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10 Key Items to Look For When Buying a Used Car

Updated on May 12, 2009

In this recession period buying a used car might be a good financial solution. Nowadays cars, in general, are very reliable and if you don't buy a aged car (over 4 years) it is most likely that you won't have any troubles with it.

An average person drives its car up to 10.000 Km/year, and most of them normally doesn't even reach that mark. Almost all car brands program their "heavy" maintenance after the 100.000 Km mark, so if you make the math, and if you buy a 4 year old auto, it is most likely that you only have to spend big bucks after at least 4 years.

10 Key Items!

  1. First of all choose a reliable internet/seller site to choose you car from.
  2. Avoid private sellers
  3. Choose a professional dealer (warranty, money back, etc).
  4. Then sort the car (make and model) that you want by millage and proximity, and pick a dozen.
  5. Visit the dealers, look for rust on the fenders and under the car (chassis)
  6. Ask for the maintaince handbook
  7. In the daylight, circle the car a try to spot scratches
  8. Evaluate the inside (specially the pedals), if a car has an intensive use on the inside most likely it has been more mechanically used
  9. Check the tyres, if they are used or not (bargain with the dealer for a new set)
  10. Avoid getting a credit, since the used car credit is difficult to obtain and its cheaper to pay it on cash.
  11. Forgot this one, ask for a test-drive!

The veredict!

For instance, if you go to the Mercedes-Benz home page and if you try to configure a brand new CLK 350, the price tag in the US will start at $48.100. If you go to eBay and search for a simillar car with only 4 years old: Mercedes-Bens CLK 350 you will be surprised for what you will find.

Try it and tell me what you think!


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    • profile image

      Lori Catz 8 years ago

      It is, thanks. I am in the process of buying a used car right now.

    • spranto profile image

      spranto 8 years ago from Portugal

      Thank you. I hope this hub is useful for you and other hubbers!

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 8 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks for answering my request--good hub!!