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Working with polymer clay

Updated on December 3, 2013

Polymer Clay Creations

When I found something that I really love, I almost always have to drag other people into it too. That's the purpose of this article, to hopefully inspire other people to get involved in this craft. Polymer clay is an easy, inexpensive way to get started with a new craft. It's perfect for people who have never worked with clay in their entire lives, and it's perfect for people who are advanced in this area. The creations that you make from polymer clay advance as you do, and you'll love watching your work progress.

How I got started

and why you should pick up some clay too.

I've always been a pretty crafty person. I would get online and search forever trying to find diy crafts on Pinterest, and Youtube, and various forums, just looking for the right thing that I could get inspiration from and go "Hey, I think I could do that!". One day, after scrolling through pages and pages of diy dresses and throw pillows, thinks impossible to do with my lack of sewing skills, I found these adorable miniature cupcakes.. Sculpted from clay! They were so well done and detailed that I just had to find out the deal with this new form of art that I had never really seen before. One click on the picture led me to a page about working with polymer clay. Interested, I headed to Youtube and searched "polymer clay tutorials". There were clay sculpting tutorials for everything you can imagine. snow cones, tigers, cookies, you name it. It was love at first sight for me.

The next step in discovering a hidden talent for clay sculptures involved me dragging my mother to Michaels craft store, and buying 2 packs of Sculpey. I started as soon as we got home, clearing everything off of my art table and trying to turn these little blocks of clay into a sculpture of a cat. Strangely enough, after an hour of trying to get the hang of it, I formed something that looked pretty much like a black and white cat, and I was pretty proud of myself. That one little click online ended up leading me to what is now my favorite pastime, and business opportunity for selling my crafts online. So next time you see that picture on Pinterest, or that Youtube tutorial and think "Maybe I could do that too", give it a shot. It is definitely worth it.

The Polymer Clay Techniques Book
The Polymer Clay Techniques Book

I actually got this book awhile back for about 15$ at my local run craft store. Loved it.

Darice 97803  11-Piece Clay Cleaning Tool Set
Darice 97803 11-Piece Clay Cleaning Tool Set

If you're seriously considering working with polymer clay, you'll need a set like this. Helps so much.

Polyform Sculpey Glaze, 1-Ounce, Glossy
Polyform Sculpey Glaze, 1-Ounce, Glossy

This gloss is my absolute favorite because it doesn't cloud up, and leaves a smooth finish.

Polyform Premo Clay Sampler Pack, Assorted Colors, 24-Pack
Polyform Premo Clay Sampler Pack, Assorted Colors, 24-Pack

This set is perfect for starting out with polymer clay, because it contains every color that you'll need.



~If you're looking for more crafts that you can make and sell, polymer clay is perfect for that. With how much product you can get from the cheap blocks of clay, your profit margin is going to be pretty high.

~You can work with just the basic blocks of clay, but there are also many other accessories you can buy to help you. Molds, clay softeners, glazes, you name it.

~This is a really goof craft to start with your kids, because it's fun for all ages and experience levels.

~If you're stuck and you don't know where to start, there are so many great tutorials on Youtube.

Polymer Clay Birthday Cake Tutorial

Great tutorial for beginners.

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Polymer clay cookie tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple, chocolate chip cookie from polymer clay.

Time required: 15 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: 2-5$


  • Polymer Clay (tan)
  • Polymer Clay (brown)
  • Chalk pastels (optional)


  • Aluminum foil


1. Pinch off a piece of tan clay that is the size you want your cookie to be.

2. Roll the tan clay between your hands until it forms a ball.

3. Lay the ball onto a flat surface, and press down with the middle of your hand until it forms a cookie shape. It should be a flat circle shape with a slightly rounded top.

4. Take a small piece of aluminum foil, and roll it into a ball. Now roll this piece across the top of your cookie to give it a cookie like texture. Make sure you get the sides of the cookie too.

5. (Optional) If you have chalk pastels, take your finger and run it across the medium brown pastel, then brush it onto your cookie. Try to get the color on the top of the cookie, and along the edges. This is to make your cookie seem like it has been baked it the oven.

6. Take a little bit of your brown clay, and roll it into a thin strand.

7. Cut tiny pieces off of your brown clay into various triangle shapes. These will be the chocolate chips for your chocolate chip cookie. Lightly place these pieces in different spots on the top of your cookie, and gently press down to secure them.

8. Place your cookie on an oven pan, and bake in the oven according to package directions.

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