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Stunning Winter Mountain Landscape Wallpapers

Updated on February 21, 2018

Wallpapers of Beautiful Winter Mountain Scenes

There are few images in nature that come even close to comparing to majestic winter mountain landscapes, with the pointed peaks covered with snow and the trees lining the sides of the mountains filled with snow or ice.

You can also choose a point to look at or from the mountain, adding another extraordinary dimension to the natural piece of art. Think of looking down from high on a mountain through clouds lingering in the midst of the formidable boundaries and lanes created by the peaks.

Add to that magnificent sunsets and crystal clear mountain lakes and rivers where the elements of the mountains hit the shimmering waters to bring even more stunning imagery to take in and be mightily impacted by.

Snow-covered mountain peaks; trees covered in snow to become a work of art on their own;
the sun disappearing behind the heights only to reflect upon waters and create an extraordinary and shadowy view of the disappearing landscape.

We've got all of that an more in this article, which showcases a gallery of winter mountain landscapes in all their raw beauty and majesty.

Wallpaper of Sun Setting on Winter Mountain Range

This is what it's all about when comes to stunning winter mountain wallpapers. With this view of the sun setting and light still shining through between the peaks is an extraordinary landscape scene to take in, to say the least.

What's not to like about the disappearing sun seeming to etch its final words for the night on the still waters of the mountain lake? The dark clouds on the right seem to be moving in as the yellow and orange reflecting off of the other clouds are saying a farewell for the night.

All of that is also taking place on the lake where the night sky scenario is telling the story as it shimmers quietly as the evening descends upon the region.

How about those magnifcent colors near the bottom of the landscape, with the deep blue waters meeting the colors of the night skies on the surface of the lake? Seeing the numerous hues are a spectacle that no human could recreate.

With all of that going for it, the mountains seem to be a parenthetical part of the winter mountain wallpaper, showcasing all the beauty surrounding them.

To me this is the amazing benefit of mountain wallpapers. Look at these on your computer or other screen and it would be one of the more inspirational visual assistants you could ever use or encounter.

Whether in personal, spiritual or professional life, it is almost impossible not to ascend the heights of your inner man, imagination or mind when taking in a view from these glorious mountains.

winter mountain wallpapers
winter mountain wallpapers | Source

Steep Mountains

There are a couple of unique features of this winter mountain wallpaper that attracted me to it. First is the various amount of snow and/or ice that is covering the trees, leaving different shades of white. or in case of the pine trees on the upper left - no snow at all, leaving a solid green color unmatched by the rest of the trees.

Then there are the pine trees in the center and right of the picture which are partially covered with snow which provide yet another terrific, natural design, and finally the shorter trees all across the foreground of the steep mountains which are covered with snow and emanate a strong bright white color to enjoy.

All of that include the magnificent backdrop of the almost completely vertical mountains.


Wallpaper of View from Mountain Top

Even though this may not be the highest place in this mountain range, the positioning provides an exquisite view of those parts of the mountain that are far below the elevation the picture is being taken from.

The way the snow-drenched trees are perfectly enhanced by the dark blue shadows on the snow, clouds and mountains makes this an amazing winter mountain wallpaper anyone would appreciate viewing.

It's quite an experience even when viewing this picture here to see the clouds going by at about eye level to where we are looking from. Talk about a sense and the reality of viewing the world from a higher place and point of view.

To me that's what these mountains are all about; training ourselves to see life from a higher perspective, leaving the daily practicals and interruptions to sneak a peak at the bigger picture. Mountains remind us that we must all travel to a higher place to see that which lies below us in the valley and practicals of life.


Wallpaper of Mountain and Trees Reflecting on Lake

When looking at this mountain, it would have been an outstanding picture even without the lake to help see it expanding over the surface of the waters. Add the lake though, and it takes it to another level which makes it one of the elite winter mountain wallpapers I've seen.

As always, the whiter the snow on the trees the more compelling the wallpaper is. Include that shining into the mirror of the lake water surface and you receive double the visual pleasure and inspiration.

An element of this mountain landscape scene I really like is the bridge stretching across the river as if it was holding back all that beauty in the background so we could experience all of the visual feast being set before us.

What else is extraordinary is how the pure white snow or ice covering the trees acting as line of a demarcation between similar colors and hues from the real sky, mountain and trees as they are mirrored on the waters. To me it just doesn't get much better than this concerning being inspired from the wallpapers we use.


Night Falling on the Mountain Top

We started off with a mountain wallpaper where the sun was just starting to peak behind the mountains. In this final winter mountain wallpaper it has completed that joy and the quarter moon is already lingering and hanging in the night sky, with just a touch of light hitting the waters of the lake as it disappears behind the mountain peaks and clouds.

The touch of pink in the sky and the dark blue shadow surrounding it as it reflects the darkening evening colors on the top of the mountain make this an unforgettable image.

If you already didn't know, now you do, that mountains landscapes, especially winter ones, are among the most amazingly inspirational among all scenes this world has to offer. No wonder they're so popular.


Winter Mountain Wallpapers

In one way or another I've said it several times in this article that mountains are an extremely compelling wallpaper to use because it provides a number of ways of viewing life after taking in all that they represent with their peaks, majesty, and accompanying snow, ice, trees, and water.

If that's not enough, then there is the sun set, shadows, reflections, and various hues that make their natural beauty even greater than they inherently are.

Assuming I would be forced to choose one wallpaper to use on my computer or other gadgets, I can't think of any other I would use than that of a winter mountain landscape.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Way cool. I love mountain images. My mom had a photo of a mountain in the kitchen, which is now mine and in my living-dining room area. If i could wallpaper my place, (since I can't), I would love photos of the images to hang up on the walls. Awesome and beautiful. Voted up!

    • logoquiz profile image

      Missy 5 years ago from London

      Really stunning wallpapers! Make me want to be there where the photographer is.

    • actionbronson profile image

      actionbronson 5 years ago

      the wallpaper looks amazing! Great hub.