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The Most Effective Way to Improve Gas Mileage

Updated on March 25, 2010

1. Clean or Replace your Old Dirty Clogged Air Filter. Air Filters are inexpensive and an easy do it your self project.

2. Have your Car Tuned and upgrade your Spark Plugs to Iridium plugs which require less voltage to spark and improve mileage. As an added bonus they last longer so you don’t need to get your car tuned as frequently saving you money. Today’s cars are computer tuned so this is not a do it yourself project.

3. User Visors, Sunshades and have your windows tinted. Air conditioners can reduce fuel economy 10-20% so you can run your AC less.

4. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressure. You can read my other hub article on Costco Tires and Nitrogen inflation which helps you accomplish this easily and at minimal cost. Costco will keep your tires purchased from them at the proper levels for no additional cost.

5. Carry a lighter load. Don’t fill your automobile up with unnecessary items. I can not tell you how many SUV’s I’ve seen packed full of junk all the time. Cars are not storage units. The lighter you keep your car the better the mileage.

6. Pickup Owners install a shell, tonneau cover, or a mesh tail gate to reduce wind resistance.

7. Replace worn oxygen sensors. Again this is not a do it yourself project for most people. This is however important to keep the fuel air mixture running at peak efficiency in your automobile.

8. Purchase radial tires with a tread pattern designed for on road use. This is a big deal for Pickup and SUV Owners because they sometimes take their vehicles off road. But if you don’t go off road much, don’t buy off road tires just because it makes your rig look cool. You get much better mileage with tires designed to run on pavement.

9. Check the gas cap on your fuel tank. I’m sure people don’t ever think of this but a faulty or missing gas cap will actually let gasoline evaporate right out of your tank!

10. Jack Rabbit Starts and smooth driving. Everyone should know this… the harder you accelerate the more fuel you’ll use. You don’t need to go zero to 60 in 4 seconds. Drive conservatively, shift into higher gears when possible, let your vehicle take advantage of it’s over drive or cylinder management.

One More Tip for All Vehicle Drivers

Slow down a bit. When on the highway if you can keep your speed in the 55-60mph safely you’ll save fuel and money! The faster you go the more wind resistance you’ll

Rising Cost of Gasoline

Tips on how to save money by improving your Fuel Mileage
Tips on how to save money by improving your Fuel Mileage


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  • JakeAuto profile image


    9 years ago from Calif.

    There's a guy who designed an aerodynamic truck bed cover (a step up from tonneau cover) that adds 4 mpg to his fwy mileage. He might be marketing it, here's a photo.

  • Lgali profile image


    9 years ago

    lot of nice ideas


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