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Cute, Sweet, Zazzle Heart Stickers

Updated on July 21, 2017

Cute Stickers in Heart Shapes


Why settle for stickers you can find in any store?

The fabulous selection and personalization of stickers at Zazzle makes it possible for anyone to have unique and beautiful stickers for their Valentines or for any craft they might like to use them on all year around. Picture yourself, your kids, or even your dog, on stickers that you can use to adorn letters, cards, boxes or gift card envelopes. Sounds like fun!

Whether you use the blank sticker design tool on the site or, better yet, choose those from talented artists which you can personalize for yourself, there is no limit to what you can create on your own Zazzle heart stickers ( or round, rectangle, star, and squares).

There are some fine quality brands, Jolee is one, that produce embellishments and inventive sticker designs. There is no reason to limit your creativity and imagination, just choose the type that appeals to your own artistic point of view and stick them on!

Martha Stewart Uses Zazzle Products - Making Cute Valentines


Makes it easy to craft personalized, high quality stickers that will give your crafts, letters, and Valentines a unique style that is all yours.

Add your own photos, choose just the design to express what's on your heart.

Ways To Use Zazzle Heart Stickers - Some Crafty Ideas

  1. To seal envelopes
  2. Decorate your scrapbooking projects to your heart's content
  3. Put a seal of approval on a child's homework or chore board.
  4. Make your own valentines and cards
  5. Decorate a gift box
  6. Put a special flair on a message or note
  7. Are you a collage artist? A Zazzle heart sticker can be custom made for your projects.

Do you have valentine cards to send? Zazzle stickers make a perfect seal for an envelope, and they create a cute decoration for a romantic note or the making of a handcrafted valentine card.

Decorate jars, or find any of the wonderful ideas that ingenious crafts people come up with!

Oh yes, there are many more beautiful Zazzle stickers on down the page... keep going!

  1. Peel off stickers with adhesive- the most common type
  2. Zazzle, self or artist designed -can be unique and customized
  3. High quality die cut pictures on cardstock which you use with adhesive.
  4. Stickers you make yourself with stamps. Use adhesive to stick them to a surface.
  5. Use online printable to print your own, then cut out and adhere with your glue to the desired surface. Use heavy enough paper to produce a good effect.

Stick Heart Motifs On Doilies - Paper Lace Doilies

A great craft material are the paper lace doilies; they can be pasted onto cardstock, construction paper, lots of things! Highlight and decorate with stickers and voila! A beautiful home crafted Valentine.

Make Your Valentines

Getting Crafty With Your Stickers

taking your homemade crafts to the next level

Of course, you can use your stickers on envelopes, little cardstock boxes, or paper plate crafts. You can use them on your cards to dress them up a bit, or on calendars or just anywhere a sticker might be useful, but if you are making lots of crafts throughout the year and need the tools to get a professional outcome , here are some suggested tools to invest in...

A self-healing mat.

If you are using a mat knife, or anything that cuts a surface, this will heal itself up after getting cut and protect your work surfaces from damage. What a great idea, huh?


A Good Mat Knife

There are all types, but this is a good one to use.

Xacto X3311 N0. 1 Precision Knife With 5 No. 11 Blades

Tool for Sharp Creases

Ever wonder how crafty people get nice sharp creases? They use this tool:

Bone Folder

Metal Ruler

Use this with your Exacto mat knife for a great straight edge guide.

Metal 18" Cork-Back Ruler

All these tools will work well when you are creating cards or other projects to use with your Valentine stickers... and far beyond this season for the many craft projects you will want to do during the year. Creating crafts is not only fulfilling your creative urges, it can also save you money, and the good results you get from practice and using the right tools will make your gifts loved and welcomed by those lucky enough to receive them!

Make Great Crafts

Scrapbooks, handcrafted cards, and more

Types of stickers - For your projects

I have worked with different paint programs and for most work that we want to do at home, Corel is a good and economical program to purchase.


That images for print should, at least, have resolutions of between 200 and 300 DPI. Web images of 72 DPI won't print well.

Do take a look at some of the great tutorials on how to put together Valentine crafts. Using simple materials such as paper, scissors, a little glue ,doilies and some stickers will result in a fun time, and maybe a masterpiece. Display cases for such art work are just the thing to temporarily house home made crafts and childrens artwork for a seasonal place of honor.

More Valentine Stickers

Valentines Day Stickers - Hearts Galore

Martha Stewart brand creates some very adorable heart themed stickers and scrapbooking supplies. Several are featured here.

I Heart Stickers

Hearts, Flowers, Doves, and Cupids are all Valentine motifs

Valentine Stickers Ready Made

Zazzle sounds fun, but you just want some fabulous stickers that you can order, that conveniently and quickly come to your mailbox? OK, No problem! Here are some choices to consider.

I like them :)

Let the world know the ways you use Valentine stickers in your projects. Do like word, picture, or photo stickers the best? Ever made Zazzle stickers? We'd love to hear your opinions and tips for how you use your Valentine stickers.

Make your Masterpiece Keepsake - and display it for all to admire

by karenhorton
by karenhorton

I hope you enjoy some of these vintage valentines. Remember that you can repurpose old valentine pictures to make your own embellishments and stickers.

How do you love Valentine Stickers? - tell us the ways...

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