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Triple Crochet Stitch

Updated on May 23, 2012

Learn to Triple Crochet

In this lesson you will learn how to make a Triple Crochet Stitch. It is also called a Treble Stitch. In patterns you will see it notated as 'Tr'.

This is one of the longer stitches in crochet and is used in garments, lace and afghans. You could also use this stitch in Shawls or Snoods.

If you use a steel crochet hook [smaller hooks] with size 10 thread, you could make a doily or table cloth.

You will need a skein of yarn and a crochet hook. I used a skein of Impeccable worsted weight which I purchased at Michaels craft store. I'm using a N crochet hook for demonstration purposes.

Updated 11-29-2011

My Background - Momwithahook

I learned how to crochet in early 2000 when I found I was pregnant with my youngest son-that was nearly 11 years ago. I love to crochet as it is something that allows me to release tension and negativity.

Would you like to learn how? I will teach you the basic stitches of Crochet - the stitches my teacher taught me in just two classes.

With these basic stitches you will be able to create a wide variety of gifts for your friends and family.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can also use the patterns I make in your business as they are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Let's get started.

Written Instructions for the Triple Stitch

Copy and Paste in Word or Notepad then Print

You will start out with a chain of 14.

You will be working the first stitch into the 5th chain from the hook.

Abbreviations to Note - YO [yarn over]; Tr[Triple Crochet]; Ch[Chain]

  1. YO twice
  2. Insert hook into 5th ch from hook
  3. YO, pull through 1 loop[you will have 4 loops on your hook]
  4. YO, pull through 2 loops [you will have 3 loops on your hook]
  5. YO, pull through another 2 loops
  6. [you will have 2 loops on your hook]
  7. YO, pull through the last 2 loops on the hook [you are left with just 1 loop on the hook]

The Visual from Teresa - The Art of Crochet on YouTube

A video tutorial for the triple crochet stitch by YouTube's Crochet Geek.

Step 1: Starting Out

Start with a Chain of 15. You will be working in the 5th chain from the hook.

Chain 15

Chain 15
Chain 15

Note #1:

Your first Triple Crochet will be in the 5th Chain from Hook

Work in 5th Chain from Hook

Work in 5th Chain from Hook
Work in 5th Chain from Hook

Step 2: Yarning Over

For the Triple Crochet You will Yarn over Twice [Remember to work from back to front - clock wise]

Yarn Over Twice

Yarn Over Twice
Yarn Over Twice

Step 3: Working Your first Triple

Insert your hook into the 5th chain from hook

Insert into 5th Chain

Insert into 5th Chain
Insert into 5th Chain

Step 4: Yarn Over

You will yarn over again

Yarn Over Again

Yarn Over Again
Yarn Over Again

Triple Crochet in Doilies and Snoods

More ways Triple Crochet can be used

Photo credit: xandert from

Doilies are another common crochet item that uses triple crochet. You might not think you will ever use a Doily pattern but imagine with me if you will a Snood using the base of this pattern.

A Snood pattern starts out in much the same way as a Doily however instead of growing ever larger eventually you use decreases to bring your work in so that it will fit around your head.

Step 5: Pull Through 1 Loop

You will be Pulling through 1 loop leaving 4 loops on the hook

Pull through 1 loop

Pull through 1 loop
Pull through 1 loop

Step 6: Yarn Over

Yarn Over again

Yarn Over again
Yarn Over again

Is your yarn in a jumble?


How are you doing on your Triple Crochet? Are you following the Photos or Video Tutorial? Let me know where you got stuck and I will get back to you.

Are You Lost?

See results

Step 7: Pull through 2 Loops

You will be left with 3 loops on your hook

Pull through 2 loops

Pull through 2 loops
Pull through 2 loops

Filet Crochet and the Treble Stitch

Using Triple Crochet in Filet

Photo credit: solrac_gi_2nd from

In Filet Crochet, which uses charts to make a pattern, Triple Crochet is used to bring height to the piece. Filet crochet is seen in table runners, curtains and even blankets.

Step 8: Yarn Over

Yarn Over

Yarn Over
Yarn Over

Step 9: Pull through 2 loops

You will be left with 2 loops on your hook

Pull through 2 loops

Pull through 2 loops
Pull through 2 loops

Step 10: Yarn Over

Yarn Over

Yarn Over
Yarn Over

6 Projects and You will Learn to Crochet - That's what they say

Crochet: Learn to Crochet Six Great Projects (Klutz)
Crochet: Learn to Crochet Six Great Projects (Klutz)

I haven't purchased this book but just from reading the reviews of this book aka KIT I am really liking it. It includes the yarn although not the top of the line, it is adequate for beginning crochet. It also includes the hook and a button for one of the projects.

The pictures and illustrations are great and they even take you step by step through each of the 6 projects in the book. Projects included are a Cloche hat, scarf, eye glass case, a flower, little purse and a soap sack.


Step 11: Pull Through 2 Loops

Pull through the last two loops on your hook leaving you with just 1 loop

Pull through last 2 loops

Pull through last 2 loops
Pull through last 2 loops

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this tutorial. You don't have to be a registered member of Squidoo to comment.

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