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Upcycling Tea Cups

Updated on April 2, 2020
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I am a mother of three wonderful adult children, and I'm also a born-again Christian. I love to share my personal experiences.


The Many Uses Of The Teacup

I am going to share with you the many uses there are for a teacup. It isn't all about having a tea party, although that can be a nice gesture. In fact I have my teacups behind a glass door for display instead of using them for tea.

As a little girl I connected (in my mind) the teacup as having a fun tea party. Kind of like you watch on tv commercials, while a little girl plays with her dolls and they are sitting at the table with their teacups in front of them.

Or having your friends over and playing house, drinking out of your teacup. Again I pictured teacups with two little old ladies drinking tea. But never did I imagine (back then) the many other ways a teacup can be used.

I am going to show you some ideas and how the teacup can be used, there are too many to share at one time. But I can share with you a few crafty ideas that you can use a teacup for. I hope you enjoy this lens, let's get started.

I realize that there are so many other ways to using a teacup that may not be on here, for example how to make hanging lights with teacups, or perhaps even a chandelier. There are a lot of different uses on the internet that you can find, some links even show gorgeous pictures of what a teacup may be used for.

Beautiful Teacups For Candle Making

For Candle lovers - Lovely Teacup candles

I fell in love with these teacup candles. I have always loved candles to begin with but teacup candles are the best of the best when it comes to the designs, and they are beautifully designed and make great gifts as well.

What You Need To Make A Candle Teacup


2. Wax:

You can use beeswax, they also sell the candle kits on Amazon

3. Microwave or boiler

4. wick

Candle Kit

This is a kit in general for making candles. I imagine that they also can be used for making the candle for a teacup. I have never tried this kit but it may make it easier for the first time learner.

Let's Get Started

  1. First thing comes first, you have to have a teacup of course. You can use an old one that you already have in your home. Or you can go to a thrift store, and second hand stores can always be a good way of saving money. (You can come up with some neat ideas by paying a visit to these stores - Flea markets are good too)
  2. Make sure that your teacup is clean and dry before you start your project.
  3. Take the skewer and lay it across the teacup, wrapping the wick around the skewer. Then hang it onto the teacup.
  4. Melt the wax until it is clear and you can see through it, you will be able to tell the difference once it is melted. Make sure that if you aren't using a microwaveable wax that you use the proper equipment such as a boiler. Follow your directions that come with the items. Beeswax is a product that you can use in the microwave.
  5. Following the directions on the package, add your candle scent to the wax, and then combine it along.
  6. Pour the wax into the teacup wearing protective gloves so you do not burn yourself. Pour it into the teacup. Then you'll be able to gently rock the cup till it sets in an exceedingly even position.
  7. Let the wax relax for a few minutes. Once the wax is set trim a little of the wick to create it in a even form, maybe about a 1/4 inch.
  8. This wasn't that hard to make, it is amazing how you can create a stunning candle holder with very little effort.

How to Make a Teacup Candle

Teacup Bird Feeder - These are already made

These are simple to make if you have the right tools they make such colorful awesome bird feeders, very unique with personality and beauty of their own.

What A Clever Idea

Teacup Bird Feeders

Another Crafty Idea For Using Teacups - Creating A Bird Feeder

Hanging bird feeder is also one of the simple crafts that one can do. You can use a simple plant hanger. It can be beaded or chained, there are many ways to create these, just use your own imagination.

Observe the hanging bird feeder in the picture above, you just need the right tools and it is a simple fix, nothing to it.

In the video above she shows you how to make your own bird feeder from a teacup. She also uses a pole instead of a hanging bird feeder.

How to Make a Teacup Candle

The Teacup

These are single made teacups on ebay. I found these to be quite fascinating and the choice of colors and design are awesome as well.

Teacup Clock - They come in all shapes and sizes, this is up to you to decide


Making a teacup clock can be a simple task for some, depending on how you want to make it. With very little experience myself, I found simple ways of making teacup crafts.

While looking at a lot of these crafts, I saw some clocks made with a picture background that fit with the clock base. It really added an elegant beauty to the overall finish. I really liked these ones the best. You would need wood glue for a picture background. They sell wood glue in spray form as well, so that it can be an easier and cleaner task.

Another thing I discovered is that the cost can be a lot more affordable in making your own because you can buy second hand items to make a clock vs. buying a new one, it actually made a big difference in the cost.

Of course you are going to need to have the teacups and the saucers to add to the clock. And yet again you can get them at a reasonable price at a second hand store if you don't have any of your own. Making your own can save you money, they make great gifts, and it is a good way to pass your time doing something worthwhile.

Quick Directions:

1. Using a thick cardboard or a thin board depending on how many of these cups you choose to add to the background.

2. If you are going to add a picture you will need wood glue if you are using a wood type of background. Varnish to cover and protect the picture to give it a nice glossy or shine look.

3. You will want to draw a circle on the background. You can use a round plate to trace it with a pencil first. Using a jigsaw to make the cut or a special blade for that purpose.

4. If you are adding a picture match it to the circle so that you can glue it once it is sized, and then put varnish after it is glued onto the background. Then let it dry.

5. Drill a hole where the hands of the clock are going to go, and also where the saucers will be placed. Use a drill with a tile bit.

6. Protect your eyes by wearing protective covering, using your drill to make holes in the bottom of each china cup and through each saucer. To keep the drill and china cool you can put a small amount of water to the bottom of the cup.

7. Put wood glue on the back of the clock piece then attach it to the base of the board. Let it dry. Then put the wood glue on the bottom of each saucer and stick these to the front of the base. Leave it to dry.

8. Using long screws or bolts, attach the saucer and cup to the round circle base of the clock. Make sure the clock hands of the spindle are fixed on properly, and able to turn correctly.

9. You are now finished and your project is ready for hanging.

Congratulations! :)

The Many Uses Of The Teacup


These can make great plants. I will only share a few ideas for the teacup plant. I hope you agree. The picture above illustrates how you can use these as small pots for a plant. Like with any other plant you would do the same with a teacup. What makes this different is the design of the teacup can really add elegance and beauty to almost any area.

You can use these in a window seal. Or put them on shelves. Give them as a gift, that would be lovely too. What you do is put the saucer and the teacup together with epoxy and then let it dry.

With your crafty drill you then drill a hole on the bottom of the plate with the teacup, allowing the plant to grow more sufficiently. You can hook these on a fence to add a unique plant design. Spring can be a great time of the year to be doing this type of project. You can also place them in your kitchen window, or on a dining room table where there is plenty of sunshine.

I also read that you can add pebbles or sand on the bottom of the teacup to prevent root rot, and as always they make such beautiful designs to any room.

Upcycling Tea Cups

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