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Winter Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Updated on February 3, 2015

Winter Wallpapers

Every season of the year includes an astounding change that translates into extraordinary beauty and grandeur for those taking the time to embrace with their eyes the amazing scenes of nature all around them.

That's true with winter as well, with the gorgeous display ice and snow gathered together on the rooftops of homes and cabins, ice hanging off of edges of homes and trees, and the glittering reflection of the sun or moon off of rivers and lakes of water and ice.

Being originally from northern Minnesota, the winter is particularly compelling to me, as it by far is the longest season we have, and so appreciation of and interaction with the elements makes looking at photos or images of snowy and icy elements of nature are very desirable.

So when the winter season arrives, I quickly use that for an excuse to grab some winter wallpapers and place them as wallpapers or backgrounds on my computers.

They are more than enough to sate my desire for the pictures, but add to that other seasonal elements such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations and there are all sorts of images to choose from that can be changed to get a glimpse of everything you may want to take in during the cold months of winter.

In this article we'll focus on winter images in and of themselves, without the ancillary topics mentioned. The other topics are nice when included with winter scenery, but the scenery itself stands easily on its own, and that's what we'll look at in all its majesty.

Snowy White Trees Winter Wallpaper

I usually save the best for last when showing some of my favorite wallpapers, but this one here is among my favorites, with those stunningly beautiful trees covered with pure white snow.

The trees I'm specifically referring to are those two in the middle of the picture, with nothing but the snow covering them. The one next to them looks great too, but it's not quite as nice looking as the two on the left.

Why that is so is because there is so much snow and/or ice on the branches of those two trees that they weigh them down in a way that covers up the trunk of the tree so the white snow is, for the most part, all that is seen.

The large tree to the right of the two doesn't have the branches hanging down as much, so it doesn't quite have the same look, as you can see more of the dark of the trunk. It still looks great, just not as good as the other two. Great winter wallpaper.

Snow-Covered Trees and Landscape

Beautiful Winter Scene
Beautiful Winter Scene | Source

Gorgeous Winter Wallpaper of Sunset

Next there is another extraordinary winter wallpaper scene that would look awesome on any screen that is used.

The icicles hanging in the foreground as the lazy sun drops down to close out the day are fantastic, as is the beautiful, vibrant colors emanating from the clouds as the linger on the horizon.

Those objects along the center of the photo are smaller trees heavily covered and being weighed down by snow.

What really stands out to me is how the icicles are exhorbing the color of the sun as it goes down. They are terrific reflections to enhance the image.

Colorful Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset | Source

Wallpaper of Cabin Nestled in Winter Woods

This is an image a large number of people have pictured in their minds concerning a cool winter night, with the fireplace roaring and hands warming near the fire as family and friends warm themselves in the midst of the winter night.

I really like the fence in the front of the cabin home, with the snow piled up evenly after a recent winter downfall.

The snow-covered pine trees surrounding the cabin create a terrific atmosphere and protection from heavy winds, as the occupants are able to gaze out and enjoy the beautiful pines encircling the structure.

Also looking great is the forest in the background, which gives off the sense it is untamed by man, even as the clearing suggests it is willing to compromise a little in order for people to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Cabin in Forest Setting

Cabin in Woods
Cabin in Woods | Source

Winter Wallpaper of Bridge, River and Trees

Here is another awesome winter scene, this time with a wonderful bridge spanning the river where it narrows, and the big tree planted by the waters to help keep the bank in place.

The big tree with the branches spanning out in all directions looks tremendous, and in this case the dark trunk and branches add to the look of the tree, with the snow on them blending in nicely to create the amazing effect.

That, coupled with the bridge placed right behind it make for a great sight to behold.

But the trees in the background also add to the beauty of the photo, as do those wonderful reflections shimmering on the waters.

Bridge Reflecting on Water

Bridge in Winter Scene
Bridge in Winter Scene | Source

Wallpaper of Skiers and Snow Boarders on Mountain

This wallpaper of a group of skiers and snow boarders sitting on a mountain looking out at what they see above and below, confirms that a lot of color isn't necessary to generate a tremendous and breathtaking scene.

Other than their clothing, you pretty much have blue, gray and the white snow as the primary colors seen as they take in nature's painting. There is just a touch of a yellow hue where the sun is going down to help define the shape of the mountains off in the distance.

But overall, this is a very minimalist image of a majestic design that would be a delight and inspirational to see on a computer or other screen throughout the winter season.

Mountain View

People Looking Out Over Mountain
People Looking Out Over Mountain | Source

Winter Wallpaper Scenes and Backgrounds

Winter provides some fantastic images to choose from when wanting to place a wallpaper, background or screen saver on a computer, as you can see from the amazing photos and pieces of art above.

This is just a smattering of what's available, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of photos and artwork depicting the winter season to digitally enjoy.

Even if they aren't placed as a wallpaper in a computer or other device, it is worth the time to take a look at these very compelling winter scenes.


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    • Abdul Wahabone profile image

      Abdul Wahab 

      6 years ago from Yanbu Al-Bahar, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

      Woah........... beautiful wallpapers, thanks for sharing


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