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Unique Knitting Needles

Updated on December 15, 2014

Unusual Knitting Needles

Quality knitting needles are central to the enjoyment of a knitting project. Bad knitting needles can make an otherwise fun knitting project miserable. But while quality knitting needles are important, it is sometimes fun to consider novelty and unusual knitting needles. Sometimes it is worth giving a knitting needle a try even if it may not be the best to knit with just because it is so cool.

Light Up Knitting Needles

These unusual knitting needles have a LED at the end so you can knit even in the dark! I have never tried these out so I have no idea how well they work, but I have a clip on reading light that I intend to use for knitting while watching a movie with friends. Somehow I have never managed to use this, I usually just ask to keep an overhead light on.

Big Knitting Needles - Size 50

Big knitting needles are not particularly easy to work with, but they do allow you to complete large projects quickly, which earns them the name "Speed Sticks." Speed sticks are great to use when you want to complete a quick knit afghan. I was able to complete an afghan in 10 hours using size 50 knitting needles!

Knitting with 1000 Strands

knitting with 1000 strands of yarn at a time requires needles bigger than size 50. I would call these unusual knitting needles!

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