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Viking Knit Wire weaving tool

Updated on September 10, 2016
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I'm into a variety of crafts, mostly making jewelry. My creativity comes from my father's side. Me I'm into too much! I go through phases.


What's Viking knit

I have always like Norse mythology and Vikings (not to mention love the show). As to whether or not they really made jewlery this way I'm not sure; though, I will say as you are making it, it does look somewhat like chainmail! I particularly think the jewlery made in this way looks best made in brass or copper (basically something other than gold or silver unless it might be antique looking).

As for the tool itself.. well from videos I've see of the otherways people do it, well this is the easiest. For the price however, the darn thing alone should be only five to ten dollars not (the last I've found it for was I think $20 (free shipping). I've seen it for $40 and it was the tool and the 'pin' alone! Then there are kits that have wire, the tool, the drawplate, instructions and some even a carrying case. Being in the 40 & up range!

I thought once I had the hang of it, this might be a nice way to make gifts for family and friends, you can make varying sizes and it doesn't have to just be bracelets or necklaces; just be sure you have a large roll of wire on hand as for the directions say start with (I think it was) 24 -30 inches.. I used longer than that and all I ended up was with something I was able to wrap around my ring finger 3/4 of the way!

I still have a lot of practice but once you get the wire through the holes and figure out how to get the 'knit' look it's pretty easy. It just looks complicated (which usually turns me off, well at least if I can't get it in three tries then I lose my patience. I ust need the right mood to practice it again (& not be bothered)


Price- to me should be better (a bit cheaper) as its just a plastic 'stick' but it does have more than one purpose to it as there's another tool on it, plus that piece at the top with the 6 holes to start the knit comes off

Tool- has a 2nd tool on it for making end caps as well (jsut have to figure out how to do that) and once I do If I'm able I will add video for you.

Does it make it easier? Well I haven't tried viking knit in any other way, I would say yes anyway. It is best to start with 24 or 26 (or was it 34-36 gauge wire I have to look again) The instructions from 'Laizee Daizee' how to do the knit is good (unlike some Origami Insructions I've come across that even though there are both diagrams & instructions .. I still can't figure them out.) How to make the end caps. well I think I tried once and didn't quite figure it out (but I'd rather jsut buy them anyway though there is nothing like making the everything on a piece of jewlery!)

Is it really worth it? I would say if you are really into making jewlery and enjoy things like this then yes. If you are one who will probably make onem with it and get rid of it, then don't bother. For those that have their own stores (be it online or physical... I think this would be a great idea.. being as you can do this while you work (as you would still be working!) Just look up viking knit jewlery on Etsy, Ebay etc.

Once you have practiced and experiments alot then you may be able to add gemstones , charms & other Embelishments

Lazee Daizee Guide to Viking Knit book
Lazee Daizee Guide to Viking Knit book

This is on my to get list, but I still have plenty of Practicing to do before I try all sorts of things.

However You can give a look it has the look inside option, so it shows different types of projects to make

Artistic Wire, Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Kit
Artistic Wire, Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Kit

Honestly I guess because this is the only tool for Viking knit, that what to me is an 'extreme' price' You might be better off do as I did, find the cheapest version of the tool, Then buy the draw plate separate. Plus you can always use a cosmetic or pencil case as a case for your kit! .


official video from Stephanie Eddy inventor of the Laizee Daisee Viking Knit tool.

This one goes through the Viking Knit kit.. and Shows how to do make the knit as well

You tell me which looks easier the Tool or doing it this way?

This is a sample from a video disk I think I noted on here It also mentioned how long a certain length of Viking knit will yield once it goes through the draw plates

Would you learn to Viking knit?

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So what do you think of Viking knit? Do you do ilf? DO you own any or would you?

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