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Transformers Coloring Pages

Updated on July 31, 2013

Free Transformers Coloring Pages

On this page you will find a selection of Transformers coloring pages and activities for kids and fans of the popular film and cartoon series. Coloring printable of many Transformer robots can be found here. So get your papers and set your printers ready for a wide selection of online printables.

With the colossal success of the Transformers movies in the box office, there is no denying that the this giant robots franchise are more popular than ever before. The 80's cartoon series along with the tie-in collectible toys are the hottest thing for kids during that time. Today, the Transformers are as popular as ever with the release of films and merchandise like toys that comes along with it.

There are many dedicated websites that provides a wide array of printable like has a decent choices of Transformers characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Bumblebee Coloring Page

Bumblee is one of the most well-loved Transformers characters. In 80's cartoon, this affable Autobot is known for his disguise as the yellow Volkswagen beetle. Kids will definitely enjoy these collection Bumblebee coloring printables available to be printed.

From, a Generation 1 Transformers illustration of Bumblebee featuring his human friend Spike.

For those looking for movie version of Bumblebee to color, another great website is Not only you can get the printable, there is a wonderful tutorial on how to draw your very own.

Bumblebee Action Figure
Bumblebee Action Figure

This meticulously detailed Bumblebee Toy is one those collectibles that fan will truly appreciate to have. This figure transforms into a bright yellow Camaro as seen in the movies.

If you grew up watching the 80's cartoon series, then you will fondly recognize this coloring image of a classic Bumblebee.

The picture you see on the right is an artwork by Brian Shearer. You can view the full-sized image complete with his other creations by clicking on the thumbnail to go directly to his website.

Lastly, another Bumblebee drawing tutorial inspired the recent Cartoon Network show. Visit for more step by step instructions and coloring printables.

Optimus Prime Coloring Page

Optimus Prime is a strong-willed, compassionate and mighty leader of the Autobots . Here's an assortment of Optimus Prime images from cartoon and movie series to color.

Here is an Optimus Prime coloring sheet via a fan-art created by boatwright. This is an awesome drawing with Transformers logo at the background.

Another printables is a drawing of movie Optimus poses with his trademark weapon. Get the image here (

Also take a look at this page where Prime is standing side by side with Bumblebee after they have won the battle during the first Transformers movie at

Optimus Prime Action Figure*

Optimus Prime: Mech Voyager
Optimus Prime: Mech Voyager

Robot battle action just got fiercer than ever! This detailed OPTIMUS PRIME figure is as powerful as they come and features intricate details to make the action extra exciting.

*Optimus Prime: MECH Voyager is an official merchandise from the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Megatron Coloring Page

The ruthless leader of the Decepticon and he's ideals are the exact opposite of the Autobots. Check out these Megatron printables:

A Megatron Coloring Sheet fighting Optimus Prime taken from the scene from the movie.

From is an artwork inspired by G1 series. In addition, there are also other characters you can print from this page.

You can also find a wide selection of awesome 80's Transformers to print with lots of characters to choose from.

Masterpiece Megatron Figure

Transformers Masterpiece Megatron Mp-05
Transformers Masterpiece Megatron Mp-05

This amazing addition to Takara's MP collection features die-cast metal elements and superior design. Due to the delicate nature of this item, it is recommended for adult collectors only. It is a fully transformable from a full scale Walther P-38 pistol with electronic sighting in the scope .


Starscream Coloring Page

One of the most recognizable Decepticon character out there is Starscream. Known for being a traitor even to his kind, he is always scheming to overthrow Megatron as their leader.

This Starscream coloring sheet features a batch of printables from the earlier cartoon series. The image depics Starscream that is about to transform into a jet.

Another Transformers activity from is another step by step instruction on how to draw Starscream. This version of Starscream is from the recent films.

Finally, here is an Armada Starscream poses with his bladed weapon.

Jazz Coloring Page

Jazz Coloring Printable

This ready to print coloring sheet is an illustration of Jazz in the film.

Grimlock Coloring Page

Grimlock is the leader of the formidable group, the Dinobots. He is a fan favorite in the G1 cartoons and he is very much willing to dish out some pain to Decepticons using brute force. His temperament is more akin to the Decepticons but he always ends up on the side of the good guys anyway.

So here is an awesome Grimlock Coloring Sheet depicting him as conqueror of Decepticons.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Sneak Peek

Coloring and Activity Book

Transformers: Coloring and Activity Book and Stickers
Transformers: Coloring and Activity Book and Stickers

This coloring and activity book invites young readers to experience the fun of the movie with coloring, mazes and more.


How To Draw Transformers on Youtube

How To Draw Transformers

Take your budding artist's skill to another level . Why not try to draw the Transformers instead with these easy to follow instructional Transformers drawing books.

Transformers Animated: How to Draw
Transformers Animated: How to Draw

This step-by-step guide teaches budding artists everything they need to know to draw characters from the amazing Transformers universe.

Let's Draw Manga: Transforming Robots
Let's Draw Manga: Transforming Robots

With step-by-step instructions on every page, all you need is a pencil to create your own Transformers masterpiece!

You Can Draw Transforming Robots
You Can Draw Transforming Robots

With this incredible, instructive book and a little imagination, an artist can start saving the universe.



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