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Wood Filing Cabinet

Updated on August 25, 2010

Winsome Wood Filing Cabinet with 4 Drawers is a welcome addition to any home or office. With a fine wood finish and 4 drawers to match this is a fine example of a quality wood cabinet to store your files.Weather your a home based office or corporate worker, you will need to organize your documents and paper work to run your business smooth and efficiently.And choosing the right filing cabinet for you home or work place to suite your personal needs is something you need to consider.

Choosing a File Cabinet

There are many types and colors of wood filing cabinets on the market such as a black wood filing cabinet, a solid wood filing cabinet to custom designed wood lateral filing cabinet. Which one to choose will ultimately be up to you and your personal preference.Do you want one that will suite your surroundings?, this may by a consideration if you are working at home. Or you maybe considering one for the work place, in which case a metal filing cabinet may best suite your needs.

What ever the case choose one that will meet your needs in terms of space size and looks.

Wooden file cabinets tend to suite the home environment more than an industrial one. Unless your the SEO of a company in which case you can have any dam looking cabinet you like, with bells on as well. But for the average Joe, a less expensive filing cabinet will do the job just fine. Open file cabinets are usually reserved for large corporations with easy access for staff workers. Anywhere where paperwork documents, letters and stationary need to be organized and stored, than a file cabinet is definitely needed.

Winsome Wood Filing Cabinet

Vertical Wood Filing Cabinet

The Cherry Finish 4-Drawer Legal & Letter Size Vertical Wood Filing Cabinet with Lock is a stunning piece of craft work. It is slightly more expensive than your average filing cabinet but as they say, people pay that much more when there's quality involved. It has four large size drawers to store all those legal documents letters and files and stands about 4 foot tall and is coated in a fine cherry wood finish

Different size filing cabinets

There are a wide range of different size filing cabinets you can choose from that come in 2 foot to 5foot high. make sure that the size and measurements are right if you are purchasing one for a particular area in your work place.When you buy a cabinet it will probably come with measurements with instructions. You will need to take those measurements and measure them up within the space you intend to place it to make sure it fits well. No good buying a wooden cabinet to find out that it doesn't fit, so it is best you pre measure the space first and foremost.

Contemporary Wood Filing Cabinet

Contemporary Collection 2 Drawer Vertical wood filing cabinet (Golden Oak) (20.7"W x 29"H x 24.5"D).  This cabinet has a smooth custom wood finish. And with it's size it is able to be placed in a convenient small area to conserve more space.It is ideal for the college student as it will fit nicely in a average sized room. It has a modern look with under handles to open the two large drawers, it is certainly a little looker.

So to reaffirm what I said earlier , just remember to prepare before you buy. The main things you need to be aware of is choosing one that will match it's surroundings, if your that way inclined. Choose one that will suite the work environment such as a cabinet for the business worker or one for the stay at home worker. And the last and probably the most important one is to pre measure the area before you buy. Weather it be a wood filing cabinet a metal or steel cabinet the choice is totally up to you.

Make a homemade filing cabinet


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