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within the heART

Updated on February 21, 2013


These are various works from my past. There will be more to come soon. Feel free to comment or use (with my awareness and citation).

"Can't Sleep"
"Can't Sleep" | Source
"Begging the Answer"
"Begging the Answer" | Source
"Birth" | Source
"The Blank Rune"
"The Blank Rune" | Source
"The Wurm of the Wood"
"The Wurm of the Wood" | Source
Drawn, Quartered, & The Infinite Ascension"
Drawn, Quartered, & The Infinite Ascension" | Source
"I Can Sense Your Insides"
"I Can Sense Your Insides" | Source
"I'm At A Complete Loss"
"I'm At A Complete Loss" | Source
"Nightwalk" | Source
"Pourtrait" | Source
"Silent Knight"
"Silent Knight" | Source
"Be My Valentine"
"Be My Valentine" | Source
"Faceless" | Source
"Death's Angel"
"Death's Angel" | Source

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