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10 Insane world records involving cars

Updated on May 1, 2016

The history of the relationship between humanity and the car is relatively recent and, as in many other areas, the guys always found a way to test the limits and the new creation capabilities - or understand what a car could provide in terms of extraordinary records. That's how the records works, right?
While some events are really insane and require a spectacular level of psychological preparation, as is the case with the longest jump made with a car, some are especially bizarre. Check out the 10 world records craziest (and strangers) that have involved vehicles today:

10- Taking her friends to the party

You know when you have your guys and everyone wants to go to the party, but only one person in the group have a car? Well, the situation of the British gymnasts is almost similar: they managed to enter the Guinness to make them fit 28 in a Mini Cooper.

9- Master of the parallel parking

The second item of the list involves a Mini Cooper, but this time, being used in an ingenious way. The Chinese Han Yue managed to get a car in a spot that was only 15 cm greater than the length of the vehicle itself - and do not think he needed to get in and out of space, the car entered only with a drift. Does the DMV staff accepted this?

8- Flying high

Travis Pastrana is a very crazy brat: he was champion in motocross, gold medalist in a lot of categories involving motorcycles in the X-Games, was the first to complete a deadly double back during a freestyle competition. He has also jumped from a plane without a parachute and was the first to make the "Mortal Australian" on a bicycle. It was then that he decided to go to all four wheels.
The crazy came to participate in some rally racing and rallycross, but the greatest achievement of Pastrana in a car was undoubtedly the farthest jump world record made in a car, established in 2009 a flight of more than 80 meters in Long Beach, during an event of the Red Bull.

7- The fastest drift of the world

Nissan has great pride and confidence in his supercar, the GT-R. No wonder that Nissan ran into use a car model to break the record for the fastest drift in the world. The modified vehicle had a top speed of 350 km / h, and began to slid the rear wheels at an impressive 304.96 km / h - a considerable speed to "lose control".

6- No rope to tow your car? Good...

In India, a woman pulled a 8.8 ton truck using only her braids. In 2010 the record was updated and passed to an impressive 9.3 tons. For those who are experiencing baldness, find the shampoo that these girls use, it seems to be extremely promising.

5- Traffic Ticket? What Traffic Ticket?

For years the car is stopped in the same place and accumulated traffictickets that reached the amount of US $ 105,000
For years the car is stopped in the same place and accumulated traffictickets that reached the amount of US $ 105,000

Pulling trucks with hair did not seem a bizarre record enough, maybe a car with US $ 100,000 in fines may seem unusual. Jennifer Fitzgerald had his name stamped as responsible for done, but in fact, the story is a bit more complicated: the former boyfriend of the girl's uncle bought her car and put the name of the woman.
After they ended the relationship, the boy decided to leave the vehicle in a restricted area near the Chicago airport. And then, they are 30 days accumulating various types of traffic tickets, a total of 677 times and $ 105 thousand in traffic tickets. Of course, Jennifer appealed to justice, and at first, she got rid of the problem - and the car remains stationary in the same place.

4- Balancer

The Mini Cooper really seems a popular model among the Guinness record holders. This time, an old model was used by John Evans to establish the brand ... well, balancing a car using your head for 33 seconds. Out of curiosity, the little vehicle, which is originally quite light, was adapted and weighed about 160 kg.

3 - Skating the car tunnel

One of the most popular in this list, the record set by Rohan Ajit Kokane in 2011 is impressive. Indian, 9 years old at the time, slid using skates under 28 cars - in a space of approximately 35 cm high and a distance of almost 40 meters. All this making a full opening of the legs and torso sliding his feet to the ground. What elasticity, boy!

2- Crossing the town pushing his car

Now you know who to call if it happens a problem with your car
Now you know who to call if it happens a problem with your car

Contrary to what you think, Ashrita Furman did not drive a Ford Festiva for 27 kilometers per need, but to set a world record. The feat took six hours to complete and was added to the more than 180 records that were already in the American curriculum, which seems to have made the record-breaking a profession.

1- The longest car in the world

It looks fake, but it is not: called "American Dream", the limo was a Jay Ohrberg project, responsible for creating several famous cars Hollywood
It looks fake, but it is not: called "American Dream", the limo was a Jay Ohrberg project, responsible for creating several famous cars Hollywood

The record was set in 1999: Jay Ohrberg, creator of some of the most iconic cars in Hollywood, decided to create a limousine 30 meters long, with two V8 engines, wheels 26, 75 seats, a pool and a helipad. Hard to find something else that screams "United States" as well as that car. Unfortunately, now the huge limousine is just one long scrap start in the United States.

And You?

What is the most bizarre record you've ever seen? Tell in the comments.


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