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Witch Face Paint and Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Updated on September 6, 2014

5 Sensational Witch Face Designs for Halloween Fun

These 5 wicked but wonderful witch makeup ideas have something for everyone! The first couple of examples use classic paint and are perfect for kids and adults alike. There is a classic green Wicked Witch and a Cute and Sparkly design that gives a delightful alternative to the usual green-faced and creepy look.

For something out of the ordinary, more experienced face painters and make-up artists can try the amazing Ursula the Sea Witch makeup or the equally impressive but very different Two-Faced Witch showing an elegant sorceress on one side and an evil one on the other. Finally, for those who want to look gorgeous without scaring the boys away, there is a totally glamorous look with sparkly green eyelids that will turn heads!

Classic Green Makeup - Elphaba / Wicked Witch of the West Face Painting

Are you looking for a traditional green face painting design, perhaps inspired by Wicked or The Wizard of Oz?

Well, fumsmusings presents here an achievable but very effective tutorial to get that classic Wicked Witch of the West look.

Although she paints on herself, her face painting designs are perfect to use on kids too. You can follow all of her steps for the total Halloween look, or just do the basic steps for a scary green face witch that is ideal for children.

fumsmusings gives you all the instructions you need, clearly and slowly. Those nails are amazing if you are an adult and want to go for the complete witchy look!

For an alternative, even easier design for kids or adults that uses only 3 colours of face paint, take a look at the step-by-step witch face paint instructions below the video.

Face Painting Step-by-Step: Simple Wicked Witch

Halloween Witch Face Paint inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Step 1:

Apply green face paint to entire face, right up to hairline and over lips and eyelids. (You might want to avoid going too close to eyes and mouth if doing this witch face paint on a younger child.)

Step 2:

Sponge on a darker green at edges of face, over nose, forehead, beneath eyes and on lips. Blend in with a brush.

Step 3:

With black paint on a brush, draw on eyebrows in a long high curve. Add strokes up from eyebrow line to create a feathered effect, and thicken with another application of black paint. Lengthen inner eyebrow line down onto side of nose.

Step 4:

Outline eyes with black face paint on upper and lower lash line, flicking out and up at the sides.

Step 5:

Draw lines from lower edge of eye down onto cheek (like really big crows feet!). This is going to be a spiders web. Add little curves between the lines to form the web.

Step 6:

With orange paint, dab onto lips in little vertical lines. No need to blend in. Outline lips with black.

Step 7:

Use white face paint on a brush to highlight the curved thread lines in the spiders web and also the eyebrows.

Step 8:

With black on a fine brush, outline outer nostrils. Add 'smile' creases from nose towards outer corners of mouth.

Step 9:

Wrinkle your brow. Paint black lines in the wrinkles.

Step 10:

Add some shimmer powder to forehead, spiders web, cheeks, and a little on nose and chin. Add gloss or glitter to lips.

Enjoy your sensational Halloween witch make up! Just don't try to defy gravity...

Idina Menzel in Makeup for Elphaba in 'Wicked' - The Elphaba Makeover Explained

If Idina Menzel is your idol and you want to know just how her makeup was applied for Elphaba in 'Wicked', here she is getting ready for the show with the help of makeup artist Joe.

Cute Witch Design for a Little Girl - Pretty Sorceress Make Up Example

Is there such a thing as a pretty witch? There sure is! This face painting example from WoolworthsUK shows a delightful witch design -- without a trace of green in sight!

This pretty enchantress was created using 3 colors of face paint: pink, black and white. Add some sparkle with silver face glitter for a truly magical little witch.

The below speed painting video has some text instructions on-screen but is very quick (just over a minute start to finish). I've added some step by step instructions underneath to help you out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Pretty Little Witch

Recreate this magical witch look

This example was created on a very adorable little girl, but you could also try it on your own face if you want to avoid green makeup and transform yourself into a cute witch this Halloween.

Step 1:

Use a damp sponge to apply pink paint to the outer cheeks, on the upper eyelids and up onto the forehead, and sponge a little onto the chin too.

Step 2:

Use black paint on a brush to create a line starting high on each side of forehead and coming down in an angle to the sides of the nose. This will be the spiders web. Draw another line beneath it to meet the first line just above the eyebrow. Draw a third line over the eyebrow. Add a short line beneath this that stops at outer corner of the eye.

Step 3:

Blend the topmost line down a little to add some shading to the web.

Step 4:

With black paint on a fine brush, paint little curves between the lines to form the web.

Step 5:

From corner of eye, paint an S shape down cheek, ending in a scroll. Make a black spot right beneath this and join to the scroll with a fine black line. This is the spider. Add the other spiders legs -- 4 on each side (2 going up from the body and 2 going down).

Step 6:

Outline the lips with black. Paint lips with pink face paint.

Step 7:

With white paint on a brush, paint on a star on the cheek next to spider's thread. Add white dots around the eye, to side of nose and on outer cheek. Use white face paint to highlight the curves you drew on the spiders web. Highlight the spider with white paint too!

Step 8:

Add silver face glitter to the web and over lips.

Hey presto! One very cute witch makeup design.

Snazaroo Kits - Safe, fun face paints for kids faces

I recommend Snazaroo on all my face painting guides. Why? Because they are safe, non-toxic, wash of with soap and water. Not only that, but they are highly rated by parents and professionals on where you can find a large selection of Snazaroo kits. The 8 Color Sparkle Face Painting Kit is a great way to get started.

This kit has been highly rated on Amazon, where reviewers love how easy it is to put these paints on -- and take off -- plus their day-long staying power. Their kids seem to have loved them too!

Sea Witch Face Paint Design - How to Paint a Disney Style Villainess

This incredible Sea Witch design from SharksBiteOfLife recreates Ursula, the Sea Witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

It is a wonderfully clear tutorial with each product named and every step explained (so no need for additional instructions here). However, it is quite an involved design that uses both classic face paint and a whole range of makeup products, so is one for the more experienced.

You could of course recreate the main colors and shapes of this face painting design with a more limited set of face paint or makeup products.

This face paint design shows how to achieve those high eyebrows that are a classic Disney witch look, so you could also use this face painting design to inspire other fairytale witch makeup ideas of your own.

That Amazing Make Up... Plus this Sea Witch Costume

Leg Avenue Disney Ursula Costume Dress w/ Tentacle Skirt, Black/Purple Medium
Leg Avenue Disney Ursula Costume Dress w/ Tentacle Skirt, Black/Purple Medium

Did you ever see a Sea Witch? You will when you wear this Sea Witch Adult Costume. Just imagine it teamed with that incredible blue makeup -- wow!


Elegant and Evil Witch Face Paint - 2 Dangerous Looks in One!

Another makeup design that will make heads turn! This two-faced witch from goldiestarling features an elegant vamp of a witch on one side and the green-faced wicked version on the other, and was inspired by the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde idea of split personalities.

Again, this makeup video tutorial is clearly explained and all the product information is supplied by Julia in the video. Don't be afraid to improvise with the makeup products you already have at home. Even if you don't want to paint on all the detail, you could still have a pretty witch on one side and a green face with a couple of wrinkles and a big bushy eyebrow on the other.

Of course, you could choose just one of these faces to paint on yourself. Just repeat on both sides!

If the video is not showing below, view it here: Two-faced Witch. Believe me, it is worth taking a look!

Glamorous Halloween Witch Makeup - Magical Green Eye Makeup Step by Step

MissChievous has some of the most admired makeup videos out there, and it's easy to see why.

Here she will teach you how to recreate this impressive Halloween witch make up with bewitching green eyeshadows and gems. Again, clear step-by-step make up instructions in the video make this one a look you can try yourself.

To get the complete effect you will need some fake eyelashes and some craft store gems which you can stick on with eyelash glue. For an even easier way to dazzling eyes, why not treat yourself to an Xotic eyes glitter makeup kit?

FREE Online Witch Face Painting Resources - How to Paint a Witch Face for Halloween

There is a lot of information online but I've selected some of the best witch face paint resources to share with you here.

More Witch Makeup Ideas - A Face Painting Kit just for Witches!

The beauty of a themed face painting kit is that it gives you everything you need to be a wicked witch at Halloween, including in some cases a prosthetic (fake) nose. But since it only includes the colors needed for the witch design, you could end up saving money, particularly if a witch is the only thing you want to paint.

On the down side, you don't get the versatility or more generous paint sizes of a more general face painting kit which would allow you to create all kinds of different designs on yourself, family or friends. Unless, of course, you all want to be witches!

If you prefer, you can just buy the prosthetics to transform the shape and features of your face. Then use your own face paint or makeup to add the color.

Are You going to be Casting a Spell with Witch Make-up this Halloween?

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    sweetpressuk 3 years ago

    Cool, have never dressed up for halloween, overly religious parents.

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    Lydia Workman 3 years ago from Canada

    Probably won't be painting my face up, but you never know.

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    Love the ideas. Am looking around for ideas on what to wear for a Halloween party. I'm torn between a witch or Medusa.

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    Witches are a popular choice for Halloween fancy dress so it's nice to have some tips and ideas for how to be the best!

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    Some awesome face painting ideas. Thanks and good job.

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