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5 Tasty Logos for Catering Companies

Updated on April 23, 2013
Milk Uncookies Logo Samples. Design Storyboard.
Milk Uncookies Logo Samples. Design Storyboard. | Source

Some catering companies seem to effortlessly attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more time and time again. They may offer catering services for special events and private parties, or be the timeless favorite eatery of the city’s in-crowd. But how do they snare their admirers when the world is awash with thousands of caterers and restaurants on every street corner?

It’s all about the company’s brand. Catering companies with a strong brand will forge a strong niche in the market. A professionally designed brand will ensure that their company stands out from the rest and is seen as an outfit that cooks great food, is professional and complies with all relevant food hygiene regulations. A large part of the responsibility of getting these messages across to the public lies with the company logo. A well designed logo calls attention to itself and evokes an immediate emotional response in the consumer. The brain processes images and colors immediately before it has even had a chance to read and digest the supporting words.

Hence the logo of a catering company, which is the visual representation of the company, has the tall task of selling the company, of being memorable and clearly showing what the company is offering. It is indeed a tall task – but the following top 5 tasty logos are superb examples of how to get a catering company on the map.

The Cheshire Logo
The Cheshire Logo

The Cheshire Pudding Company

This is a wonderful logo as it is so much fun. It draws the eye – the stylized chef with his hat and spoon is racing out with that piping hot pudding. It has so much speed and movement that this logo depicts a catering company that clearly prides itself on offering a quick and efficient service. The use of plain black on white is very effective and results in a simple logo that will be easy to reproduce on all manner of marketing materials.

Great Logo Sample for a Restaurant
Great Logo Sample for a Restaurant

Itorae Restaurant

Keeping with the classy black and white theme, the success of this logo is down to the imposing formal building being dished up on an oversized platter. The building has some subtle shadowing to give a 3D effect and the size and unusual font style for the restaurant name gives the overall logo a great balance. Customers at this restaurant would expect to be pampered in rich surroundings.

Logo Sample for a Catering Business
Logo Sample for a Catering Business

Simply Gourmet

This logo has minimal use of color and its simple symbol supports the company name - a spoon and fork which show from first viewing that this company is all about food. The bold font for the company name, with the emphasis on ‘simply’ sends out a very clear message – you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have wholesome, unpretentious, high quality food.

Narang Logo by New Design Group
Narang Logo by New Design Group


Using nearly every color in the rainbow this logo is evocative of the Far East. The background appears like a brightly colored flower with overlapping, slightly translucent colored petals – a flower that you would only ever encounter in some far off exotic location. The astounding font pulls the whole design together. The company name may be in simple white but the feel of a southern Asian script is very apparent – the final ‘g’ is the focal point of the design. It’s sure to be a venue which is the place to go to for delicious ethnic food.

Two Sisters Catering Logo
Two Sisters Catering Logo

Two Sisters Catering

Without a doubt this logo promises a friendly company which does a roaring trade in cakes to tempt the strictest of dieter, along with coffees and milkshakes to wash them down. The two cartoon sisters suggest a personal service and a fun atmosphere. The use of pastel colors, from the mauve banner to the lime green skirt is particularly attractive to women. And since women are traditionally the ones who can’t resist a sticky cake this logo has sensibly tapped into the female market with its design.

These top 5 tasty logos for catering companies are all completely different in look and in the message that they impart. But each one stands out above its competitors. From simplistic designs with minimal graphics to detailed designs awash with color, each one works in its own unique and memorable way.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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