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Types of Decorative Seams For Sewing

Updated on November 11, 2013

Decorative Seams For Dressmakers

You can create extra decorative fashion interest and make your dress appear unique by adding decorative seams to your garments. Decorative seaming will be much appreciated when you use it on plain fabrics. This will help bring out the type of seaming that you use to embellish your apparel. If you have a beautiful large figure, having a dress or garment with decorative stitches will help make you look even more fabulous than plain clothes.

The use of plain fabrics will make all the embellished stitches appear more visible than on clothes with flowery or print of any color. You can use only one of the embellished stitches or combine with one or more types to get the effect that will be suitable for your fashion preference.

To be able to have a seam that will appear decorative, you can either use hand stitch or embroidery machine with embroidery thread. Many dressmakers prefer to use embroidery machine as it makes the sewing faster and more professional. You will need to use thread such as Sylko to make a perfect garment for any occasion.


Plain Decorative Seam

There are many ways of making plain seams look very decorative on clothes. You can use straight stitches with spaced lines that has the same color as the base fabric. Many of the decorative seaming are worked by using Sylko embroidery thread. So you can use that, if you want to or choose from any of the embroidery threads.

You should use the embroidery thread on top of the sewing machine as well as on the pool. You should know if you want the lines to be longer or shorter, depending on how your garment pattern is. Note that too many stitching lines on your outfit will not look very attractive, so use with care.

You can also use a contrasting color of seam to the base fabric. You will notice that, this is a more preferred technique of plain seaming, as it is easily noticed and stands out even at a distance. On the other hand, you can use different colors on a straight stitching to create a softer effect on the clothing.


Top Stitching Decorative Seams

To get a required effect, you should use a zigzag stitch to create this type of decorative seam. You can use zigzag lines on each side that are closer to the seam. Make the top stitch to be widely spaced especially the one closer to the seam line. You can also wound wool and the buttonhole twist in a zigzag lines onto the spool, lessen the spool case tension.

Set tension to normal as you use Sylko thread on top of the machine. The thicker yarns(wool) will appear as if it has been couched onto the base fabric. There are other ways of creating gorgeous decorative seams using top stitch techniques. You can use automatic patterns, this is a more advanced method, which you will have to follow the instructions that comes with the sewing machine.

Bound Seam For Garment Decoration

You can use bias binding to make this kind of decorative seam. You will have to measure the required length of the strip. Then on a single layer of the base fabric, you should place the right sides of the binding strip together and stitch along the seam line. You have to pull the binding over to the right side and press.

Place the binding strip on the right side of the fabric and stitch. Many dressmakers do not use this type of sewing decoration a lot. Well, you can, if you know how to.


A Piped Seam For Sewing Decoration

You can use any type of piping material or fabric to make this decorative seam. You can use quilting wool, knitting wool that is chunky, other chunky yarns, or piping cord. This is a very easy way to create a beautiful decorative garment for your self or others. Or, you can look in any of the fashion outlets to get a ready to wear decorative seams dresses for yourself.

You can just stitch the piping cord on the outside of your clothe, just where you want it to be seen. You should make sure you can insert a piping material in the seam line as you sew them together.


Insertion Seams For Decorative Sewing

If you have ever used insertion stitches, then it will be easy to use this type of decoration seams. You will use the backing fabric as the insertion. You should use caution in the cutting of the backing fabric, because you are going to use zigzag stitch as well as shaped seams to make it. This is a more advanced method of seam decoration.

You can use the automatic pattern with embroidery thread and buttonhole twist on the pool to work the zigzag line to make the top stitching. You should choose the kind of yarn carefully to match the type of fabric that you want to work with. You can use a contrasting color to get a striking effect.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 4 years ago from England, UK

      tebo, you can get adventurous with the different embroidery stitches as you mentioned. You just have to know how to set it to the right decorative seam stitch. Thanks!

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      I like these different stitching designs for seams that you have explained here. My machine does have a few different stitches, but I must confess I have only used straight and zigzag. I must get adventurous and try some others out. Great hub.

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 4 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you ComfortB. If you visit anywhere that sewing materials are sold, you can ask the staff to show you where piping cords are. There you may find other types of piping materials, which may include fabrics, chunky knitting wools and others. But sometimes, you will find only piping cords. Nice to see you around.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 4 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Nice! I like the Insertion Seam, but I have an old Singer Sewing Machine that only does the plain and the zigzag stitch. Are piping materials labeled that in the store, or are they called something else?

      Very informative hub. Voted up and useful.