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Types Of Needle Made Laces

Updated on November 5, 2012
Needle Made Lace
Needle Made Lace

Needle-Made Laces From Sewing Needles

Types of needle laces are many. You can make laces using any specific sewing needle to achieve the style of lace that you like.

Needle made laces are not the same like bobbin laces. You can get a needle and thread and start making your laces, or you can stitch your lace on a net background.

You can usually find filet lace, needlepoint lace, limerick needle run, carrick macross, reticella lace, renaissance lace. You can make any type of lace using any style of stitches.

You will need some type of needle depending on the weight of the thread that you want to use. Needles have different length and weight. So you should know which needle and thread that will be more suitable to your lace making.

Filet Lace Photo
Filet Lace Photo

Filet Lace For Needle-Made Laces

To make filet lace using needle, you will need a pattern to darn. This requires you to make use of hand made net that is meshed in square. You will find it easy to use a netting needle which has eye at each ends.

Many dressmakers use linen thread to make filet lace. The making of lace should not be a beginner technique. This is the method that the most advanced in dressmaking can do with ease.

A beginner who wants to make filet lace should dedicate time to learn this technique. It is not different from the way you hold your normal thread and needle, but because you want the finished lace to look in a particular way, this will require you to insert the thread in a particular way to achieve your result.

Needlepoint Lace
Needlepoint Lace

Needlepoint Laces

Needlepoint laces is like any needle-made lace, the difference between one needle lace and the other is the arrangement and the design of each type of needle laces. You can make needlepoint lace by using buttonhole stitches to make needlepoint stitches which can be made to look like bars or wheels.

In needlepoint lace, you start by using buttonhole stitch row into the last rows of the loops and then over the loose thread to produce the lace. There are many style of stitches that you can use to make the needlepoint lace, and there are many ways of making the lace using needles.

Reticella Lace Photo
Reticella Lace Photo

Reticella Lace

Reticella lace is also called Greek lace. Reticella lace is one of the oldest needle made laces. This type of needle lace looks like a geometric after the design. This needle lace is hard wearing and very strong as it is made with closely stitched stitches.

To get the best out of the reticella lace, you will have to design it using a fine lace thread with sewing cotton. The thread should be about 20 or 100 in size and the sewing cotton about 100 so that it can be suitable for couching. As mentioned before, if possible, lace making should be left to the hands of professional lace maker.

Renaissance Lace Photo
Renaissance Lace Photo

Renaissance Lace

Renaissance lace making is one of the easiest lace to make, especially best for beginners. You find the patterns in braids, leaf shapes and twisted in floral shapes. You will find different types of designs that you can use to make renaissance designs.

Some of the lace designs are used mainly for edging. Some of these renaissance braid designs are just plain weave, straight braid or scalloped braid.

Most of the lace designs are sewn on clothing hem edges, pillow edges, table clothe edges or even sleeve edges. All you do is to use needle and thread to attach the lace to the edge of the design that you prefer.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 2 years ago from England, UK

      It looks like you love craft projects a lot. Nice to have you appreciate the post @kschimmel.

    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 2 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      I love the look of needle lace, but have only made knit and crocheted lace myself.

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you tebo for your comment. This is a great craft to learn and stitch. You will be surprised what you come out with. And this might just be the beginning of a brand product you create.

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 5 years ago from New Zealand

      An interesting hub. The laces look lovely - I especially like the Reticella lace. I have been thinking about trying some stitching crafts and this looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.