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What is Graffiti Art/ Stencil Art? 5 easy steps to making your own stencils .

Updated on July 13, 2013

What you need to know about Graffiti / Guerilla Art and Banksy

This lens will explain what is graffiti art, how to create it and where you can find it yourself.

I will also introduce my favorite graffiti artist Banksy

Robert Banksy is a well known English Graffiti artist.

His artworks are often ironic/humorous pieces of art which encompass topics from politics, culture, and ethics. His street art, which combines graffiti with a distinctive stencilling technique, has appeared in London and in cities around the world


Guerilla art is a street art movement that first emerged in the UK, but has since spread across the world and is now established in most countries that already had developed graffiti scenes.

Guerilla art differs from other art forms in the fact that it has no external boundary between the image and the environment.

While a traditional painting can be moved from one gallery to another without the meaning or the artistic credibility of the piece being affected, street art is environmental, the surface to which it is applied to being as fundamental to the piece's meaning as that which is applied.

Graffiti art is a very simple art form which can be created using a minimum amount of materials.

All you need is a pencil, card and either a spray can, or acrylic paint ( depending on your preference of outcome when using acrylic paint, you a brush or a sponge).

Step 1:

Draw out your chosen image onto the card.

Step 2:

Using your craft knife, cut out the sections that you want to add color to.

A blunt blade makes the task more difficult, and increases the risk that you'll get frustrated and less careful with it.

Step 3:

Once your stencil has been cut out you are ready to apply your stencil to any surface (paper, wood etc)

You can use tape to hold your stencil in place if you wish.

Step 4:

Use either a spray can or acrylic to apply color through your stencil.

Remember if you are using a spray can, hold it roughly 30cm away from the paper at an angle.

Step 5:

Carefully remove your stencil to see your outcome.

This is the technique that graffiti artist Banksy uses to create his work.

I was inspired by viewing his works of art from his book titled wall and piece as well as seeing his work around London .

Try this technique out. Maybe you have a image that you find yourself drawing a lot.Try it as a stencil and see the outcome.

The best thing about graffiti art.

Graffiti art is a great outlet for your creativity.

This is a simple way to put your creativity to work and brighten someones day.

You can use a stencil over and over again to create repeat images.

You can use stencil art to create an image in front of gift cards, t shirt and other clothing designs.

You don't need to be a good drawer to produce stencil art.

Why not try printing a photograph in black and white. Cut out the white areas and spray/paint your color on your surface.

Photo for stencil

Photo for stencil
Photo for stencil



Stencil negative

Stencil negative
Stencil negative

Spray paint outcome

Spray paint outcome
Spray paint outcome

Look at me .

Banksy - wall and piece



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Do you have a favorite graffiti artist ? If so who is it ?

What do you guys think of Banky's public art work ?

What did you think of me?

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    • roman1483 profile image

      roman1483 5 years ago

      Totally agree. Very fun and sometimes thought provoking.

    • ievajansone20 profile image

      ievajansone20 5 years ago

      Banksy work is amazing, he is very good at what he does!

    • profile image

      NickPirillas 5 years ago

      Great Lense, very simply and easily described steps to creating my own stencil. Will be trying it out for myself, thanks