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Waterfowl Artwork - Pictures, Photography, Prints, Decoys

Updated on October 14, 2014

Duck - Goose - Swan - Brant Artwork

This page explores the many forms of waterfowl artwork.

Popular forms of waterfowl art include photographs, paintings, prints, decoys, carvings, sculptures, books, and other artwork.

Ducks are among the most popular subjects of waterfowl art. Duck artwork often includes wood ducks, mallards, pintails, American widgeon, teal, redheads, canvasbacks, scaup, buffleheads, goldeneye, mergansers, and other North American ducks.

atlantic flyway snow geese
atlantic flyway snow geese

The Atlantic Flyway

The Atlantic flyway is a vital migration path for dozens of species of ducks, geese, waterfowl and shorebirds. This pathway is also a critical zone for artists. Throughout the Atlantic Flyway, artists gather each year to get a glimpse of ducks, geese, brant, and other waterfowl in their natural habitat.

Custom Waterfowl T Shirts

Waterfowl enthusiasts sometimes enjoy custom t shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel. North America online store offers a large collection of waterfowl art from which shoppers can choose to add their personal caption. This online store allows enthusiasts to choose a basic waterfowl logo then add custom text to create a unique item. This is a great way to create custom gear for personal or business use. In addition to untitled waterfowl art, the online store offers an extensive collection of sports and outdoor recreation logos on apparel, coffee mugs, stickers, cards, postcards, totes and other accessories.


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