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Gorgeous Tulip Wallpapers

Updated on April 11, 2016

Tulip Wallpapers in a Variety of Settings and Environments

For pure show tulips are probably among the most stunning flower when they are set in an array of color and designs while blooming together at the same time.

Tulips don't have to have thousands of them of the same color displayed in order to be a terrific sight to behold, but having at least clumps of tulips of the same color or design grouped together are a must for the best effect, as you'll see in these amazing wallpapers of the beautiful flower below.

Even though tulips aren't around for a long duration once they bloom, they more than make up for that short burst of color by how outstanding of a landscape scene they create for all to enjoy. It's breathtaking to see them when they're in full bloom.

When additional elements are included like lazy rivers and trees, it makes them stand out even more in a showcase of magnificence that is hard to be equaled.

It's amazing to think that hundreds of years ago tulips became a mania for tens of thousands of people, which drove the price of the little flowers up to enormous levels before plummeting down just as quickly. Fortunes were lost almost overnight by the poor and rich who both put almost all that they had into the flowers as the prices rose exponentially before they came crashing down.

Let's look at some tulip photos not that can be immediately downloaded for instant use on your computer. Tulip wallpapers can of course be found that can be used on smaller screens as well.

Tulips Wallpaper in Natural Landscape with Windmill

There are a lot of companies and people who create magnificent designs using tulips, as the predictable timing of their bloom and the ease in planting them in unique and interesting designs make them ideal for those circumstances.

Even so, my favorite photos of tulips to use for wallpapers are those like this one which includes a natural setting with the terrific windmill in the background and a nice group of trees behind the windmill.

As usual, tulips look best when grouped together with the same variety. From there adding other varieties in rows or other design patterns make for an awesome image to enjoy. Even the light touch of purple tulips between the other tulips fits in nicely and looks fantastic.

tulip wallpapers
tulip wallpapers | Source

Beautiful Tulips in Forest Setting

I haven't found very many tulip photos that show them displayed in a magnificent forest setting and ground cover canopy as shown below, and it's one of my personal favorites of tulip wallpapers. You can click on the photo to get a better and more compelling look, as the limitations of the platform I'm working on don't allow for the image to be shown larger. As nice as it looks here, it's even more wonderful in larger form.

The way the tulips are interspersed among the trees and grasses really works great, and the way it's done by having tulips of the same color in clumps or groups confirms what was mentioned earlier as to how good they look when planted and designed in that way.


Winding Tulip Garden

The focus of this article isn't on professionally designed gardens as they appear below, but I would be remiss not to include at least one among this gallery of tulip wallpaper photos. It shows how tulips can be planted and shaped to create amazing visuals for all to take in and appreciate.

That's not to say all of these tulips weren't professionally designed, because I actually think they were. But I mean by that garden landscaping or landscaping to create this particular type of effect. The rest of the tulip wallpapers here were designed in a more natural setting.

Nonetheless, here the tulip color choices were fantastic, as they blend and work together nicely to create the beautiful image we see. It would be hard to remain too melancholy when taking in beauty like this.


Tulips in Natural Setting

With this tulip wallpaper it has more the feel that the area is barely able to hold back the encroaching forest, as it appears to push up against the building and structure. To me that gives this overall scene more of a wild look, even though the tulips are in nice clusters throughout the area.

The way the dual-colored and single-colored tulips are positioned looks great. They always complement one another nicely when the right color combinations are used.


Tulips Along River Bank

There is nothing more stunning in flower photography and natural grandeur than flowers and trees planted along a river bank.

Adding the nice path in the foreground surrounded by tulips makes for a grand view for sure. As do the groups of tulips seen from afar on the far side of the river bank, located in the midst of the trees.

It surely produces serenity as you look at the small waves suggesting a very light breeze blowing down the river. Very nice.


Tulip Wallpapers Photos

When tulips are in full bloom and planted in places that produce stunning works of art using the flower colors as the base of the design, it's hard to find anything much more beautiful to enjoy when taking it all in.

That's the case with these tuip wallpapers, which are a good representation of what you could put on your computer or other screens to enjoy. Those with the more natural placement are among the best I could find, although the types where they are more open and designed in unique ways for visitors to walk among have a lot more that could be searched out online.

I'm talking about those like the one in the third photo down, with the short grass and manicured look.

If you like your tulip wallpapers in a more natural setting, you won't find many better than those you see here.


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