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Winter Sledding Printables

Updated on December 18, 2012

Winter Sledding Coloring Pages

One of my favorite activities as a child was when getting an opportunity to grab a sled and go riding it down the hill at a fast speed. Many of us have experienced that, and it has created great memories from those days. It also made us enjoy the times when we couldn't ride on a sled but could open up a coloring book with one in it and work on it.

Today it's much easier than that, as anytime children desire to have a coloring page of someone or something sledding, all they have to do is go on the Internet and quickly download one for instantaneous use and gratification.

With that in mind I've gathered together a gallery of winter sledding printables which are varied in their riders while retaining similar subject matter.

There are not only human riders, but also a penguin, turtle and dog to generate delight and interest from children who are always looking for something a little bit different to interact with. There is even a group of riders, including snowmobilers and racers who will challenge even some of the older children as to the detail that needs to be colored in to complete the coloring page.

Turtle Sledding Coloring Page

Wherever children have cold enough weather and snow, they also have the desire to go sliding down the local hills with a sled of some sort.

At times they can't do that, they resort to their imaginations and look for fun things like this turtle printable of him sliding down the hill - in of all things - his own shell. Very cute and funny.

The happy face of this little turtle will attract any youngster and engage them accordingly. The hat on the head of the turtle is a nice touch as well for the winter months, as all children relate to dressing up in warm clothes in order to enjoy going out.

What I like about this coloring page is it can be used by children of different ages because the body of the turtle has large areas to color in, while the shell offers a little more challenge for children who can color in lines and like a little more of a challenge.

turtle sled printable coloring page
turtle sled printable coloring page | Source

Boy Sliding on Sled with Runners

Since humans take up sliding, it's fitting to have at least some printables of them sliding down a hill, and this one that has somewhat of a vintage look is great.

The stripes of the shirt and pant legs provide a lot of material to try out different colors for children who like to experiment in that regard, as does the folded up portion of the hat.

Again, the sky and snow areas provide easy places for children learning out to color in spaces to work with.


Malamute Pulling Sled Printable

Now this is a terrific image of a child being pulled in a sled by an Alaskan Malamute. The dog looks just as excited as the child is, who appears to be nervous and exhilarated at the same time.

What child wouldn't love to have a sled like this with their own dog pulling them around? You don't even need a hill when being taken for this type of ride.

Since most children like dogs, combining sledding with a dog is a good motivator for young artists.

dog pulling sled coloring page
dog pulling sled coloring page | Source

Group Sledding Coloring Page

This is a combination coloring and learning page, as it includes a lot of the items used to ride on snow or ice.

They're easy to lose in this busy coloring page, but there are also a skier (behind the snowmobile), and also a man standing on skates behind the four guys on the toboggan.

Kids will surely ask questions about what all of these things are, providing some more engagement and opportunities to spend some time interacting with them.

If you're not sure about what is is behind the skater, it's the four-man sled used to race in the Olympics, although they are also raced in other venues as well. The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

All of these images offer children chances to experiment with a variety of colors, as there are about as many different areas that can be colored in as I've seen with these types of printables.

So if you have children that are patient and love coloring in small, detailed areas, this would be for them.


Peguin Sledding Down Steep Hill

Finally we have this cute penquin happily speeding down a steep hill on a sled. Hey, they could have even had him flying down the hill using his body alone.

This is a wonderful image that most children would respond positively to. What's not to like about the penguin, who obviously in real life wouldn't need the hat and scarf around its neck. Some observant child may even point that out to you.

That's what's fun about these types of printable pages, where you can suspend reality and create your own little worlds in them for children to enjoy and expand their own imaginations with as they color in the pictures.


Sled and Sledding Coloring Pages

Riding on sleds is one of those winter activities that require no skill other than a little courage to get on a sled and get going down a hill.

It is a big driver of anticipation for children, and when they aren't able to go sledding, putting together some printable coloring pages for them to work on and talk about the time they will be able to go sledding, or for younger children, to teach them what sledding is, will help them to keep busy until that eagerly awaited moment arrives.

For children that live in warmer climates where riding on a sled down the hill isn't part of their lives, coloring in these images helps them to imagine what it must be like to have that type of experience.

No matter what the reason, sled printables are a great choice to get your children engaged in what is a very fun activity; whether it's coloring it in or participating in it in real life.


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