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Top Ten Famous Animators on Youtube

Updated on July 11, 2011

Top Ten Famous Animators on Youtube

Who doesn't know about Youtube? This is a biggest video-sharing website where every users can upload, share and view videos. According to Alexa rank, Youtube being a third busiest website in the world, under Google and Facebook.

Youtube created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In this web, unregistered users may watch videos, and everyone can register to upload unlimited number of videos. Videos that are considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users 18 years old and older. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google.

One of the profession who very glad for Youtube is an animator, a man/woman who creates animation with computer software and make them can be watched by anyone. In Youtube, a good animation video can be viewed millions times and may be reupload by another users. In this lens I write about ten famous animators in Youtube.

Behind The List - The way I get a list

Watching and considering millions video uploaded by thousands users is not ease to spotted as "the famous". This task very subjective and the result is difference when be done by others. But I make some criteria below.

  1. Originality

    The user making video by own or by the company which he/she involved in the team. So, the user who reupload or remake from others video is eliminated from the list.

  2. Huge viewer

    One video can be noted as a famous one if have been viewed by one million viewer annually or 3.000 viewer daily.

  3. Consistency

    The user has been uploaded at least three videos. So, if you upload only two ones and have viewed 12 millions times you will be eliminated, I am sorry.

  4. 2D or 2D or whatever style

    It doesn't matter what type of video animation style. Some of them just 2D animation, 3D and so on.

  5. Uniqueness

    The uniqueness means the style is difference with another.

Quick List

Here a ten famous animators in Youtube

Here top ten best animator in Youtube, listed by me D


Galinha Pintadinha


Custard Productions



Mr Weebl

Nursery Rhymes



Gummy Bear International

Gummybear International is one of the successful internet meme, due to its corresponding 30-second video clip. They created a brand of candy, Gummy Bear, and the soundtrack song names I'm A Gummy Bear (composed by Germany Christian Schneider) being a popular song today. The song has since been released in at least twenty five languages and has virally distributed all the world with more than 1 billion plays according to videos on YouTube and MySpace. With the song ready-made for ringtone use one critic commented "he's the ultimate cross-platform, cross-cultural phenomenon YouTube was designed to unleash."

In Youtube GummyBear has two channel. First channel was joined at Mar 13, 2007, has channel views 3,607,697 total upload views 336,154,983 times and subscribers 29,069. The most popular video is viewed 136 millions times. The new channel registered at Mar 26, 2008, get channel views 12,590,723, total upload views 496,333,456 times and subscribers 73,756 users. The most popular video in this channel is viewed 93 millions times until 26 June 2011.


Youtube Old channel

Youtube New Channel

Gummibeär Website:

Play Gummibeär (The Gummy Bear) Game:

Shop the Gummibär Merch Store:

Gummibär on Facebook:

Gummibär on MySpace:

Send a Gummibär eCard:

Follow Gummibär on Twitter:

Gummibär Japan:

Galinha Pintadinha - This is a Brazilian Style

Galinha Pintadinha is a Brazilian style. They claimed 3th rank in Brazil, Comedian Brazil and Musician Brazil. The most viewed of their videos is viewed 58 millions times (uploaded September 2008). Since joined at August 30 2006 until 26 June 2011 6.40 am (GMT + 7), they get 11995 subscribers, 504 comments, channel views 1,912,859 total upload views 232,710,649.

Official Website:

Galinha Pintadinha





Here a few of their works.

Lassegg Channel

Lasse Gjertsen is a Norwegian animator, musician, and videographer. Lasse originally submitted Hyperactive to YouTube after seeing a copy uploaded by another user with poor sound quality. Over the next 6 months Lasse uploaded 16 more videos, many created during his animation course. As of May 12, 2007 he has the 31st most subscribed channel, and four videos have been featured on the YouTube front page, Hyperactive, What The Fuck?, Amateur, and Sogno ad Occhi Aperti. While Hyperactive has been the most popular,[2] Amateur was featured in an article in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Another video by Gjertsen has also been featured on YouTube; "Hva faen, Speil?" in which he is looking into a mirror while some of the effects of LSD become apparent through very clever video and audio editing. Lasse Gjertsen's video Hyperactive was nominated in the category Most Creative video in YouTube's 2006 Video Awards. The video achieved third place.

Quick List

Lasse Gjertsen Youtube Channel



Custard Productions - keshen8 channel from Australia

Keshen has joined in Youtube at September 8, 2006. Until June 27, 2011 he has gotten channel views 2,299,684 times, total upload views

38,504,627 times and subscribers 108,578 users. His interesting about Lego, Sandwiches, Kung Fu and Lightsabers. He has been using a Sony HDR-SR12 camera, Boinx iStopmotion Pro to animate the images and Final Cut Pro to edit.

Quick List

Youtube Channel Keshen8

Lego Weapons Brickarms

Here a few his works.

BebeLilly - Animated Baby Girl Singer from France

Baby Lilly is the Star Child. A girl, a baby, particularly gifted for his age. Even before reaching 1 year old, she already knows about, walking, running, singing, dancing, using the telephone and internet, flying a spaceship, fight pirates, ride .... A gifted child, with a mischievous character, playful and incredibly resourceful.

With her friends the toys: Gropoto the Hyppo, Bunny Boon the rabbit, W the Robot and her 3 stupid Dolls, Baby Lilly creates magical adventures in an incredible and irresistibly funny world.

Bébé Lilly joined in Youtube at Jul 30, 2007. She get channel views 1,914,009, total upload views 171,973,782 and subscribers 9,410 (the lowest subscribers in the list). Her busiest video is Bebe Lilly Les Betises which uploaded 3 years ago and has beemn viewed more than 42 millions times.

Quick List

Youtube Channel BebeLilly

Wikipedia Wikipedia

Website BebeLilly

Cyriak Channel

His real name is Cyriak Harris, a British freelance animator. He was been a regular contributor to the British website B3ta since 2004 and displays a surreal animation style with a distinct British theme. Many of his works are based on his hometown Brighton, Z-List celebrities, and television shows.

Cyriak's video has been noticed by the BBC and then was resulted in a short interview, and the airing of his animation DeadEnders (based on the long-running soap opera EastEnders) on the BBC3 comedy series Comedy Shuffle. Cyriak also received a special mention in the results of a Photoshop competition run by the technology series Click.

Cyriak Harris has been commissioned by Coke for a Coke Zero advert, the video sharing website, and a music video for Grand Popo Football Club, among others. Some of his creation is set to his own electronic music compositions of which he works in Image-line's FL Studio.

On the 9th September 2009 Derren Brown said to predict the lottery numbers live on TV. Cyriak uploaded a possible explanation to his youtube channel which gained 500.000 views within 7 days and attention from National Press. Cyriak's work has recurringly featured cats, cows, and robots, among other themes.

On 3 December 2009, Cyriak was noticed as the winner of the 2009 E4 E Stings competition.

Cyriak uses a combination of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for his animation and visuals along with FL Studio for original music pieces alongside his videos. He joined in Youtube at March 29, 2006 and until June 27, 2011 11.45 am (GMT + 7) he got 2,387,899 channel views, 44,787,606 total views and 142,733 subscribers.

Quick List about Cyriak Harris

Youtube Channel



Here a few of his works:

MrWeebl Stuff - Sketch Styler from United Kingdom

MrWeebl joined in Youtube at April 5, 2006. Until June 27, 2011 11.00 am (GMT + 7), he uploaded 169 videos and got 4,169,144 channel views, 110,147,921 total upload views and 248,950 subscribers. He used mostly Flash and a bit of After Effects to animate. To make the music, he records by Propellerheads, melodyne by Celemony, cubase (rarely) by Steinberg. He also use Adobe Audition for voice editing and a SE2200a mic.

Quick List

Youtube Channel


Online Store


Nursery Rhymes

The term nursery rhyme is used for "traditional" songs for young children in Britain and many other countries, but usage only dates from the 19th century and in North America the older ‘Mother Goose Rhymes’ is still often used.

Hoopla Kid joined in Youtube at May 31, 2010. Until June 27 2011 at 11.30 am (GMT + 7) the channel views is 2,131,057, total upload views is

20,165,244 and subscribers 19,475.

Quick List

Youtube Channel


Edward Gould - Eddsworld Channel

Edward Duncan Ernest Gould or also known as Edward Gould was born on October 28th, 1988. Edd began animating using the GIF animation program and moved to Macromedia Flash, with his first Newgrounds entry in 2003. Edd has created a 9 episodes called Bendee series, featuring stick figures. After that he focus on the current Eddsworld characters and joined in Youtube by nickname Eddsworld. Now he is currently an independent animator studying at the University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone in England.

Edd was also part of CakeBomb (a dissolved media production collective), but has always stood out as its own franchise. Eddsworld comprises over 60 episodes (or eddisodes), over 150 comics, flash games, and various art work distributed on the home website, YouTube, Albino Blacksheep, Newgrounds, DeviantART, and the BBC. The episodes are the focal point of the organization, which stars Edd, Tom, Matt, and previously Tord and runs from anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Animations are created solely by Edward Gould and co-written by himself and colleagues Tom Ridgewell, Tom Bown and Matt Hargreaves. Eddsworld is created using Adobe Flash, a computer animation program.

Edd joined in Youtube at March 16, 2006. Until today June 29 2011 11.00 am (GMT + 7), his channel reach 70 most viewed all time in United Kingdom. His 65 videos has channel view 7,076,465 and total viewed 62,213,211 times and 306,580 subscribers.

Quick List

Youtube Channel



Here a few of his works:

aniBOOM Channel

Aniboom is an online production studio that makes animation by reaching out to its database of over 9,500 creators who are located around the globe. As Aniboom is a web-based, rather than brick and mortar, studio, it finds and recruits talent by offering opportunities, work and an animation community where animators can promote themselves.

Aniboom offers production work, syndication and/or production deals, either on TV or the web, for popular submissions. Animators are encouraged to submit their work and be featured on the Aniboom YouTube Channel which has a high ranking. Aniboom helps animators build their name and reputation in the industry, as it puts the artists name in the title, tags and text. While most of content submitted to Aniboom is original, some of the content can be found on other video sharing sites.


Youtube Channel




CEO Talk

Here a few videos from the channel.

Animator vs Animation - Top Famous Animation which uploaded by others

Sometimes we get a popular video, but not uploaded by the first creator. Here a few example.

Which one channel you prefer?

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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      3 years ago from Austin TX

      Well, nice list but your missing many, many youtubers.

      Check out my top 3 you tubers.

    • AnonBlogger profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice Lens! I actually just made a lens about the top 10 Youtubers :)

      You should check it out!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really liked the whole article. Animation is a passion of mine and I can see that you've really done your homework! Thank you for a great article!


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