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43 Awesome Vintage Style Craft Ideas

Updated on September 6, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

vintage style crafts
vintage style crafts

When I think of vintage style crafts I think of items that were made in the styles of the 1930s and 1940s. To folks younger than I, vintage could mean styles of the 1950s, 1960's or even the 1970s. It really depends on what you might call old-fashioned styles, and of course what seems old-fashioned to me, most probably seems ancient to you.

To me, vintage crafts incorporate buttons, laces, beads or old photos or images. To someone younger, you might include items like rick rack and doilies. So, whether you call these crafts: antique crafts, shabby chic crafts, Victorian crafts, vintage crafts, or rustic crafts, one thing they all have in common is that they are old fashioned crafts to the person describing them.

With this thought in mind, I searched the internet to find as many vintage style crafts that I could find, that also included a nice picture of the craft and a tutorial for making the craft. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many crafts that met all my expectations. I hope you find a vintage style craft or two that you'll find irresistible, and just have to craft for yourself.

You'll find the tutorial for making the beautiful vintage chandelier pendants shown above at favecrafts.

1. Primitive Cupboard

Making a primitive cupboard like the one shown here is a whole lot easier to do than you'd ever imagine. A wooden crate and an old picture frame are the main supplies needed, and you probably have at least the picture frame. Probably have been hanging on to it in case a great craft showed up. You're going to be pleased with the tutorial at Knick of Time, which will guide you in making the cupboard.

2. Vintage Tiered Serving Plate

If you are someone who loves to go to garage sales, you'll know that old dishes and stemware are usually included at these sales. So, there's no need in using a family heirloom to make vintage crafts. The tutorial for making this beautiful tiered serving plate can be found at sewcountrychick.

3. Lace Brooches

Wear a lace brooch, they you have crafted, casually with jeans or formally with dress-up clothes. You'll see how easy these lace brooches are to make by going to the Created in AWE site.

4. Vintage Folk Art Candy Container

I love this cute Halloween candy container made using a plastic pumpkin bucket for the base. You'll be really impressed with the tutorial for this candy container found at Rook No. 17. A real keeper.

5. Vintage Tea-Dyed, Pearl-Beaded Coffee Filter Rose

This is another of the outstanding flower pins that will enhance almost any outfit you wear. My Bedazzled Treasures is the site where you'll find the instructions for making this beautiful, vintage rose.

6. Vintage Plates

If you are someone who loves to go to rummage sales, garage sales or flea markets, you know that there is always vintage tableware for sale. Then all you need to make these plates unique is to follow the tutorial at HONESTLY WTF, where you'll find that water slide decals are used in this project.

7. Initial Decorative Vintage Plates

Here is another great way to decorate vintage plates. This is a thoughtful bridal shower or wedding gift idea. Find the tutorial for this project at Angel in the north.

8. Vintage Holiday Trees

Oh, these vintage holiday trees are so beautiful. I love the button tree, but they are all very nice. To find the tutorial for making these vintage style trees, go to Crafts 'n Coffee.

9. Pillow Box Favor in Vintage Style

This is a great party favor idea, especially if you need to make many favor with a limited budget. Find the instructions for making these vintage style pillow box favors at the Crissy’s Crafts site.

10. Yo-Yo Hairpins

Make these beautiful yo yo hairpins, inspired by Anthropologie, by following the tutorial that you'll find at Kojodesigns. A truly wonderful vintage craft.

11. Vintage Decoupage Easter Eggs

These vintage style Easter eggs are made using Styrofoam eggs, so they will become family heirlooms in years to come. Find the instructions for making these decoupaged Easter eggs at Crafts ‘n Coffee.

12. Vintage Pin Cushion

This vintage pin cushion is so beautiful that you'll want to display it in a place where everyone will notice it. The tutorial for making this pin cushion can be found at Cupcakes & Crinoline.

13. Vintage Lace Bracelet

I can't imagine one teen-aged girl that I know who wouldn't love a vintage lace bracelet. This bracelet will look beautiful with any outfit she wishes to wear it with. Make a vintage lace bracelet for yourself or to give as a gift by following the tutorial at Kojodesigns.

14. Halloween Banner

Make a vintage Halloween card banner by following the instructions given at sewcountrychick. Use images found on one of the sites included in this article.

15. Free Vintage Holiday Clip Art

Vintage Holiday is a great site to find oodles of Valentine clip art. Make your vintage place cards, favors, cards, ornaments, etc. using FREE clip art.

16. The Graphics Fairy

Here is an outstanding, resource with FREE vintage clip art. You'll find almost anything you could want, photos to music sheets, at The Graphics Fairy. You'll love this site.

17. Glitter Houses, Vintage Style

Ken, at Kens WORLD IN PROGRESS explains how he makes these vintage style glitter houses. He has tips for making and decorating these little vintage houses.

18. Vintage Cone

Use some of the free clip art to make vintage cones for your own decorating or to give as gifts. You'll find the tutorial for this craft at the gypsy magpie.

19. Folk Art Snowman

Probably my favorite Christmas crafts are Santas, I'd say my second favorite is the snowman. And since I love to do paper mache, this vintage folk art style snowman will be a craft that I'll want to do. The instructions for making this snowman can be found at Rook No. 17.

20. Valentine Box

For that special touch, give your Valentine a gift tucked into a box that you have made yourself. The directions for making this mod-podged box is found at Pet Scribbles.

21. Secret Book Box

The tutorial for making vintage style secret books can be found at me and my shadow.

22. How to Make a Vintage Box

23. Vintage Apron

There are a couple of styles of vintage aprons to be found at sewing in no mans land. This is my favorite one, but you may like the other one as well.

24. Vintage Spool Craft

You'll find lots of great bird clip art to use for making these vintage spools with birds. Find the directions for making these cute decorator items at Pet Scribbles.

25. Vintage Style Halloween Boxes

Live Creatively Inspired is the perfect name for this craft blog that shares the tutorial for making the vintage style Halloween boxes shown above. These are a favorite project that really has my interest. Love it.

26. Shabby Christmas Centerpiece

Sometimes the simpler the centerpiece is to make, the more beautiful it is in it's simplicity. This centerpiece, with a tutorial for making it at Confessions of a Plate Addict is truly an example of simple beauty.

27. Framed Bird, Vintage Style

A very nice piece of art to display on a mantel or shelf. Find the instructions for making this framed bird art on the Crafts Unleashed site.

28. French Script Fruit

The French script fruit that is shown above, is a decoupage project that you'll want to do. You'll find the tutorial at Confessions of a Plate Addict has all the information that you need to make this beautiful fruit.

29. Sparkling Vintage Snowmen

You'll have a Christmas decoration that will become a family heirloom when you craft vintage snowmen like the ones shown above. For the easy to follow tutorial, go to Crafts’n Coffee.

30. Vintage i-Pod Cozy

You'll get all sorts of compliments when you are seen sporting this vintage i-Pod cozy. Go to the Makezine site for the easy to follow instructions.

31. Coffee Filter Flowers

32. Bread Dough Rose

This is a craft, using bread dough clay, that has been around for many years and still is fun to do. Make this beautiful bread dough rose by following the tutorial found at favecrafts. Make these roses to enhance a vintage style box or use them for jewelry.

33. Vintage Batting Flower Wreath

I would never have thought of making flowers using batting, but you can see that it is an outstanding look. You'll find the instructions for making this batting flower wreath on the Craftideas site.

34. Tussy Mussy

This tutorial from THE FUNKIE JUNKIE uses images that make this tussy mussy suitable for Easter, but imagine using other images so the tussy mussy can be displayed at other times.

35. Vintage Cherub Ornaments

Vintage cherub ornaments would be a great theme for a special Christmas tree. CRAFTS BY Amanda includes in the instructions, how to give the ornaments the crackled look.

36. Waterless Snow Globes

These vintage style snow globes are waterless, but oh so stunning. Imagine an arrangement with vintage snow globes as the focal point. My Desert Cottage has great instructions for making these waterless snow globes.

37. Vintage Rose Votive Candle Holders

Making these rose votive candle holders is so easy if you follow the instructions given at TWO CRAFTY MULES. I can imagine these used at showers and given as party favors.

38. Vintage Jute Flower Wreath

The simplicity of this wreath contributes to its beauty. Find the tutorial for making this jute flower by going to the lune site.

39. Vintage Angel Tree Topper

This is but one great project that you'll find at The Graphics Fairy. Besides finding the instructions for making this angel tree topper here, this site also has oodles of FREE vintage images.

40. Vintage Weather Vane

Finish a table or mantel arrangement with this vintage weather vane. You'll find the patterns and instructions for making this horse weather vane at Kids & Glitter.

41. Designer Button Egg

Whether you choose to use plain or very fancy buttons when you make these eggs, you're sure to get a beautiful designer look when you finish. The tutorial for making button eggs is found at something CREATED everyday.

42. Vintage Fabric Flower Garland

I love, love, love this fabric flower garland. I'm sure I could think of any number of ways to use this garland. A bridal shower is the first thing that comes to mind. Go to two shades of pink for the tutorial.

43. Old Fashioned Holiday Garland

Dried fruit and cinnamon gingerbread men makes this old fashioned holiday garland one that you'll want to hang on your tree or by the fireplace. The recipes and instructions for this holiday garland can be found at Fireflies & Mud Pies.

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      What a terrific compilation of wonderful vintage-style crafts! Well done and thanks for sharing! :)