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Watermelon Carving Secrets and Designs

Updated on July 28, 2014

Watermelon Carving

Watermelon carving has become extremely popular as the colors of the fruit lend themselves to some amazing creations.

There are two basic reasons for creative watermelon art, and those are creations for a special event or table setting, or for those artists who attempt to create a masterpiece from the watermelon for the sake of the art alone.

What is particularly impressive to me is the way the artists use the various hues and shades of the same color to make these amazing designs.

It reminds me a little of pumpkin carving, in the sense of using deeper or shallower cuts to generate shadow, texture and depth.

Watermelon carving is different in the unique color it has when compared with pumpkin carving; although both mediums have generated some extraordinary results.

Watermelon Art

The basic difference between most watermelon art when being used for display at a table is it's built to be used, even though the design can look great.

In this case the watermelon is created first as a holder of the fruit, and secondarily for aesthetics. So with those designs, while there are some great-looking ones, they're not going to meet the levels of those carving watermelons to create a masterpiece, or at least a compelling scene or sculpture.

We'll start with the carving food displays and go on from there.

Watermelon Table Displays

In this first set of watermelon carvings they show how someone may carve up the watermelon to present it as a part of a table setting.

With the first photo I wanted to show how the majority of us would or could carve up a watermelon to have as part of the setting in family or friend environment. While there is nothing dramatic there, it would take some time to carve out the jagged edges.

I really like the second bowl, probably because of the quality bow carved as a handle, and the presentation itself, displaying primarily those deep red strawberries.

Submarine Watermelon Carving

Next we have another version of a watermelon carved and designed for display at a table. I thought this was a hilarious and funny design which would immediately bring out the smiles when someone first saw it.

That little guy on top manning the periscope is too funny. It was impressive to see what can be creatively done with just a couple of cuts and a few props.

Watermelon carving

Frog Watermelon Sculpture

There aren't near as many watermelon sculptures as other types of carvings, so this one of the frog definitely attracted my attention; although not only for it being a sculpture, but for the amazing use of the natural color of the watermelon in depicting the frog.

Also a nice touch was the way the lily pad the frog is sitting on was designed from the watermelon.

Bicyclist Carving

Here's another look at why watermelon carving is so great. With this carving you have a much more subtle use of colors, in this case lighter red, different shades of green, and that fantastic cream color. Did you notice those red lines in the back helping give the appearance of the bicycle moving fast?

Bicyclist Carving


Watermelon Chef Carving

Every time I look at a new piece of watermelon carving art I get floored with the way the artist can get so many hues out of a color, as seen by the green in the photo below. You even get the sense of depth when looking at the chef because of the way the background is presented.

Making it look like he's cooking on a flat griddle was a great job, and that pan and spatula are amazing. When you look at the spatula it makes you think it's real because of the terrific used look on the bottom.

Rose Fruit Carving

What an amazing rose fruit carving. If you gave this a cursory glance without look at the bottom, there would be no way you would associate this terrific carving with a watermelon. Talk about using colors in an amazing way. The blending of the red and cream colors are extraordinary, as is the lines carved out to create the amazing design. That looks just too good to eat.


Petal Watermelon Carving

I simply had no idea what to call this magnificent watermelon carving, so it dubbed it a "petal" carving. Talk about the skill needed to bring something out of a watermelon like this! Look closely at all the tips of these petals to see a little touch of green accentuating the beautiful red and cream-colored of the main body of each design.

What an amazing work of art this is.


Watermelon Carving

I've seen a lot of carving art using fruit or vegetables as a medium, but I think this watermelon carving art, especially when you dig deeper into the colors and display them through amazing designs, is among the tops of the genre for me.

The vision needed to see what is present in these watermelons and the color options available, along with use of the specific theme that is created, makes for wonderful results that can truly be classified, in many cases, as true works of art.

What's particularly compelling is how you can participate in the simplest of uses and designs, all the way up to what some may call masterpieces. All of this from that thirst-quenching summer delight we call a watermelon.


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    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      All I can say is WOW. Those are incredible. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

    • worddemon profile image

      worddemon 5 years ago from Tennessee

      That is incredible! You gave me some ideas for our Memorial Day picnic!