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10 Best Car Waxes

Updated on July 20, 2014

The look of a car is it,s first appeal. Here are the 10 Best Car Waxes That will help keep that look fresh and attractive every single day. Car Paint can deteriorate due to a lot of factors. These factors include wind, bird droppings, rain water,and insect fluids. All these individually and collectively can have a deleterious effect on car waxes. Using any of these 10 best car waxes will help deliver a new, fresh, and funkily tintillating look to your car.

If you apply the best waxes on a regular basis, even a ten year old vehicle can have a completely new, gleaming and attractive look. Ideally you should apply one of these 10 waxes once in every 3 months. You,ll enhance the resale value of the car in case you intend selling it. And if you don't intend selling but you still want to keep a used car after 10 years. No problem. Applying any of these 10 best car waxes regularly will help retain the shine.

List Of 10 Best Car Waxes

Here is a list of your 10 Best Car Waxes

  1. Mothers 20016 FX Synwax

  2. Zymol Hand Crfted Waxes

  3. Meguiars G-12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax

  4. NanoWax

  5. Meguiars A-2216 Deep Crystal Carnuba Wax

  6. One Grand Blitz Carnauba Wax

  7. Mothers California Gold Original Formula Carnuaba Cleaner Wax

  8. Nu Finish Once-a-Year Car Polish

  9. Zymol natural liquid cleaner wax

  10. Zaino Show Car Polish

Before applying any of these 10 Best Car Waxes, be sure to wash your car properly and dry it with a cotton cloth. Park your car undr a shade while applying the wax and try not to touch car surfces like windows, doors and rubber trims. Shake the wax container well before applying it to your car and apply the wax one section at a time in order to prevent a hapharzard job. If you are not confident enough to do it yourself, simply employ the services of a car wax expert. But make sure they use one of the above listed 10 Best Car Waxes so that your car doesn't come out looking like a new wreck. If done properly, the wreck should be out and your car should simply look new.


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    • profile image

      Annette 8 years ago

      We are all driving our cars a little longer these days due to this economy. Waxing your old car can really freshen up it's look. We'll be checking out the car waxes that you've included on your list!