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Xyla's Enchanted Faerie Forest

Updated on March 1, 2012

Fairies, Nature Spirits, Devas and Elementals

The word Deva is from the Sanskrit language, meaning "a being of brilliant light" and is used to indicate a non-physical being.

The Faerie is closely related to the elves, but she is more interested in humans and animals and acts as a protector or guide for people involved in magical practices.

According to Theosophists like Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey, Deva's represent a separate evolution to that of humanity. In the Findhorn material, the term refers to archetypal spiritual intelligences behind species, in other words the group soul of a species. But elsewhere the term is used to designate any elemental or nature spirit, the equivalent of fairies.

Consciousness of the Devas is directed to expansion. Devas are always conscious of their cosmic environment, and want to become ever more conscious of that what they encompass. Devas have an instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies therefore they do not have to acquire knowledge. They exist in the form of energy in the astral realm and they are like fluid open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. People can often perceive them intuitively as the flowing essence of vortexes of energies. However, we may often perceive a physical shape as our consciousness filters the energy into something we can relate to.

Devas have memory and learn from past experiences and are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They react to and improve their work according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work. As nature spirits, Devas are here to work with us and want to develop a relationship of mutual benefit. Devas have focused consciousness and action that can assist us to accomplish goals and projects in our lives.

Fairy - A fairy (also faery, faerie, fay, fae; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, etc.) is a type of mythical being or legendary c


Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairy offers many definitions. Sometimes the term describes any magical creature, including goblins or gnomes: at other times, the term only describes a specific type of more ethereal creature.

Do You Seek The Road To Fairyland

Do you seek the road to Fairyland.....

I'll tell; it's easy, quite.

Wait till a yellow moon gets up

O'er purple seas by night,

And gilds a shining pathway

That is sparkling diamond bright

Then, if no evil power be nigh

To thwart you, out of spite,

And if you know the very words

To cast a spell of might,

You get upon a thistledown,

And, if the breeze is right,

You sail away to Fairyland

Along this track of light.


Ernest Thompson Seton

Dryads - The beautiful Nymphs of the trees, groves, woods and mountain forests

In Greek mythology, the dryads are female spirits of nature who preside over the groves and forests, each one born to a certain tree over which she watches and protects. The lives of the dryads are connected with that of the trees sprung up from the earth at their birth, should the tree perish, then she dies with it.

There were several classes of Dryades associated with a particular types of tree:

1. The Meliai were the Nymphs of the ash-trees.

2. The Oreiades were the Nymphs of the mountain conifers.

3.The Hamadryades were the Nymphs of oak and poplar trees.

4. The Maliades, Meliades or Epimelides were Nymphai of apple and other fruit trees.

5. The Daphnaie were Nymphs of the laurel trees.

Faerie Tree
Faerie Tree

Where Do The Fae Live?

Trees That Are Sacred

Elder ~ Elder is said to offer protection to the faeries from negative spirits.

Hawthorn ~ Hawthorn, also known as Witches' Tree, is one part of the sacred triad of trees that are said to be sacred to the Faery. Oak, Ash, and Thorn, when growing naturally together, create a place where it is easy to see the Fey. Hawthorns were once believed to be the transformed bodies of Witches, who had shapeshifted into tree form. It is more likely that the spirit seen in the Hawthorn was that of a dryad or tree faery.

Oak ~ Legend tells us that "Faery folks are in the oaks". Oak trees are believed to provide safe havens and homes for many varieties of faery.

Apple ~ The bark of apple trees or the fruits themselves have the power to transport a true-hearted seeker to the Otherworld. Burn the bark as an offering to the Good Folk on Midsummer's night. Also used in faery love spells. Cut an apple open to reveal the five pointed natural star.

Oak - King Of The Forest

Oak trees are safe havens and homes for many varieties of fairies. Oakmen are created when an oak stump sends up shoots. One should never take food offered by the Oakmen, as it is poisonous. Fairies cherish the Great Oak and use the acorns for decoration, celebrations and use the tops for hats. The leaves are used in the autumn celebrations. There are some families of fairies who live in the Great Oaks. Hundreds of faeries have been found to live in the oldest Oaks. There are fairies to be found in every Oak tree, the health of the surrounding environment plays a major role in determining the number of fairies that actually inhabit the Great Oak.

Planting an acorn in the dark of the moon ensures that you shall receive money in the near future. Carrying an acorn increases fertility and strengthens sexual potency. Carrying a piece of Oak draws good luck.

Ash - Sacred tree of the druids

Ash has healing properties in Celtic mythology folklore which sees the tree as symbolic of power and magnitude. The ash is an expansive specimen of the Ogham, and the ancient Celts were rightly impressed by its massive size. Some ash trees are known to soar over 200 feet tall, which in certain druid accounts indicated the realm between earth and sky was connected or held together by the mighty ash. It's mass, height, and deeply imbedded roots were all metaphors for the spiritually minded Celts. The ash speaks to us of growth, expansion, and higher perspective. Although it is associated with the element of air, the ash is also akin to the fire element for its amazing burning qualities. The wood of the ash burns with intense heat, even when green. This surfaced ideas of resurrection and renewal for the Celts.

The ash was commonly used for protective rituals because it was believed that helpful energies were contained within its great body. Druid wands were often made of ash because of its straight grain. Ash wands are good for healing, general and solar magic. Specifically, the ash was thought to be the guardian of children, and was often used as a healing agent for childhood illnesses. It was believed that children with crooked bodies, legs or arms should be passed through young ash trees. If the tree grew tall and straight, so also would the child. Put fresh ash leaves under your pillow to stimulate psychic dreams.

Etheral Realms

In the Nordic myths where many times ethereal beings are showed as elves, which in turn are portrayed as little flying beings emerged from water or earth and more visible in the brume. As delineated by those legends they are charming creatures but their fascination can entice people to enter in their dancing circles which are portals to spiritual worlds. Once inside, the person faces the infinite, what customarily is too much for human minds and in the narratives ends leading a man to insanity, disappear or die even when rescued. Facing the mystery also was a dangerous deed in the Celtic version of the myth Wild Hunt. According to the legend, fairies customarily go out of their other-worldly dwellings and ride wildly around the mundane world casting charms over people and taking them from their homes.


Pixies are mythical creatures of English folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall. Books devoted to the homely beliefs of the peasantry are filled with incidents of pixie manifestations. Some locales are named for the pixies associated with them. In Devon, near Challacombe, a group of rocks are named for the pixies said to dwell there. At Trevose Head in Cornwall 600 pixies were said to have gathered dancing and laughing in a circle that had appeared upon the turf until one of their number, named Omfra, lost his laugh. In some areas belief in pixies and fairies as real beings persists.Some find pixies to have a human origin or to "partake of human nature", in distinction to fairies whose mythology is traced to immaterial and ethereal spirit forces. In some discussions pixies are presented as wingless, pygmy-like creatures, however this is probably a later accretion to the mythology.

In the legends associated with Dartmoor, pixies (or piskeys) are said to disguise themselves as a bundle of rags to lure children into their play. The pixies of Dartmoor are fond of music and dancing and for riding on Dartmoor colts. These pixies are generally said to be helpful to normal humans, sometimes helping needy widows and others with housework. They are not completely benign however, as they have a reputation for misleading travellers (being "pixy-led", the remedy for which is to turn your coat inside out)

The Pixies

'Tis said their forms are tiny, yet

All human ills they can subdue,

Or with a wand or amulet

Can win a maiden's heart for you;

And many a blessing know to stew

To make to wedlock bright;

Give honour to the dainty crew,

The Pixies are abroad tonight.

~ Samuel Minturn Peck

Water Spirit Fairies - Wells, Springs, Pools, and Fountains

The Celtic people held great reverence for pools of water and water spirits were perhaps the most common of all nature’s spirits. Wells were believed to represent life force and always contain a spirit or fairy. They also acted like entrances to other dimensions and the spirit worlds where people can go and speak to the gods or other dieties, perform divinations, or make offerings.

Sprites - Spirit Fairies

Their job is to change the color of the leaves in the fall. You will often find them wearing Acorn hats.

Fairy Queen

Based on Shakespeare's influence, the Fairy Queen or Queen of the Fairies was a figure from English folklore who was believed to rule the fairies and is is often named as Titania or Mab. In Irish folklore, the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe - and wife of the High King Finvarra - was named Oona (or Oonagh, or Una, or Uonaidh etc). In the ballad tradition of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, she was called the Queen of Elphame.

The Fairy Faith - A fairy is a tiny being with wings that looks like a person but possesses powers of magic and enchantment.

According to legend, fairies can change the weather, alter aspects of nature and bestow magical gifts such as intelligence and plenty. They can also lure humans to their islands where all is happiness and no one ages or gets sick...however, once brought to these mystical places, there is no escape. Join filmmaker John Walker on a quirky and compelling journey through Ireland, England, Scotland and Cape Breton in search of the child's imagination in a rational world. This unique look into the realm of fantasy traces the popular fascination with fairies and is vividly brought to life with gorgeous cinematography and an enchanting soundtrack.

Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie

Softly the evening came. The sun from the western horizon

Like a magician extended his golden wand o'er the landscape;

Twinkling vapors arose; and sky and water and forest

Seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

Faeries in Mythical Culture

The Irish believe that the fairies are a previously conquered society, the Tuatha De Danaan (People of the Goddess Dana), who were driven into hiding when the Celts invaded Ireland. The Pagan gods of the Tuatha, skilled in building and magic, went underground to live in the tombs and mounds they had built. Hidden from sight, they grew smaller in the popular imagination until they turned into fairies.

The Land Of Heart's Desire

"Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,

For I would ride with you upon the wind,

Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,

And dance upon the mountains like a flame."

~ W.B Yeats

A Recipe to See the Fae

On a Dawn morn or dusk eve, find a special bottle, a pretty one the Fae would like that is.

And pour into it:

1 cup gathered spring or rain water

1 teaspoon of Pink Rose petals

1/2 teaspoon Lavender flowers

Add 3 Quartz crystals

Add 3 Amethyst Chips

1 pinch of Faery sugar (see recipe below)

Nine inch piece of pink ribbon

Now hide this away in a dark cool place for three days. On the third day, again at dawn or dusk, in a place you think you might spot the Fae, like an Oak tree, backyard or mushroom patch in the forest. Even a potted plant, herb or Flower will do. Tie a nine inch piece of Pink ribbon arond bottle neck. Next, close your eyes and sprinkle 9 drops over each eyelid of your 'Faery Potion Water', careful not to get it IN your eyes! Next recite this Faery incantation and watch for the Fae.

'Ribbon of pink, I just might think.

I would like to see the Fae today.

Special sight of Faery's flight,

Send to me the way today.

A sprinkle here a sprinkle there,

A secret spell I say today.

Wispy wings and little things,

Are what I would like to see today.'

PLEASE note this may need to be repeated to see the Fae, as they are VERY cautious little creatures!

~ Written by Barbara Morris 2ooo - 2oo7

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @elena-priyanka: Faery Sugar

      ~Written by Barbara Morris © 2000

      3 cups fine white sugar

      1 tablespoon Vanilla extract (the good stuff)

      1/8 teaspoon red food coloring

      Glass container

      Lay sugar on wax paper & sprinkle on the Vanilla; stir into the sugar till all mixed in. Next sprinkle on the red food coloring and also incorporate in till sugar turns âFaery pinkâ. Save in glass container, you have labeled âFaery Sugarâ; you can now use this special treat in the Recipe To See the Fae & for Faery cookies, cakes and offerings to the Fae. You can eat some your self, but remember the recipe is a secret!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @elena-priyanka: Faery Sugar

      ~Written by Barbara Morris © 2000

      3 cups fine white sugar

      1 tablespoon Vanilla extract (the good stuff)

      1/8 teaspoon red food coloring

      Glass container

      Lay sugar on wax paper & sprinkle on the Vanilla; stir into the sugar till all mixed in. Next sprinkle on the red food coloring and also incorporate in till sugar turns âFaery pinkâ. Save in glass container, you have labeled âFaery Sugarâ; you can now use this special treat in the Recipe To See the Fae & for Faery cookies, cakes and offerings to the Fae. You can eat some your self, but remember the recipe is a secret!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Faery Sugar

      ~Written by Barbara Morris © 2000

      3 cups fine white sugar

      1 tablespoon Vanilla extract (the good stuff)

      1/8 teaspoon red food coloring

      Glass container

      Lay sugar on wax paper & sprinkle on the Vanilla; stir into the sugar till all mixed in. Next sprinkle on the red food coloring and also incorporate in till sugar turns âFaery pinkâ. Save in glass container, you have labeled âFaery Sugarâ; you can now use this special treat in the Recipe To See the Fae & for Faery cookies, cakes and offerings to the Fae. You can eat some your self, but remember the recipe is a secret!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      beautiful lens :)

      a squidoo like for you :)

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      6 years ago

      Where is the recipe for the faery sugar?

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      6 years ago

      where is the recipe for the faery sugar?

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      6 years ago

      Hi, my daughter's name is Xyla!

    • awakeningwellness profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved my visit to this enchanting lovely lens!

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      6 years ago

      These images are truly enchanting, thanks for the journey to another world.

    • XylaGrey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      WoW! Thank you so much! Happy you like it! :) :)

    • exotickitten731 profile image

      Renee Jaco Whitfield 

      6 years ago from Bogalusa, Louisiana , United States of America

      gorgeous LENS, and perfectly put, keep up the good work = ]

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      6 years ago

      i must say very beautiful lens...

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      6 years ago

      @AshantiRose1: Thank you! :)

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      6 years ago

      ~Beautiful lens!~


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