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45 Things to Draw

Updated on July 8, 2015

Drawings is a great pastime activity for many. Whether your chosen medium is pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, marker, pen, or even crayon, you can almost always figure out something to draw, right? Sure! It’s just a matter of looking in the right places to find your inspiration when you are experiencing artist’s block.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to find inspiration on your own and you may find yourself tapping that pencil to your forehead, asking yourself “what should I draw?” Either find your happy place, or try one of the following tips to get some answers.

Ask for Doodle Ideas

What should I draw? Ask the following people:

  • Toddlers: Asking a toddler what to draw can yield some really interesting answers, and they will certainly keep you busy for a while drawing many different kinds of pictures! Beware of the word “again” which will have you drawing the same things over and over, and might possibly result in a tantrum if they are met with the response “no.”

  • Your mom: Mom’s always know the right things to say, and one thing’s for certain, you know she will like the drawing even if it really sucks! “That is a drawing that only a mother could love!” So if you really need an artist ego boost, go ask your mother what she wants you to draw!

  • Complete strangers: Strangers love being asked random questions by random people. You’ll want to catch them in a good mood though, or you might get attitude or dirty looks. I.e. An inappropriate place to ask would be at a funeral or other depressing event. Some good places to catch strangers in a good mood include parks and shopping malls, but not in the bathrooms or fitting rooms.

  • Social networking: Reach out to hundreds at once to ask “what should I draw?” Simply update your status on facebook and you’re bound to be met with something of interest to draw! Be sure to sort through the sarcasm, though, because chances are, your friend Mike doesn’t really want you to draw his big, veiny...BICEP. (What did you think I was going to say, you dirty birdy, you?)


What Should I Draw?

Okay, so enough of that and on to the ideas. Here is a list of ideas to draw:


  • Draw your favorite food

  • Draw what you had for lunch yesterday

  • Draw your ideal dinner

  • Draw something that has spoiled

  • Draw a bowl of fruit

  • Draw bacon

  • Draw more bacon

  • mmmmm bacon


  • Draw a place you have vacationed to

  • Draw your happy place

  • Draw an airplane

  • Draw your own Transformer

  • Draw your dream car

  • Draw famous vacation destinations

  • Draw the Eiffel Tower

  • Draw famous monuments

  • Draw your national flag

Keep dreamin’

  • Draw what you dreamt last night

  • Draw your dream job

  • Draw your dream husband/wife

  • Draw what you want for Christmas

  • Draw what you want for your birthday

  • Draw something that symbolizes your goals in life


  • Draw your favorite animal

  • Draw a private escape in the woods

  • Draw your favorite kind of landscape

  • Draw the sunset

  • Draw a beach

  • Draw a bouquet of flowers

  • Draw a peaceful meadow

  • Draw a fierce storm

  • Draw a brushfire

  • Draw a tornado

  • Draw bigfoot

  • Draw a loch ness monster

  • Draw the ocean

  • Draw an underwater picture

Other and misc

  • Draw something in 3D

  • Draw something that makes you happy

  • Draw something your favorite sport

  • Draw something that makes you mad

  • Draw what you think your future kids might look like

  • Draw what your music would look like

  • Draw something from your favorite movie

  • Draw your deepest secret

  • Draw your crush

  • Draw a portrait of your parents

Fun Ways to Figure out What to Draw

  • Close eyes and point: Print this list out, close those eyes, and point! Open your eyes to reveal what your finger landed on, and voila! You have something to draw!

  • Draw from a hat: Print this list and cut out your favorite ideas, place them in a hat and pick one out. Make it a family affair by letting other people pick some ideas from the hat for you.

  • Take a survey: Again, pick your favorites from the list and take a vote from anyone who matters, whether it is fellow students, friends, family, or the toddler. Even create a survey to use when asking strangers; this way, you’re not leaving the door wide open for anything.

  • Draw everything on the list: In a single picture, draw everything on this list and see the work of art you can come up with. It might just wind up in a museum someday!

Every drawing starts with a single line, so let your utensil and imagination be your guide.

What's your favorite thing to draw?

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