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What To Do With Scrap Fabric

Updated on June 18, 2013

Making Quilted Fabric Coasters, Bookmarks, and More

Do you have more fabric scraps than you know what to do with? Me too!

I save every little scrap of material that I really love. But over time, this fabric hoarding can be a problem, so I decided to haul out my stash and make some small items from these scraps.

So far I've made quilted bookmarks, tissue cases (as shown in the photo), and coasters (or rug mugs, as they're also called). I will add more projects as I make them.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Make Tissue Holders with Scraps - Just a Few Strips of Fabric Will Do the Trick

Tissue case made with scraps and vintage trim.
Tissue case made with scraps and vintage trim.

Making tissue holders or tissue cases is a great project for using up some of your favorite scraps of cloth. These would make great little gifts to give just because with a packet of tissues tucked inside.

I used some yellow, black, and blue strips of fabric to make this tissue holder. I added a strip of vintage yellow trim to dress it up a little.

I ripped the fabric to get some nice fraying and left the edges raw and rustic for a primitive look.

Do You Have a Stash of Scrap Fabric?

Do You Have a Stash of Scrap Fabric?

See results

Beautiful Fabric to Add to Your Stash - Moda Fabric

Choose some lovely fabric for quilting or other sewing and craft projects and you'll be left with scraps that will do you proud.

I love choosing new swatches and lengths of material, but these precut fat quarters will make piecing go quicker. Much quicker.

Selvage fabric bookmark.
Selvage fabric bookmark.

Use Selvage Fabric to Make Bookmarks and More

Crafting on the Edge!

I really, really, really like the selvage edge of fabric. I keep always keep this part of the cloth, and recently I decided to sew some bookmarks using this finished edge of fabric that often has words and numbers printed on it.

I also made some tissue holders with fabric containing selvage with writing on it. The uses are endless, as with other fabric scraps!

Read my article, Making Bookmarks with Selvage on Fabric, to get a better idea of how I did this quick and easy sewing project.

A Good Feeling

Using up some of my fabric scraps and bits

of vintage trim is a good feeling!

I love seeing pieces come together in harmony,

working for the greater good, and bit by bit,

making my scrap basket more manageable.

Making Prim Bookmarks - Primitive Style for Your Reading

Bookmark with rust-dyed fabric and machine stitching.
Bookmark with rust-dyed fabric and machine stitching.

This primitive bookmark was fun to make! I started with some of my rust-dyed fabric.

This dyeing technique is easy to do. Learn how by reading my article on dyeing fabric using rusty objects.

I layered three pieces of fabric: the rust-dyed fabric on top, a middle piece to give the bookmark some extra heft, and a back piece that I placed with the right side facing out to make the bookmark double sided.

Fabric Coasters -- Mug Rugs - Machine Quilting Makes Them Quick and Easy

Machine quilted fabric coasters.
Machine quilted fabric coasters.

Fabric coasters are another easy and quick project for using up fabric scraps. These coasters feature more of my material with rusty highlights here and there.

I did machine stitching to quilt three layers (like the bookmarks) together. I made these flowers with my old sewing machine after studying the book The Complete Guide to Machine Quilting: How to Use Your Home Sewing Machine to Achieve Hand-Quilting Effects by Joanie Zeier Poole. It really makes machine stitching quilted items easy to do with the great instructions and photos.

I liked the reminder to start in the center when quilting to help minimize puckering and bunching of stitches and fabric.

Sewing and Craft Projects with Scraps of Fabric - Use Up Your Stash

These fun books are eye candy for those who sew and craft. Take inspiration from the pages using your own favorite cloth remnants and pieces left over from your big sewing projects.

Will You Make Some Small Items with Your Scrap Fabric?

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      I bought myself a child's sewing machine, so I could try out some of these mini-projects on it.

    • lewisgirl profile image

      lewisgirl 4 years ago

      I have been seeing for more than forty years. I finally decided not keep scraps under 4-5 inches square, otherwise I would run out of space.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      how do you get the tissue cover instr.

      is it free, i look every where. thanks

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      You have some good ideas here. You've got me thinking about what to do with scraps, next time I have any!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Love my bookmark that you made!

    • profile image

      kathryn-gillespie 4 years ago

      I really like your rust dyed fabric made into mug rugs and bookmarks! :)