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Pizza Box Halloween Witch Greeting Craft

Updated on February 7, 2016
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Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.

halloween witch greeting, lighted witch greeting craft
halloween witch greeting, lighted witch greeting craft

Pizza Box Halloween Greeting

Greet your Halloween guests with a flying witch greeting sign that has bats, a full moon and twinkling stars, plus the written greeting.If you only have a little time and you want to make a Halloween decoration quickly and easily without it costing too much to make.

This pizza box Halloween greeting, which reads, "Witching You a Happy Halloween" may be just what you're looking for.And the best part of making this witch greeting is that you'll have to order out for pizza to get the box. Talk about a great craft idea!!For other Halloween craft projects go to Making Halloween Crafts, Halloween Arts and Crafts, and All Witch Crafts.

Supplies Needed:

Pizza box
Witch and bats silhouette (Copy)
Happy Halloween greeting (Copy)
Construction paper: black, yellow
Clear light set (10 lights)
Wire or cord for hanging

Paint The Pizza Box

(Please ignore the extra pizza box in the background. Causes confusion, I know.)Using the 5/8" flat brush and the Dark Night Blue craft paint, give the bottom of the pizza box a coat of paint, making sure to paint the sides also. I closed the box and painted the bottom side of the pizza box and side areas that were visible. One coat of paint covered, but if you have time you could give the box a second coat of paint. Let dry. (The top of the box hangs against the wall so it doesn't need to be painted.)

Painted Pizza Box

See how the sides were also painted. I'm sorry about the pizza box in the background. That was an extra pizza box....sorry for the confusion that it causes.

Arrange The Greeting

Print out the witch silhouette copy and the greeting copy. Draw a 9" circle on yellow construction paper. Cut out the witch from black construction paper. Layer a piece of black and one of yellow paper for cutting out the bats. Cut apart the greeting words. Arrange your pieces on the painted pizza box. The open end of the box should be to the top.

Trace The Greeting

Use white or light colored wax tracing paper to trace the greeting on the painted pizza box. Using the #0 round brush, paint the greeting over the traced letters. Paint the greeting with white paint. I added a line of yellow alongside the white for a shadow effect, but it's hard to see.

Paint The Greeting

Glue the witch silhouette to the round moon shape. Glue the black bat shape to the yellow bat shape, off setting a bit, and then glue the bats to the box. The yellow makes the black bats show against the dark background of the box.

Without Lights

Thread a piece of wire or a cord through the top of the box for hanging the witch's greeting. You can be finished now if you don't want to use lights.

Punch Holes For The Stars

I shadowed my white letters with a bit of gold paint...this is optional. Using the tip of scissors, punch ten holes in the box for stars. I touched up around the holes with a bit of the blue paint.

Tape The String of Clear Lights

Position the lights near the holes and tape them down. It works better to use freezer tape to tape the lights down. Scotch tape isn't strong enough.

Make a Hole For The Plug

Make a crosscut in the center bottom of the pizza box. Thread the plug through the hole.

Lighted Halloween Greeting

You're finished and can now enjoy your lighted Halloween greeting. Wasn't that easy?This actually looks better than shows in these pictures. I think you'll really like this project.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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