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What To Do With All Your Old Coffee Cups

Updated on February 11, 2015

Don't Throw Them Out

I have so many of this old coffee mugs. I packed up at least 30, when I moved away from my parents home. Trust me, my dad will not miss 30 coffee cups. I am sure their was about one hundred in the house, somewhere.

We use to go on trips when I was younger. We would bring back a cup. Or, we would get one free, somewhere. There are a lot of promotions around.

If you want to promote your business, use a coffee cup. This works for church's, too. Buy them in bulk, then pass them out to visitors. I has seen this work.

All those coffee cups take up lots of space, over time. Now, I have too many. There has to be something can be done with all those cups that does not involve throwing them in the trash.

image: DChance

1. Give Them Away

The cup is no longer my problem, if I can get it to be someone else's problem.

I keep my cups clean, I don't have any deceases. The cups are in good condition. However, I would advise you to clean your new cup before drinking out of it.

Old cups and new cups are often stored for a long time before they ever make it into the hands of a customer. It is not uncommon to find a dead spider in one. Dust can be a problem, too.

Keep your cups clean. Wash them before and after every use.

image: DChance

2. Bird Feeder

Small coffee cups can be used for bird feeders.

This coffee cup looks more of a tea cup. The birds land on the side of the cup.

Option 1

1. Use small cup.

2. Glue something heavy on the bottom of the cup.

3. Put it on the table when you are not in the area.

The birds land on the side of the cup to drink or eat the bird seed. Small animals will also, be able to get to the bird seed.

Option 2

Use normal cup for this option.

a. You might want to hang the cups up in a tree or a hook.

b. Glue a wooden piece of wood across the side of the cup that is not the handle side, at the end.

c. Let dry.

The birds can land on the thin piece of wood with slipping off the cup.

Gracie China Rose Chintz 8-Ounce Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, Set of 4
Gracie China Rose Chintz 8-Ounce Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, Set of 4

This one looks better on a coffee table outside. You can watch by the window, as bird and all sorts of creatures drink from the cups.

Also, you can hang this up, if you like, instead of setting the one the table. Remember, to glue the cup to the saucer if you hang it up. I have seen a picture of one hanging up on-line. It looks really nice.

This cups would be great for collecting rain water to put out. You can take many picture of the birds from your window.

If you wish, to attract a large number of birds try to put out a swimming pool of water. This will bring in flocks of birds. I am sure this will be good for your bird research, too.


3. Planter

Most cup like devices can be used as planters. Just, add soil, water and a plant. It is that simple.

If you like, you can smash the bottom of your coffee cup.

Glue the cup to a saucer.

Put large rocks in the bottom of the cup.

Add soil and plant to the cup.

You can add some water when you are done planting your plant.

image: DChance

What do you think should be done with extra coffee cups?

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