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Wind-Powered Electric Buses

Updated on July 29, 2010

A pair of wind-powered buses. The bus in the foreground has it's windmill retracted,the bus in the background has it's windmill extended.

A group of wind-powered buses parked with their windmills extended for recharging.

A electrically-powered bus can be equipped with a windmill so it can recharge it's own batteries. The bus would look like a conventional bus, except when it is parked. When it is parked, a windmill extends on a telescopic mast. When the windmill has been extended to full height, the windmill blades automatically unfold. The bus can remain parked like this with it's windmill extended for several hours or several days. Whenever the wind blows, the wind spins the windmill blades, and the windmill blades cause the generator to produce electricity. The electricity produced by the windmill is stored in batteries located underneath the floor of the bus.

This type of bus does not require fuel, it does not pollute the air, and it does not contribute to global warming.

Invention by Anthony Ratkov. Computer graphic illustrations by Anthony Ratkov.


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