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10 Best Websites For Armored Cars And Armored Vehicles

Updated on July 8, 2009

Armored Cars Are Gaining Popularity

Is it any wonder nowadays? The armored vehicle market has been growing to include a civilian market. Many celebrities, politicians and other public figures have found it necessary to use armored vehicles for a greater sense of security. It is possible to get buses, SUVs, trucks, cars and even aircraft armored.

Armor Is Added To Existing Vehicles Or The Armored Vehicle Is Designed And Manufactured From Scratch

Armored cars, vehicles and other armored equipment may be based on existing products or they may be designed and manufactured altogether by the company selling the armored products. Many luxury cars are a popular vehicle for civilians to upgrade with armor panels. Some companies that produce armored vehicles sell both armored equipment and related products. Armored vehicles may be luxury, customized or recreational. As for the different levels of protection that is offered by armor, you can learn about the ballistic levels of protection here:

Alpine Armoring Inc., USA
Manufacturer of armored vehicles and body armor including trucks, cars, SUVs, riot control vehicles, right hand, left hand, helmets, vests, face-shields, insert plates, blankets and custom designed products. Impressive list of clients.

Ibis Tek, USA
This veteran-owned small business offers a variety of products including specialty, robotic, commercial and military. Their vehicles have a certain classic and even old fashioned whimisical look that is quite appealing.

High Protection Company, USA
This company offers armoring for vehicles, custom designed vehicles and has vehicles available for sale that can be viewed on their website.

Jaguar, England with a global presence
Jaguar offers an armored car, the Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase. This V8 engine executive car offers the luxury and styling of a Jaguar product with the security of armoring that has a B6 ballistic level of protection. Other security details include a fuel tank that is self sealing, tinted windows and an exhaust that is tamperproof.

Texas Armoring Corporation, USA
This company has a gallery of available armored vehicles and armored cars. The company has been armoring vehicles since the 1970s.

AM General
This mobility security company offers it all: design, manufacturing, engineering, parts and support for their armored vehicles. This is one great place to find the armored humvees.

Tote Systems, Australia
Tote Systems offers armor panels that can be used for a wide variety of items including vehicles, buildings, vests and aircraft. Though not strictly armored cars, I think this company deserves some notice anyway.

Centigon, A Carat Duchatelet Company, Belgium HQ with a global presence
This company offers armored cars, limousines and other vehicles as well as customized armored vehicles.

Armored Cars Company, USA based with a global presence
Armored Cars offers a variety of mobile security solutions for transportation and valuables. You can see a gallery of the currently available vehicles for sale.

Scaletta Moloney Armoring, USA
This award winning company offers armor protection systems for vehicles and has a range of currently available armored vehicles that can be viewed in their gallery.


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    • profile image

      ArmoredCarzy 2 years ago

      The year is 2016, and your list is no good any more

      I tell you which places are the best to find best armored vehicles (Worldwide)

      1. STREIT Group -

      2. Texas Armoring Corporation -

      3. IAG

      4. Alpine Armoring Inc -

      5. Mezcal Security Vehicles -

    • profile image

      zpence 4 years ago

      You forgot one of the most important manufacturer's. O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt, the leading manufacturer that has armored presidential vehicles. O'Gara has the history, knowledge, and assets to deliver the best armored vehicles in the world.

    • profile image

      Allan 6 years ago

      Looking to buy Used Armored Truck? Huge Listing of Used Light Duty Armored Trucks Available at GlobalTruckAndMachine. Buy and Sell.

    • profile image

      jstephens 6 years ago

      There is also MSCA a company that covers mainly the Middle East and Africa markets.

      I didn't know about them until I saw one of their youtube shooting test videos on a Presidential level SUV. Impressive.

    • profile image

      Montage 6 years ago

      These guys have some of the best armored cars and trucks around:

      I enjoyed the article, but there was little thought into choosing the best armored vehicle manufacturer.

    • profile image

      Cantrell 6 years ago

      I liked website they had a bentley i really liked.

      Nice Article, do you know how much it is for an armored car, sort of an estimate

    • profile image

      Marcos 6 years ago

      hello i am wondering how did you come up with this list, some of these website are horrible

      i am wondering if there paying for this or what

      do you website experience because some of those sites are just spam

      you should put some info regarding how you came up with this list,

      not what you like and picked

    • profile image

      demelos 6 years ago

      High Protection Company (HPC)


    • profile image

      Mr Rudi O'Neil 7 years ago

      I think the fact that a company such as Jaguar is making an armoured vehicle says a great deal about the paranoia people are experiencing as a consequence of an overly mediated society. At one end of the spectrum we have companies with the desire to have us driving around in electrified gambos, whilst at the other end we have the option to drive around in snazzy looking tanks.

    • Komodo Gear profile image

      Komodo Gear 8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Armored cars are for the Pope and other Politicians.