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Where to find Free Crochet Patterns for Shrugs and Boleros

Updated on October 22, 2015
FREEFORM CROCHET IN BLUE AND GREEN by Jprescott DESCRIPTIONDetail of freeform crochet scarf
FREEFORM CROCHET IN BLUE AND GREEN by Jprescott DESCRIPTIONDetail of freeform crochet scarf | Source

Where to find Free Crochet Patterns Shrugs and Boleros

Cardigans are a very useful cover up for chilly evenings and days but do not match every outfit. Shrugs and boleros are the perfect cover-up for any season. They are the chic solution for today’s woman, fashionable and up to the minute. Shrugs and boleros are very practical and easy to wear.

A bolero was originally a cropped jacket, but today the terms shrug and bolero are used interchangeably. A shrug can be a cropped jacket, with or without buttons. It may or may not have sleeves. The shrug may tie around the body or fit over the arms and across the shoulders without a front. The shrug may fit under the bust or skim the waist. The shrug comes in many styles to please women of all sizes and shapes.

The internet is the crocheter’s friend, hosting many free crochet patterns for everything, including shrugs and boleros. All you have to do is pick one to suit you and your outfits.

Choose your pattern wisely and use machine washable yarn that will launder well and neither shrink nor stretch. Remember to crochet a tension or gauge square before beginning your shrug to ensure the size and fit of your finished shrug or bolero. While you are crocheting your shrug, keep measuring it, to avoid disappointment and ensure a professional looking finished article.

Free crochet patterns for shrugs and boleros abound on the internet the only problem you may have is choosing one out of the huge selection. The large crochet pattern directories are always a good place to start looking for free crochet patterns. Crochet Pattern Central has links to many shrug and bolero patterns, including the pretty cream-cotton shrug, the girl’s simple openwork shrug, the heavenly bolero, the kimono shrug and the shell-stitch bolero cardigan.

More Shrug and Bolero Patterns

Ravelry is a crochet and knitting community. You have to join the community and register an e-mail address, but it is well worth doing so as Ravelry has links to more free crochet patterns than anywhere else for any item that you might ever wish to crochet, including shrugs and boleros. Links on Ravelry mostly have thumbnail pictures beside the link saving you time, by enabling you to see the shrug’s style before you click on the link. Ravelry has links to patterns that you will not find anywhere else on the web, including Eileen Tepper’s elusive shrug-a-licious. Most links are to women’s shrugs but there are some to children’s shrugs and even one for a dog’s shrug.

There are places to search for free crochet shrug patterns, besides the internet. Your local Public library may carry books containing crochet patterns for shrugs and boleros or old craft magazines, which they may give you, if they know you are interested.

Car boot and jumble sales, and charity shops, often have crochet patterns, which although not quite free cost pennies. Remember old women’s magazines, as well as crochet and craft magazines, contain crochet shrug patterns. Shrugs are a new name but not a new item, what we call shrugs were very fashionable in the nineteen forties and fifties, so do check vintage magazines and patterns. When you crochet old- fashioned bed jacket patterns in modern yarns, and change the embellishments they make elegantly fashionable shrugs.

Shrugs and boleros make chic cover-ups, when a cardigan just will not do. Keeping an open mind to all pattern possibilities, will help you to find that perfect pattern to make your shrug stand out from the crowd. There are some beautiful free, or very cheap, patterns for crochet boleros and shrugs. Shrugs are quick and easy to crochet, once you have made one you will want more, perhaps shrugs matching all your outfits.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    thank-you for visiting me Handmadebybhenge. I am glad that you found something.

  • handmadebybheng profile image

    handmadebybheng 5 years ago from Cubao , Quezon City

    I really like boleros but I cannot seem to find one that will fit my body nicely.. I"m a rather large girl.. so thanks for posting these :)

  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    thank-you for your kind comment. I have made boleros for other people but not for me.

  • SaraDuggan profile image

    Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

    Thanks for explaining what a shrug was. I didn't know that the bolero was the same as a shrug. I love visiting crochet pattern central and ravelry for patterns. I don't think I'd ever wear a bolero but I'd love to make one.