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Journey Through Natures Yellow And Golds

Updated on August 13, 2013

The Pleasures of Yellow and Gold in the Natural World

I expect ones first thoughts about yellow in nature is with the sun or ripe corn, or maybe with flowers and bees. However, the color yellow is not always looked upon in a positive light, but in the pleasures of the natural world throughout my life, this bright, cheery and optimistic color will hopefully put a smile on your face!

I have a weakness or should I say a passion for taking photos whenever the opportunity arises. Land and seascapes are a great favorite as if you can get to photograph a sunrise or sunset, whether it's on terra firma or not, you can usually capture rewarding images - and more to the point, enjoy nature and its magical moments.

In my earlier days, it was the African birds and wild animals that took center stage, and you'd be surprised at how many have at least a few yellow or golden tinges on them, especially the birds.

Yellows in the natural world nowadays take me straight into the garden to see the gorgeous flower blooms, petals and stamens with their busy bees at work while I try to keep my camera and macro lens buzzing!

Please join me for a sunny, pleasurable and optimistic whirl around my yellow and golden world!

Created on 11 Jun 2013

All photos © Rob Hemphill

Some images are from affiliate sites like Amazon, and and therefore credited by direct links

Thoughts on Yellow in My Life

A Journey in Color

Through life as I've grown up, the color yellow has meant different things to me. They often say that we associate colors with things in our subconscious. As it's subconscious, I don't think I'll be able to recall what has been associated with what, but I'll have a go at what my conscious mind has associated with yellow over the years.

I'm going to embark on my life's journey down a narrow yellow-brick road. Starting in Kenya in East Africa, then back to my roots to Southern Ireland. From there a 20 year stint in a beautiful part of England, then back to the Auld Emerald Isle.

Photo credit: Village Weaver on Branch, Lake Baringo, Rift Valley, Kenya


As a child, I was surrounded by yellow maize and sunflowers growing in the fields as well as yellow flowers, fruit and butterflies in the garden. Also, the grass was often a burnt golden color too due to the lack of moisture or massive insect predation.

A Group of Rainbow Bee-Eaters Sleeping Huddled Together

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The birds in the forests had the most attractive multicolored plumage, but it's the yellow colored ones that I remember the most - like:

~ the Weaver bird and its amazing nests in huge colonies on a individual trees

~ the Crowned Crane with its pretty golden crest (emblem of neighboring Uganda)

~ Little Bee-eater, which lives and hunts near water where there's always an abundance of food in the form of wasps, bees and hornets.

On the savannah, yellows and golds of animals abound, from the big cats to the giraffes and hyenas.

Bird Watching Safaris in Kenya.

Birds of Kenya

Some of the most colorful birds are found in sub Saharan Africa. I have written about the plight of African Birds and the difficulties many species are now facing - mostly from man's intervention. We need to do more...and we can...

Yellow-Throated Longclaw

Maasai Mara, Kenya

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Red and Yellow Barbet

Kenya, Africa

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Red and Yellow Barbet

Kenya, Africa

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Cheetahs, Upper Mara

Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya

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Hope for the Flowers

Hope for the Flowers
Hope for the Flowers

Hope for the Flowers is one of those amazing stories which has so many different meanings. The book would make a super gift for anyone who is undergoing difficulties in their life as it will give them hope.

The tale is a love story between two little caterpillars who then become butterflies. But it's pretty complex stuff, and I guarantee that you'll enjoy the journey!

On 3 levels, this book is brilliant:

1. Psychologically - there is a wonderful interplay between reasoning and feelings.

2. Sociologically - its thoughts and insights probe many aspects of human interaction.

3. Theologically - it gets right to the heart of the major religions of the world.



From Animals and Birds to Farming

Arable and Dairy Farming


Following my early life in East Africa, and after an agricultural training, I started to farm with my father in County Tipperary in Ireland.

It might seem odd that I refer to yellows and golds from a farm in the Emerald Isle where virtually everything is forty shades of green and more!

Apart from the dearth of vibrant yellows in my mother's garden, on the farm we had our share of this sandy color too. Before the days of baling hay the job was done manually, in other words the dried grass was collected up into small central areas around the field and made into haycocks. These were very efficient at keeping the hay dry if rain came before the crop was transferred back to the barn.

The image here was taken in Connemara (a beautiful region in the west of Ireland), when the local farmers were struggling against the Irish weather, to get the crop in quickly. Back in the 1970's and 80's, we seemed to have had more sun so could make hay whilst it shone. Also, the color of the hay was more golden!

Then it came to grain harvest time when the combine harvesters moved in to cut the wheat and barley crops. The valuable yellow and golden grain was used to feed the animals, whilst the straw was used for bedding them down.

A few golds from my green country!

Harvest Gold

Just after the corn has been harvested, the bright golden straw is wrapped up into these large round bales. We used to use the smaller rectangular ones as they were easier to handle in small sheds and cow houses.

In the 1970's, after a couple of weeks of harvest and lifting bales onto trailers, ones hands were any color but yellow!

Again, it's a happy golden time for farmers as they reap the rewards of their labors.

Yellow Association

What Do You Associate Yellow With?

See results

A Star-Bright Yellow In Wine - Wine growing and making


My yellows have really grown up now and have entered an enjoyable and adult phase of my life - children and alcohol!

Whilst running a vineyard in Suffolk near the East coast of England a few hours north of London, half of the growing up was that of raising a family of three wonderful children, the other half of becoming a fully fledged professional winemaker.

You might imagine that there aren't many yellows and golds in a vineyard - more like reds, browns and greens, You'd be wrong! After all, red wine is made from red grapes which grow from green berries, and they only become red with ripeness (the wine only becomes red from its contact with the grape skins)...

...but when it comes to white wine, it's a different story. White wine shouldn't really be called 'white' - it's more like gold or yellow - so how does it get its color?

Well, green grapes grow, mature and ripen, and take on a translucent appearance. Once the grapes have been made into a white wine, the term used to describe it is something along the lines of...

..."star-bright clarity with a crisp, golden hue and nose reminiscent of lychees."

My golds and yellows, which emanated from nature continued to thirst my quench for 20 years or more, but now that part of this odd journey is over, and a new one about to begin.

The Best Wine Books

World Atlas of Wine
World Atlas of Wine

The world wine experts have hailed this atlas as "extraordinary" and "irreplaceable," this book is written jointly by two of the wine gurus, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. Sales for The World Atlas of Wine are phenomenal and have exceeded four million copies.


Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia
Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

The Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia is a great guide for up-to-date and comprehensive references to wine in the world. It even has special sections devoted to areas like the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe.

The Wine Bible
The Wine Bible

This really is what the title implies - a Wine Bible, so whether you are a beginner to wine or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of useful and fascinating stuff on wine. It has been described as thoroughly informative and also entertaining, can't be bad!

Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier
Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier

A great book for the wine novice, as it's direct and easy to comprehend. If you're wondering how to order wine in a restaurant or buy it from a store, you'll learn how to do it the correct way. Not for wine snobs!

The Oxford Companion to Wine
The Oxford Companion to Wine

This book needs no introduction to most who know a little about wine. Jancis Robinson shows off her huge talent as an editor and has done a sterling task here. If you're wanting to learn about wine, this is the right wine book to invest in, you won't regret it.



Sunsets and Flowers

Return to Ireland with visits to the US


After arriving back in Ireland, we take a trip to North Carolina in the States and a new passion of photography is born. I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D90 with a couple of lenses and I've never looked back. Since then my supply of lenses has slowly grown - typical photographer, or male - I have gadget weakness!

Anyhow, I'm now well placed to capture loads of beautiful things all around me. My earliest loves in photography were taking close-ups of flowers, and I took hundreds and hundreds of images. It became addictive as I peered through the lens into a new macro world at predominantly plants and insects.

Below is a small selection of my yellow flowers or those with a touch of yellow in them.

Flowers A to Z

Flowers A to Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging - A Beautiful Reference Guide to Selecting and Caring for the Best from Florist and Garden
Flowers A to Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging - A Beautiful Reference Guide to Selecting and Caring for the Best from Florist and Garden

If you enjoy your flowers, then this book is a must-have. It contains so much useful information on all aspects from the growing stage through to cutting and arranging the blooms.

The author has included some great favorites like peonies, hydrangeas and fritillaria, as well as numerous unique varieties. Being a comprehensive book, each flower has two pages to include all the advice and tips, and also handling and care.



Coldplay Live - Yellow - In HD

The macro world of a flower makes one realize how amazing nature is, and the microscopic detail that is normally outside our range of eyesight is wonderful. This is what a bee sees as it flies in to feed on the nectar - an abundance of tiny things that make-up part of the flower's reproductive system.

The more close-up macro work I do, the more I get consumed by natures beauty.

Tree Peony

The pretty tree peony with its lemon yellow flowers has always caught my attention when I walk into my parents garden. It has an opulent beauty with abundance.

One bloom can turn a head with its show of silky petals which form a cup shape around the central group of golden stamens. But my mothers plant stands at least six feet tall and is covered with dozens of blooms - it's a beautiful big yellow giant of a plant.

On the Beach - Two's Company

Being able to share the beauty around us with anyone is wonderful. I couldn't resist taking this shot as I was watching the sun go down over a calm sea, the two people ahead were stopped in their tracks, also viewing the setting sun.

Even though this is something that happens every day, one never tires at watching the sun rise or set, whether it's over an ocean or a landscape, it's still truly magnificent. In photography speak, the hour around sunrise and sunset is referred to as 'the golden hour', when the light is at its best.

The Colors of Fall - Road Trip Guide

The Colors of Fall Road Trip Guide
The Colors of Fall Road Trip Guide

If you want to find out where the best places to see the fall colors are, The Colors of Fall Road Trip Guide lists 25 of the best scenic routes in New England.

The journeys vary from short coastal excursions to all-day drives in the mountains and forests. It's got detailed maps with suggested itineraries so that you will be able to find whatever you're looking for along the route.

GPS coordinates for trip hot spots are included, as are short walks and hikes suggestions. This is the ideal companion for nature lovers.


Fall Colors Are Happy Colors

Everyone loves the colors of the leaves in fall with their yellow and golden tinge. Nature is so amazing when you think about it - here we have a tree that has had the best part of its year, so is a bit tired and lackluster ready to loose its leaves.

What does it do?

It produces these rich and vibrant yellows, golds, reds and browns as a final blaze of glory. Fall is such a beautiful time for all to enjoy, especially the landscape photographer.

The Natural World - Optimistic or not?

Has man intervened too much with nature or are the changes evolutionary?

Are you optimistic about the future of the Natural World?

See results

Get Closer to Nature

A Glorious End to the Day

Seagulls At Sunset
Seagulls At Sunset

Seagulls At Sunset

Taken on Atlantic Beach in North Carolina.

Photo: © 2012 Rob Hemphill

I was in a state just like the seagulls when I took this picture. With a setting sun over a calm ocean, the birds were just enjoying the last of the days rays.

Hope you enjoyed this weird yellow-brick road, thanks for walking it with me!

Don't Leave Without a Goodbye! - Thanks for your visit

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