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Where Can I Buy Face Paint

Updated on August 10, 2013

Interested in Face Painting? Here's Where You Can Buy the Best Face Paints Now

Where can I buy face paint is a common question asked by many new face painters. That's OK. When I first started face painting, I didn't know where to buy face paint either. In fact, I wasn't even looking to buy face paint the day that I ended up buying it. My daughter and I were walking through Michael's craft store one day in the summer, and I saw a Snazaroo face painting kit. It wasn't very big, but it came with a little Snazaroo face painting book with a few designs in it so since it wasn't too expensive, and it provided a good activity for the summertime, I purchased it.

After going home and trying the face paints on my daughter and her little friend, I was hooked! It was so much fun because the girls loved it. The Snazaroo face paints were awesome and did the job, but I wanted to add more paints to my inventory so I didn't have to mix colors. The problem was, I didn't know where to buy face paint except for Michaels, and all they carried was the one Snazaroo face paint kit. This led me to the internet to do some research!

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Snazaroo Face Paint Kits
Snazaroo Face Paint Kits

My Advice on Where To Buy Face Paint

Listen up folks--my advice on where to buy face paint is definitely Amazon! There are so many different types of face painting kits and face paints to choose from, that you will never be without a supplier of face painting supplies! However, you can try your local craft store such as Michaels but they definitely won't have the supply and variety that Amazon carries.

Below are some popular manufacturers of face paints:





My personal favorite is Snazaroo. Snazaroo puts out some really nice face painting kits for the beginning face painter, as well as a more advanced artist. Not only that, but Snazaroo face paint kits vary. For instance, maybe you want a palette that's filled with more primary colors. Or maybe you want a more pastel palette because you will be face painting more themes for girls. They also have kits that are more theme related like a Princess Face Painting Kit, and a Snazaroo Girls Face Paint Kit among other kits.

Best Place to Buy Face Paint?

Amazon of Course!

Amazon is by far the best place to buy your face paints. There is such a great selection! Take it from me--I've shopped for face paints at all my local craft stores like Michaels and AC Moore--even Toys R' Us--and they just don't have the selection and prices that Amazon does.

Snazaroo Step-by-Step Face Painting Example

I love the Snazaroo face paints! In this video, a professional face painter uses the Snazaroo face paints to paint a very pretty flower in this step-by-step face painting example. Where can you buy Snazaroo face paint? Amazon of course!

Face Painting Brushes

Good Face Painting Brushes are a Necessity!

So now you have an idea on where to get quality face paints (and have a whole lot of variety), you need to get yourself some good face painting brushes. I made the mistake of using my decorative paint brushes when I first started face painting. You don't want to do that. You want to have separate brushes just for face painting. Below are some recommendations on brushes that will make your face painting designs look great!

Face Painting Accessories & Supplies

Not only are face paints and brushes needed to create fun face painting designs, but there are some accessories you may want to have on hand as you get better and better at your craft. Below is a list of some extras you may want to invest in like face painting sponges--great for painting angles and bases, face painting stencil sets--an awesome and easy accessory to have on hand to use on boys and girls alike for cheek and body face painting, and stick on gems--the perfect finishing touch to any face painting design, just to name a few.

Face Paint Sticks

Where to Buy Them

Did you know that you can buy face paint sticks? They are like crayons. They are very easy to handle and a lot of face painting professionals like them because they can create lines with ease. These too can be purchased on Amazon. Unfortunately, you most likely won't have much luck finding these at a craft store. If you do, they will probably only stock a small box with few colors in them.

I highly recommend the Snazaroo brand of face paint sticks. They are non-toxic, are easy to wash off with soap and water, yet are long-lasting, and come in vivid colors. Face paint sticks are great for parties, fund raising and sporting events, Halloween, and more!

Where to Buy Halloween Face Paint

Halloween Face Painting Can Be So Much Fun!

Halloween is of course a face painters favorite holiday! Kids and adults alike can where face paint--both scary and subdued-- all day long and no one will think they are strange. What fun! There is a lot of cool Halloween make up out there that will make your Halloween costume stand out from everyone else so by all means, have fun with it and explore all the Halloween make up that's available!

What types of costumes can benefit most from face paint and makeup? Here are some Halloween costume ideas to get you started:


- Zombie

- Witch

- Ghost

- Clown

- Hockey player

- Chainsaw or hockey player

- Raggedy Anne or Andy doll

- Corpse

- Alien

- Accident victim

- Rockstar

- Any type of animal

- Bride

Don't forget to pick up your Halloween face paint supplies! These Halloween face painting kits should get you started:

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