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Yokel Yard Art

Updated on January 20, 2013

Welcome To Yokel Yard Art

This light-hearted lens is devoted to those who do not possess either a green thumb or for that matter any sort of taste when it comes to selecting appropriate decorative additions to one's garden or green lawn.

In a world full of experts, guidebooks, and manuals, this little gem focuses on the little known subject of yokel yard art, also known as "buffoon beautification", "duffus decorations", or "screwball statuary". However, we leave it to you to be the judge!


Image Credit: - image 39702


This Year's Winner of the Yokel Yard Art Society's Gob-Smacked Garden Decor Prize: "The Dim-Witted Duct-Tape Dragon".


Image Credit: Posted July 28, 2010 in

YOKEL (n.) one who can't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel; all foam and no beer; as smart as bait.

And now a couple of words from two twits - About The Yokel Yard Art Society

The Yokel Yard Art Society is not your usual group of artsy-fartsy folks. In fact, most members prefer to remain anonymous preferring to let their yahoo yard works of art speak for themselves.

Nevertheless, they do meet once a year to celebrate the latest additions to their wacky works of art. As to when they meet, well that pretty much depends on the weather, if the spirit moves them, and what sort of food and beverages are being served.

Suffice to say, that if you're in need of a few outrageous guests for your next garden party, we'll be only too happy to bring along a plastic posey or two if you're interested.


Image Credit:

A Word or Two About Yokel Yard Art - Livingston, are you sure we haven't stumbled upon a dodo bird?


Image Credit: - image 3C519FB3

A Word About Yuppy Yards and Yokel Yards

When it comes to "yuppy yards", there is not a blade of grass out of place, not a blessed blossom that has not been color-coordinated, nor a shrub that has not been shaped or shaved by a team of turf and tree titans.

On the other hand, when it comes to "yokel yards", who knows what sort of crazy critters one will find frolicking about in the fake flower beds, or even what on earth is that stuff hanging from the tree?


Image Credit: - 20472665

In a world of glass houses, it always helps to have a couple of smashing stones around!

Frankly, one can never have too many outrageous lawn ornaments!


Image Credit: "Boulder Buddy" from - image - 79973846

Philomena wondered how she could finesse her way into the fish pond without a splash.


Image Credit: sculpture by Margit Hohenberger, Germany courtesy of

The Garden Gargoyle pondered why God put him in charge of all the bugs and slugs.

And, he also wondered why the Heavenly Father created yokels and yahoos to rule the planet.


Image Credit:

The Guru of Giggling Gardens - Knows all about laughable landscaping.


Image Credit:

FAKE FLOWER POLL - Thank God yokel yards never need weed whacking!


Image Credit: image 300 - 100608-004174-006053

Which fake flowers are a real hit in the Yokel's Yard?

See results

What do you mean you're allergic to duct tape dahlias?


Image Credit:

Never doubt a dandelion dude! - Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. -- A.A. Milne

Take some advice from a yokel yard artist: - If shoes don't fit, giv'em a new lease on life & heav'em up a tree!


Image Credit: - IMG_4229-735647

When all eles fails...try a nifty tree sculpture!

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture
The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture

Who said you can't give a tree a happy face?


What would winter be without a dingle bell dude on the front lawn spreading good cheer? - Truth is, the Naughty Gnome had oodles of fun plucking the plastered p

Meet our Mirthful Mascot of Funny Yard Art for 2012.


Image Credit:

A Happy Yappy Yokel at Year End - Frankly, what would loopy lawn decor be without a rollicking reindeer?


Image Credit:

Meanwhile at the Redneck Reindeer Ranch - There's a Whiskered Wunderkin Looking For A Wheely Good Time!

Wilbur hasn't a hot clue how to decorate his front yard for the happy holidays, roast chestnuts over an open fire, or even how to skate on thin ice!


Image Credit: Ron Leishman illustration -

This is the only one Beer Nut ball required on any Redneck Christmas Tree! - Billy Bob invites Santa to toss his jug' o milk and cookies.


Image Credit:

Giggling Garden Art Shop - Every green thumb needs a weird whatsit for the flower bed.

mayinc DIGGING DOG Statue half garden yard outdoor BEAGLE JACK RUSSELL home decor
mayinc DIGGING DOG Statue half garden yard outdoor BEAGLE JACK RUSSELL home decor

They say every dog has his day, and what green lawn wouldn't look good with this yokel yard addition!

Camper Birdhouse Trailer Bird House Airstream style Rv Home Decor Yard Garden Porch Patio Country
Camper Birdhouse Trailer Bird House Airstream style Rv Home Decor Yard Garden Porch Patio Country

It's got everything birds could possibly want, except maybe the kitchen sink!

Design Toscano Garden Gnome Statue - Far East Garden Fighters Sumo Wrestler - Lawn Gnome
Design Toscano Garden Gnome Statue - Far East Garden Fighters Sumo Wrestler - Lawn Gnome

He's guaranteed to scare pretty much anything that sets foot in his path!

Sculptural Gardens Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament, Pair
Sculptural Gardens Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament, Pair

No Yokel Yard would be complete without a couple of flaming flamingoes!


The Bozo Beautification Project - The Backyard Biffy Bed! - It's destined to win "First Prize" in the Redneck Garden category of the Annual Yokel Yard Art Compe


Image Credit: Redneck garden -

Feedback from the front-lines of funny garden art - So, what's the funniest piece of garden art you've ever seen?

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      I guess if it makes you feel good, enjoy. If not you don't have to look!

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