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John N. Stewart - Watercolors and Music Video

Updated on November 19, 2012

My Watercolors and Music Video

If you scroll down the page you will see a video box that has my "Watercolors and Music" video. This video was originally made for YouTube and has many of my original watercolors displayed against a background of music that I composed for a cd that I made in the 1990's (Grand Canyon Suite).

My CD on Amazon - Reflections - Classical Improv

Here is a CD that I released last year. It is on Itunes along with 5 of my other CD's. It is a relaxing improvisational mix with classical overtones. It has received great reviews.

My Experience with Watercolor

John N. Stewart's watercolor art

I painted my first watercolor in junior high school in the 1950's. Later on in high school I painted watercolors based on a movie called "Giant", a Rock Hudson, James Dean, Liz Taylor film about ranchers and oil barons. Watercolor can be a difficult medium for some painters, but has always been easy for me. I went for a few years without doing it (I was mostly doing welded sculptures during that period) and then in the early 70's I began doing it more. I was enthralled with Andrew Wyeth's handling of the medium and he influenced my work at that time. In 1975 I was working as a scenic artist for Channel 11 Television in Los Angeles and my boss encouraged me to enter three paintings into the National Watercolor Society annual exhibit. I was juried into NWS as a signature member and have been a member ever since. In the ensuing years I have been doing both abstract and realistic subjects and exploring all sorts of possibilities using this free flowing tool. I hope that you enjoy watching the video "Watercolors and Music", located on this page.

New YouTube vids

One of My Watercolor Workshops - A picture of the ladies in the class......

A class picture from a watercolor workshop that I gave at Sandi Palmer's art studio here in Cottonwood, California in 2012.

Boggs Champlin Watercolor

I painted this watercolor landscape after a trip to a place called Boggs Champlin near Rancho Tehama in Northern California.

Great Stuff on Amazon

Laguna Canyon Palm - watercolor

Oregon Coast #3 - watercolor

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I am an artist as well. I cannot get the hang of water colors. My dad has, and he has done some beautiful work. I prefer pencils. Thank you for sharing.

    • mariaamoroso profile image

      irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

      Keep posting more! I love your paintings! Am cheating in painting too....