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What To Craft With Your Boxes

Updated on February 11, 2015

Imagination Play

There is a lot of imagination in playing with boxes. I have seen a maze made out of them. There have even been games made out of them. If they are large enough you can make a tent out of them.

There are so much to do with just a box. If you want, you can store your things in them. Toys, clothes, old games, new stuff you don't know what to do with yet and stuff that you don't want to get read of yet.

So, in this article I am going to explain what can be done with a card board box.

image: amazon


The Maze

I have seen this on television but never thought this was possible. I was wrong. I saw it on television.

Here is how it works.

The larger boxes are taped together in a maze pattern on a flat floor in a cleared out part of the house.

The kid takes a flashlight and moves thought the boxes to the end.

That is it. You can even make extra holes in it for them to get out if they get scared or extra window can be made to let in extra light.

You will need:

Large boxes


Strong tape

Lots of space

Image: DChance



Has your kid ever wanted to play Shrek or even Cinderella in a play but she or he didn't get the part. Well, they can put on the play at home.

Here is how to do it.

Print out the play. They can read the whole thing out loud from the script that is available online. Many are. Make sure that each person gets a part.

Put each script in their own folder.

You will need boxes. 12 Boxes are enough.

Color the boxes with one scene on one side.

Each side will have a separate scene.

--How this is done. You will need to pull the boxes together, don't tape them, then turn them carefully to match up each scene. If they fall down that is half the fun. They can be a puzzle to put up the next scene.

You can now watch the play or star in it.

image: DChance

Play In It
Play In It

Just play in them

I have placed a box on the floor and my son was able to get himself and his toys inside a box. This is very easy.

If you like, you can decorate the outside of the box but the box is good enough for play.

You can cut of the top and bottom of the boxes to make a costume for you kid. This can include a strap for them to hold the box so that that can wear it.

Use your imagination when coloring or painting the outside of the box.

Image: DChance


Scene Inside

You can cut out the side of box into a window. Hang a scene down into the box.

This might be a fun school project. You can hang up fish or make your own complex scene to put inside the box.

image: DChance

More theater
More theater


You will need to cut into your boxes to make this happen.

3 or 4 boxes across. Two Boxes up. So, 6 to 9 boxes. Try 6 first.

Color them.

Cut the second layer of boxes.

Add a curtain. This can be done by taping a light sheet/curtain to the top of the inside of the boxes.

Use small puppets for this one. YOU can even use socks or stuffed animals for puppets.

Make sure you cut holes large enough for you child to get inside the boxes.

Tape what falls down.

Just put the curtain above the box when you are using it. If it is a light sheet this should work.

Image: DChance

Prang® Ready-To-Use Tempera Paint, 16 Oz., Assorted Colors, Pack Of 12
Prang® Ready-To-Use Tempera Paint, 16 Oz., Assorted Colors, Pack Of 12
This can be used whatever way you like. Just have fun. Try to not get paint on floors or walls.
5-Piece Time Saver Better Quality Polyester Brush Set
5-Piece Time Saver Better Quality Polyester Brush Set
You can be as messy as you want to be with this ... just put newspaper under your boxes.

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