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Let's Create Beautiful Wire & Crystal Ornaments And Decorations!

Updated on November 11, 2014
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Wire Sculpture On An Empty Vase

Working With Copper Wire & Beads Is Easy To Learn!

Are you looking for something that you can make in quantity, for gifts or your home, that won't break the bank? Copper wire is very inexpensive to buy, as you'll see in the modules where I make it available for you below. So are beads! The multitude of crystal and glass beads out there is vast, and so much fun to choose from!

You need two simple tools to work with copper wire: wire nippers and round nose pliers. Both are readily available in any store where they sell jewelry making supplies. I've also made them available to you below for your convenience!

I will give you step by step instructions on two easy decorations to try. They will not be TOO specific, because part of the fun is that you use your creativity! Every piece you create will be a one-of-a-kind original.

For hanging objects, you can use clear monofilament fishing line for your hanger. Add a brass fishing swivel to make your object twirl in the breeze!

I hope you will consider trying this art form. I's really simple and there is no "mistake" that can't be fixed.

What You Will Need

Copper wire 20 gauge spools, in various colors (many available!)

Your choice of crystal or glass beads

Wire nippers

Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Get Your Round Nose Pliers Here!

How To Make The Magic!

The Guardian Angel Ornament

This little angel isn't just for Christmas! You can hang her on a rearview mirror in the car, or anywhere in your home, and you will enjoy lots of sparkles when she turns in the light!

Below is a YouTube video which will be very helpful to you in learning the technique of hand-coiling the copper wire. Luckily, copper wire is cheap so you can buy enough to practice this technique.

Now, assuming that you have mastered your copper coiling, I'll show you how to make the Guardian Angel Ornament first.

Cut a piece of 20 ga wire about 12" long. Coil one end of the wire until the coil is about 1/2" in diameter. Thread on a large focal bead which will be the angel's head. As shown in the photo, allow a slight amount of free space between the head and the halo. Bend the halo forward so that is flat over the top of the bead.

Bring the wire downward and bend into the first wing. Wrap the wire around the base of wing to secure. Bring it to the front and make the dress portion. Use your pliers to create the decorative bends in the wire.

Bring the wire up the other side of the dress and then wrap it around the back of the angel to secure.

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The Most Important Thing

How To Coil Wire

What You'll Need....

Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Wire nips or strong scissors

20 gauge Copper Wire in desired colors

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