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Safe Driving Tips: 10 Common Driving Distractions that can put You in Danger

Updated on June 13, 2015
Texting while driving can be deadly
Texting while driving can be deadly | Source

Just how Safe of a Driver are You?

Without a doubt, we all from time to time are distracted while driving. No matter how skilled of a driver we may think we are, driving is a task that requires much attention. Listed are some common driving distractions that we may encounter, knowingly or unknowingly.

Are the kids "driving" you crazy?

Many parents have found that their little ones can be a big distraction while traveling in the car. Simple play can turn into fighting and bickering. This in turn naturally causes the parent to briefly take their eyes off the road and turn around. A few moments inattentive to the road can prove deadly. If you must attend to your children, for your safety and theirs, pull over off the road to a safe location.

It is very difficult to try and deal with a disruptive matter while trying to maintain control of a car and focus on the road.

Driving with your lap

OK, we've all seen it, pet lovers driving with their pets. Pet travel is fine, but can pose a danger when these pets are riding in your lap. This is very risky, it not only puts the owner and pet in danger but others also. If an accident occurs, the animal could get badly hurt and potentially harm others. Pet owners should take the proper safety measures before driving with their pets to ensure their safety.

Daydreamer? Hopefully not while driving

Have you ever found yourself off in a daze while driving? Perhaps you may have wondered after passing an intersection, "was the light red or green" or "did I run the light?" You may even wonder how you ever made it to your destination safely. There is no doubt that daydreaming on the road can be hazardous, try to avoid this by staying focused.

Cell Phones and Driving

It can be very irritating to find yourself behind a person talking on a cellphone while driving. These people often cause you to miss green lights, hold up traffic, and swerve in and out of lanes.

We all know talking on the cell phone can be very distracting. It is a great way to communicate and very useful when you are lost and need directions. However, driving while talking on the cell phone has caused a great number of accidents on the road. Accidents that could have been avoided. If your conversation can't wait, pull over off the road for the safety of others and yourself. You might keep yourself from doing time in jail or even worst, permanently hurting someone.

Second Hand Driving

This can be very frustrating and can cause you to lose focus quickly. This is especially true when you find that you are lost or looking for an unfamiliar place. You are thinking one thing and your second driver is yelling another. This can be very annoying and can cause an accident.

Eating while driving is another common driving distraction
Eating while driving is another common driving distraction | Source

Eating on the Go

You just can't wait to get home to eat your deluxe meal, so you start downing it while driving your car. Eating and driving requires a lot of hand moments. Therefore, you find yourself driving with one hand while you are feeding yourself with the other. Not to mention, you put yourself at risk of choking. Often when you eat on the go, you eat much faster that you normally would. This can lead to you choking and possibly swerving or losing control of your car. Dine-In if you can't wait to eat.

Car Stereo

Fumbling with your car stereo causes your eyes to go back and forth from off the road. To avoid an accident, wait to pop your favorite CD in at the next stop light. Also, instead of blasting your music, keep it at a reasonable volume so that you can hear car horns or sirens.

Texting while Driving

Texting has become increasingly popular. Many find themselves texting everywhere they go, even while they are driving. This is no doubt one of the biggest driving distractions on the road and one of the most annoying too. If you must send a text, pull over for a brief moment rather than put others at risk.

Car Accidents

Everyone has to drive slow to see what has happen. When others see accidents, they immediately take their eyes off the road and stare in amazement. Although it may not cause a major accident, since you are probably driving slow, not looking away can help you avoid a possible fender bender and keep the traffic moving.

Conversing while Driving

Even talking with your passenger can be hazardous at times. You may find yourself deeply attuned to the conversation that you are no longer focused on your surroundings as you would normally be. This could lead to a possible accident.

What distracts you when you are driving?

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Share your views and experience with distracted driving.

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