad hair day and this is what I got."

This wig is worked from the bottom up, the bound off edge is the center part.

Knit stockings pattern
Knit stockings pattern

5. Ann Marie Lace Stockings

Gorgeous, old-fashioned stockings pattern, these would be perfect with any reproduction or Witch costume! About her pattern, the designer says, "Made in lacy rib, this pattern is free to help raise awareness for women's cancer charities. You can make ankle socks, calf high, or knee highs by stopping at any point in the pattern"

More free Halloween Knitting

Here is a list of several more free Halloween knitting patterns

Do you craft for the holidays?

Witch Barbie knit outfit
Witch Barbie knit outfit

If your'e a crafter, do you craft for each holiday?

See results

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    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 6 years ago

      What a great looking lens and it is great to have another knitter around here. Great job, Blessed and featured on my angel lens for August 2011