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what are the little things in life that make it worth living?

Updated on May 16, 2010

I've always thought that life has been relatively fair. It's been really good! So what are the "little things"? I have to believe that it's the little bubbles popping up from the bottom of a pond...cause I honestly don't know were they come from. Maybe it's the whistle my nose makes sometimes or the way air tastes when it's cold and damp outside. You know, it's kinda sweet. And the way my boy will say "I love you daddy" out of the blue. Or when the rain comes down like hundreds of waterfalls. I love it when it comes down like that. I love how the sun looks through the clouds. The water...all the water. Every single drop of glorious , clear, pure water. I love the lights that glow in a empty town at 3'o clock in the morning. Classical music. The simple little chimes that play have got to be the most understated part of it all...dontcha think? Spring! I love the way things seem to burst into life in the spring time. I love a dark room with a gory bloody horror flick and nobody there to save me from my imagination. Making goo goo eyes at my beautiful wife. Picking up my son and throwing him up in the air and catching him on his way down. I love fishing and hiking and kayaking all day long. BACON! I LOVE BACON! And I love the fact that my last name is Victory. I like how the stars shine and kiss the ocean all night. I love how the grass seems to weave itself after a flood. I guess all the little things are kinda least to me anyway. So , ,,,, anyone out there????


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    • To Start Again profile image

      Selina Kyle 6 years ago

      what a nice reminder of all the things that make life wonderful :)

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 7 years ago from Philippines

      What a beautiful hub!

      Writing/thinking about the things you love always brings a smile to your face. I am happy you wrote this hub. I am smiling right now because I also love all the things you love. I actually created a blog about what I like about.... Which reminds me, I haven't been updating that blog lately. In case you are interested, the link is in my profile.

      Thanks for sharing this!

      All the best!

    • _cheryl_ profile image

      _cheryl_ 7 years ago from California

      I agree with emma, this is beautiful. I also agree about the chimes in classical music- just wouldn't be the same without em! Everything you mentioned was great. It brings to mind so many little things that make life worth living for me. You just may have inspired a new hub for me ;) I enjoyed reading all of life's little treasures through your eyes! Great hub. =)

    • emmajayne89 profile image

      emmajayne89 7 years ago

      this is beautiful :) i often write love lists

      and i personally love all of the little things you mentioned as well as so many others!

      i love the inside of clocks.

      i love the feel of metal spoons on my wrist.

      i love plastic knives.

      i love arranging flowers.

      and i love thinking i'm someone else, just for a split second :)

      keep appreciating the little things. you made me smile!