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Zombie Drawings

Updated on August 30, 2017

Enter the Illustrated World of the Walking Dead

For some people, the macabre image of the walking dead is truly entertaining. Yet for others, it is extremely frightening. The thought of being made to serve as a slave or being buried alive has fascinated and scared the daylights out of the masses for years, and the number of movies and books related to zombies proves this to be true.

Although images of zombies have been around for quite some time, recently there has been a surge of interest in drawings of the undead. This lens highlights some of those drawings as well as some of the classic movies and books that have made zombies a genre all of its own.

Zombie Drawing Videos on YouTube

How to Draw a Zombie

Zombies are a favourite character to draw, as they are the dead, rotting and all that horror stuff we shouldn't have been allowed to watch as a child, but our grannies let us. George A Romero created the classic dead trilogy of films, which spawned many other imitation Italian and Spanish zombie films that were banned, only to be reissued years later after an overhaul in the ways that films were dealt with, ones that were classed as video nasties.

I would like to go through a description of how to draw a zombie character and the processes you should be thinking of in any character creation process for that matter. After watching the zombie films you begin to realize that these zombie characters are personalities in their own right, as they take on board some of their last memories, so there could be zombie clowns, zombie lawyers, and zombie bikini clad biker babes (that last one is naughty yes!)

So remember this when beginning your zombie designs and sketches and some will be far more decomposed than others. Which is an obvious thought to think about. So an understanding of the human skeleton comes into force also, as parts of the skeleton may show if allowed, depending on how gory you want your zombie art to look.

Step 1: Loose Sketching, Squiggles and Doodles

A few sheets of A4 paper will allow the loose sketching stage, I often tend to draw rather vaguely at this stage and build up my sketches as miniature doodles and creative pencil lines that would make up a cohesive design or character profile, these preliminary drawings should be the basis of your best ideas on zombie drawings and this practice is quite useful in any concept drawing.

Often drawing a load of scribbles and squiggles can help to exercise your drawing arm and the point of hand eye coordination, so if nothing productive comes from this method, then the next best thing is using some reference material to get you inspired this often works, or even listening to some music can help with your creative flow of ideas.

Step 2: Making Your Doodles Into Progressive Concepts

The next part of your drawing step is to bring some sort of progress to your art, to transcend from the layout stage and build something better, building on the ideas you have already established is the key to some good zombie art drawings.

As I said above an understanding of the skeletal form can benefit your zombies in many ways, as you can draw bones and ribcages sticking out and other horror elements. This is far more memorable for zombies. New concepts should always focus on quick sketches rather than highly detailed drawings, because that comes later on, trying to draw quickly with vaguely knowing what you want is good for an artist to flex there artistic ways.

Step 3: Refining Your Sketches Into Revised Drafts

A lot of the quick sketch lines begin to fade out at this stage because you need to identify the solid structure of your zombies and bring them to life (or not cos' they is zombies!) movement lines may be added to suggest motion and undead life.

See a zombie example on my blog, a finished version of the zombie that I created for this article over a year ago, and see what you can come up with!

Wayne Tully - An Artist of fantasy and comic book art, finds and researches many techniques for drawing creatively and finding new found inspiration and ideas is what art is all about.

Article Source:

Zombi Photoshop Brushes

Yes, it was inevitable. Once I learned how to make photoshop brushes the sky has been the limit. I have put together a collection of Zombie Photoshop drawings, illustrations, and vintage photos for all you zombie digital art enthusiasts. These can be found at Planet Voodoo.

Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombie Photoshop Brush
Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombie Photoshop Brush
Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombie Photoshop Brush
Zombie Photoshop Brush

Zombi.licious Zombi Drawings

Classic Zombie Flicks

My Little Zombi

My Little Zombi
My Little Zombi

Zombie Wallpaper for your Desktop

I have created a selection of zombie wallpapers that you can download for free at my site Planet Zombi.

There are eight different zombie illustrations that you can download to your desktop and use for any noncommercial purpose.

Here is an example of one you can find there:

Reader Feedback

Which one of the undead creeps you out the most?

If you have a zombie drawing you would like featured on this lens, please email me for consideration. Thanks!

Tell Me What you think about Zombie Drawings! - And don't forget to give me your honest star rating!

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      dogface lm 

      7 years ago

      The intro picture looks gorgeous! :o)

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