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what is GFX ?

Updated on April 27, 2015

Graphic design is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. The field is considered a subset of vis

Who does not love art

Art is a special flavor of each individual adore, or exercised, or likes to surround himself with, , or even simply given or hearing him, many of us can not melt the indulging world wide art that has no boundaries.

There are those who breathe art in all its forms and taken an approach to life or work to make a living from it, and there is the deepening of studying to understand and grasp the extent of aesthetics, Art is a culture and civilization cherished rights and stick to it, because it represents the legacy of his grandfather, as he would bequeath to future generations to protect and cherish it.

As we know, many arts, such as painting, music, singing, theater, dance, sculpture, photography, writing, and many others, but we will talk about the art of Old New, a graphic art or graphic design, where he took a particular approach is used by the designer or designers to promote or advertise or send an idea for a certain group of people who are being targeted.

Of the first countries which called for the separation of graphic art for the Fine Arts is Great Britain, and this did not come out of the blue as Piet Mondrian and nicknamed the father of spiritual graphic design had a significant role in the well, and the Henry Cole had an active role in the education of art Garvek in Britain as well.

ome may not realize that the graphic art we see daily, and interact with him, Valcilat, books, newspapers and publications in all its forms and advertisements painted, websites and advertising and gifts from various companies use graphic art, through a combination of colors, shapes and lines and the other to deliver a certain idea or displaying a particular product banner and expressive manner at the same time.
The idea is the basis of this art widespread use, many designers will meet to reach a certain idea and a way to remarkable amaze and attract attention and at the same time be simple and expressive and far from the complex, through smart and simple idea, it is just a small idea did not touch her one before, and could be noisy , a new idea, but simple at the same time, no matter how different ideas Its success depends on how they relate to the objective Created for and understanding of others have, it should be limited only to themselves or certain people designers, but should cover the largest segment of people to reach a wider spread as possible.

so what is graphic Design ?


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