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Willow Tree Figurines and Ornaments

Updated on October 1, 2013

Willow Tree Figurines and Ornaments by Susan Lordi DEMDACO

Willow Tree figurines by Susan Lordi are simple, yet beautiful sculptures of women, children, angels and groups of figurines. The Willow Tree collection includes figurines, ornaments, plaques and other collectibles. There are also holiday Willow Tree figurines, hanging ornaments and nativity sets. New Willow Tree figurines and Willow Tree ornaments are released every year. To learn more about these unique collectibles, read on!

Beautiful Willow Tree Figurines Display

willow tree figurines display
willow tree figurines display

""I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning."" Artist Susan Lordi Quote

There are a few Willow Tree wedding cake toppers to choose from. First is "The Promise" cake topper and another popular Willow Tree wedding cake topper is "Together." There is also a Willow Tree anniversary cake topper. If you can't find find the actual wedding cake topper, find a GOOD wedding cake designer to make a little platform for a Willow Tree couples figurine. I've seen this done and the finished cake with the Willow Tree couple figurines look amazing.

Dance of Life and Song of Joy are new angels on stands figurines that were introduced in November 2011. Each piece features an angel in a different pose, they look as if they are in motion.

The designer describes these dancing angels:For me, the art of dance is not literal. I love to take in the experience through all my senses, and feel the emotion on another level. Dance can pick you up and sweep you away... it can be sometimes uplifting, sometimes poignant; but it always strives to speak the truth. The clarity and poetic purpose of movement in dance choreography is what inspired the gestures of these two pieces."

Willow Tree Figurines: Angels

There are special Willow Tree angels for just about every occasion. Each sculpture has metal wings, unlike the other Willow Tree figurines. The angels are gracefully positioned so that they unique gestures to communicate the message behind the statue. For example, the Willow Tree Thinking of You Angel (which comes with a little card that reads "keeping you close in my thoughts") is positioned so that she's listening to a seashell. The Thank You Angel is holding flowers behind her back, she comes with a message that reads "Appreciating your kindness." Other Willow Tree Angels include the Guardian Angel, Angel of Comfort, Angel of the Garden, Angel of Harmony and Angel of Prayer.

Willow Tree Ornaments Christmas and Nativity

willow tree nativity set
willow tree nativity set

Willow Tree has two types of nativity scenes. First is the Willow Tree Nativity collection.

Mix and match the pieces of each Christmas set to create your own nativity scene. You can add just about any angel your nativity scene. Use an Angel Stand or Pedestal when arranging the Christmas Willow Tree nativity scene decorations.

Willow Tree Nativity

The Willow Tree Nativity collection has everything you need to make an entire Nativity display of WIllow figurines. The collection includes Wisemen, the Holy Family, several Angels, a Shepherd and Animal set, backdrop pieces like an Angel Stand, a Metal Star Backdrop, Creche and a Willow Tree. The Angels in this set include the Angel of Light (holding a star), Angel of Prayer (bowing in prayer), Bright Star (holding a star) and angels on stands, like Dance of Joy and Dance of Life. Some of the Willow Tree Nativity pieces are sold individually, others as part of a set.

The Willow Tree Christmas story is another way to make a complete Willow Tree Nativity scene. This is the larger of the two Willow Tree Christmas nativity scenes and the pieces are over a foot tall (14.5"). The collection is meant to go with a piece called Sanctuary, which serves as a backdrop. Pieces include the Holy Family (large), Gentle Animals, Christmas Story (which is a larger version of the Holy Family set). The pieces can be purchased separately or as a complete collection.

Willow Tree Figurines Family & Groups

willow tree family
willow tree family

The Willow Tree collection includes many family figurines, with groups of people, as well as individual pieces. These include mother daughter, father son, new family, couples, brothers, sisters, children and more. Each grouping is posed differently. Individual pieces can be added to a family scene, for example, a couple with a new baby could go along with an individual boy and girl figurine, to represent a family with two children and a new baby.

There are a few Willow Tree grandmother figurines. These include "With My Grandmother", "Grandmother" and Willow Tree Generations. The latter is a Willow Tree figurine with a grandmother, mother and young girl. There are also Willow Tree grandmother figurines with 2 and 3 children.

Willow Tree grandfather figurines include "Grandfather" with a little boy and Grandfather with 2 children.

How to buy discontinued Willow Tree Figurines

Call your local Willow Tree retailer and ask if they have any discontinued Willow Tree pieces. (Hallmark usually has a good collection of Willow Tree). Willow Tree figurines and Christmas ornaments are usually tucked away until a customer asks about them. You may be surprised to find what they have in stock. This is a great way to get your hands on a discontinued Willow Tree figurine. Another option is to buy discontinued or hard to find Willow Tree pieces online, through a site like eBay.

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    • profile image

      siobhan 3 years ago

      Make a family all together mam dad brother sister, so on so on.. make a with a person at a gate like heaven showing the love we have for thoughts gone be for us.. people will love it

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      Great ornaments, especially for Wedding Cake