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Popsicle Stick Crafts - Not Just for Kids!

Updated on January 16, 2015

Crafting with Popsicle Sticks

This lens is a collection of cool popsicle stick craft tutorials that are above and beyond the usual kiddie-crafts normally reserved for these little wooden sticks. You'll find jewelry, art, home decor, gift wrapping ideas, and so much more - all made with popsicle sticks! Take a look at all these awesome projects and tell me if you aren't impressed by the way these imaginative artists transformed such a humble craft supply!

Each of the photos and links will take you to the artist's blog where they generously share their tricks and techniques so that you too can make any one of these amazing creations yourself (or ALL of them, even!). I encourage you to take a look at the steps involved for each project even if you aren't interested in making that particular one. You will undoubtedly learn some new methods and get some great inspiration from many of these crafty individuals, and you'll probably find a lot of other fantastic stuff on their blogs while you're there!

Photo Credit: DIY Popsicle Stick Bracelet Tutorial by Bespangled Jewlery

Peach Bellini Popsicle Recipe by Bespangled Jewelry
Peach Bellini Popsicle Recipe by Bespangled Jewelry

First, Eat Lots of Popsicles!

Now, it's true that you can buy popsicle sticks (also known as craft sticks), but I recommend saving used ones and cleaning them before making your project. That's what I did! I don't usually buy popsicles, but since I already had some popsicle molds, I thought I'd use this as an excuse to use them - make some popsicles, eat them, and then use the sticks for something totally crafty!

I'm a big fan of upcycled crafts, as you might see from some of my other articles, so I just didn't feel right about not getting an extra use out of these popsicle sticks before I used them.

One of the most recent delicious recipes I made up (and posted on my blog) was these yummy Peach Bellini Grown-Ups Only Popsicles. Popsicles aren't just for kids either. And yes, they have alcohol in them...don't judge.

DIY popsicle stick bracelet tutorial by Bespangled Jewelry
DIY popsicle stick bracelet tutorial by Bespangled Jewelry

DIY Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Tutorial by Bespangled Jewelry

This project is one I posted recently as part of an upcycled craft challenge. I love that it's really versatile and is only limited by the bounds of your own imagination. For example, the centerpiece could be handpainted, decoupaged, or even burned with a wood burner, and the material used to tie the bracelet could be leather, chain, hemp, embroidery floss, and could be braided, crocheted, macrame knotted, or simply tied.

Step-by-step instructions and tons of detailed photos show you how to make the centerpiece and decoupage it with a lovely scrapbook paper and create an adjustable knotted cord or leather closure.

Click here to try this fun popsicle stick bracelet project by Bespangled Jewelry (That's me!)

DIY 'hello' sign with popsicle sticks, tutorial by Coco&Cocoa
DIY 'hello' sign with popsicle sticks, tutorial by Coco&Cocoa

DIY 'Hello' Sign

tutorial by Coco&Cocoa

Julie of Coco&Cocoa said her inspiration for this project came from all the cool handpainted wooden signs made from reclaimed wood that she's been seeing everywhere. She didn't have the space to make a bunch of them with all the words she wanted, so she made herself a miniature version! I think it's super cute and you can learn how to make your own Popsicle Stick 'Hello" Sign here!

I absolutely love this look and can't wait to try out a few of my own to fill up the empty walls in my new house!

Popsicle Stick Sunburst Mirror tutorial by 31DIY
Popsicle Stick Sunburst Mirror tutorial by 31DIY

Mirrors to Decorate from Amazon

Popsicle Stick Sunburst Mirror Project

Tutorial by 31DIY

I've noticed a lot of sunburst mirrors popping up on design blogs lately, and I think it's because it's such a cool style that can fit in to almost any kind of home decor.

This Popsicle Stick Sunburst Mirror tutorial by 31DIY shows you step-by-step how to create this look for only $2.00!

I can imagine using spray paint to make this silver or gold, or a wonderful bright pop color like yellow...but it could also be fun covered in buttons or rhinestones as well!

I also like the idea of using another shape of mirror, like a hexagon or octagon, for example.

Again, the possibilities are endless, and my crafty wheels are already turnin'!

Popsicle Stick Sign tutorial by Red Dog Barkery
Popsicle Stick Sign tutorial by Red Dog Barkery

Popsicle Stick Signs

tutorial by Red Dog Barkery

This project uses tongue depressors, which are pretty much the same as giant popsicle sticks...don't you think?

Mindi of Red Dog Barkery made these as name tags for a meeting to help newcomers get to know each other. They could also be used as place markers for a dinner party or as signs for a snack table. You know, like 'chocolate' and 'vanilla' to help distinguish the beautifully decorated cupcakes from one another. Ooh - that just gave me another idea - use them as personalized cupcake toppers!

I can even see using one of these with words like "laugh" or "dream" in an indoor plant pot to add an element of interest and a message of inspiration!

See the step-by-step tutorial and learn to make your own adorable mini popsicle stick signs here.

Popsicle Stick Necklace tutorial by SavedByLoveCreations
Popsicle Stick Necklace tutorial by SavedByLoveCreations

Craft Stick Pendant

tutorial by Saved by Love Creations

Saved by Love Creations created this clever necklace to enter a craft challenge contest. As part of that challenge, she received a box of surprise goodies that had to be used for the project!

(That sounds like a ton of fun to me, how about you?!)

Visit the Craft Stick Necklace Tutorial on her blog to see what was in that surprise box of craft supplies, and how she used them to make this design.

Popsicle Stick Mirror Frame

by J Paris Designs

I love the finished look of this mirror by J Paris Designs. An upcycled old garage sale mirror takes on a new sophisticated feel, enhanced by the natural wood of the popsicle sticks and the interlocking stacked 'brick' pattern they create.

Obviously if you're not a fan of the natural wood you could take it one step further and paint the popsicle sticks or the finished frame to make it fit in with your own personal style and home decor! Even a nice cherry stain would transform this piece and give it a more traditional looking finish, don't you think?

See how to make this cool Popsicle Stick Mirror Frame here.

DIY popsicle stick cuff bracelets tutorial by Craft Affection
DIY popsicle stick cuff bracelets tutorial by Craft Affection

Popsicle Stick Cuff Bracelets

tutorial by Craft Affection

These adorable bracelets are made by Craft Affection using cool wavy craft sticks and decorative paper and Mod Podge (one of my can't-live-without craft supplies!) You can make these fun accessories as unique as you are with limitless possibilities in scrapbook paper designs and color combos, or even collage from pages of a magazine.

Learn how to make these Cute Popsicle Stick Cuff Bracelets here.

Popsicle Stick Gift Tags tutorial by A Little Hut
Popsicle Stick Gift Tags tutorial by A Little Hut

Popsicle Stick Gift Tags

tutorial by A Little Hut

These cute little wooden gift tags are the creation of A Little Hut. Such a simple idea but so different; and what a crafty way to personalize a special gift! These tags could be further embellished with paint or decoupaged paper, or built upon by applying paper flowers or buttons. What can you come up with?

Find the step-by-step Popsicle Stick Gift Tags Tutorial here and learn how to make some for your next gift-giving occasion!

DIY popsicle stick icosahedron tutorial
DIY popsicle stick icosahedron tutorial

Popsicle Stick Icosahedron

tutorial by homedeco2u

Check out this really cool 3-dimensional ball of triangles that homedeco2u made into a table lantern for a votive candle. It's technically called an "Icosahedron", but I think my description is still quite good. Find out what the heck it is...and how to make one here.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you found some interesting and inspiring new ideas for what to do with those popsicle sticks you've been collecting :) I'd love to hear from you; which one is your favorite?

Leave me a note!

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  • JessicaBarst profile imageAUTHOR

    Jessica Barst 

    5 years ago from Dallas, TX

    @LauraHofman: Thank you, I do too! It's so much fun and very rewarding. And I always love to hear, "Oh! I never thought to save ______. I throw those out all the time. I'll have to start saving some for crafting!" :)

  • LauraHofman profile image

    Laura Hofman 

    5 years ago from Naperville, IL

    Very cool lens! Great suggestions...I want to try some of these soon. I love upcycling ordinary items.

  • christylsalas profile image


    5 years ago

    Great lens...I love the pendant by saved by love. Thanks for taking the time & work to post.

  • JessicaBarst profile imageAUTHOR

    Jessica Barst 

    6 years ago from Dallas, TX

    @fathomblueEG: Lol, fathomblue! Those fruit bars sure are tasty! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • fathomblueEG profile image


    6 years ago

    This is such a neat lens. You can rack up a lot of popsicle sticks if you love Dreyer's fruit bars like I do:-)


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