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100+ Reasons Why New Jersey Is the Road Rage Capital of the World

Updated on April 28, 2020
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Why Is New Jersey the Road Rage State?

The biggest pet peeve about New Jersey traffic is the actual "traffic", which I'll gladly confirm after 20+ years of living in the Garden State.

However there are plenty of other issues to get worked up about and below is a list of ten greatest pet peeves according to New Jersey drivers.

  1. Texting while driving
  2. Tailgaters and others who follow too closely
  3. People putting on makeup in the car
  4. Trying to read a book or manual
  5. Car drifters and sudden lane changers
  6. Drivers who drive way under the speed limit
  7. Those who attempt to race at a red light
  8. Aggressive drivers who drive beyond the speed limit
  9. Drunk drivers and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  10. Angry and aggressive drivers who flip you off

Do those nuisances sound believable to you?

A lot of those pet peeves could apply to states, but there's definitely a higher likelihood of them occurring on NJ roadways any given day.

The bad news is that there are 90 more pet peeves to get through and each is more annoying than the next.

Morning rush hour crawl
Evening rush hour slowdown
Drivers who won't allow you change lanes
Drivers who honk if you're driving the speed limit
Slow motorists in the fast lane
Fast motorists in the slow lane
Crazy lane shifters
The distracted coffee drinkers
Individuals who honk at everybody
People who eat or drink while driving

The I-95 Rush Hour Horror!

There's nothing worse for motorists than the pain of sitting in rush hour traffic every morning and evening.

I know every place experiences traffic but when you're the most densely populated state with New York City and Philadelphia nearby, then it becomes a nightmare with no escape from the horror.

The traffic in other states usually surrounds an urban setting, but in Jersey it's everywhere. There's nowhere you could go in NJ without experiencing some sort of traffic jam on the Garden State Parkway, the NJ Turnpike, or a plethora of other major roadways throughout the state.

For the average resident, congestion on the roadways is a part of daily life; a part no one in the state would admit they enjoy.

Quick texters and rapid phone onlookers
Drivers who seem to follow you too long
Undercover police vehicles
Sudden police siren behind you
Getting pulled over for no reason
Getting pulled over for being slightly over the limit
Cops that give you a ticket for nothing
The busted taillight drivers
Brake happy road warriors
No brake lights motorists

Why NJ Cops Are Not Your Friends

Ah those dreaded cops!

For some they are saviors, but for many they are the devil. At least that's what it feels like when one pulls you over.

The cops in NJ get paid well, so maybe they're trying to make the most of their careers, but drivers probably wish they would ride off a cliff. I'll admit that the police get a bad rap because most are doing their job, however; many take advantage of their position.

Motorists get irritated when cops pull them over for minor traffic violations such as going 5-10 miles over the speed limit or when they scare them to death by following. Even worse is when people get pulled over just because the cops want to fill their monthly quota.

So yes the relationship between NJ drivers and cops isn't perfect, but I think most citizens would rather have them around. And if you've ever been to New Jersey, then you definitely need a lot of cops around.

Truck drivers that surround you or follow too closely
Truck drivers mixed with cars on major highways
Traffic signs that make no sense
Police cars that think they're above the law
Impossible urban traffic
Seemingly endless highway construction
Unexpected road or exit closures
The evil and never fixed potholes
Broken and unpaved roadways
Cracked roadways that never get repaired
Speed demons in urban settings
Law breakers
Drivers performing illegal K and U turns
Traffic cones that are close together
Drivers performing illegal left and right turns
Detour routes leading to nowhere
Gas station traffic jam
Minor accidents causing hours of traffic
Monthly toll hikes
Student drivers on major highways

When New Jersey Drivers Become Law Breakers

Law breakers are drivers who don't care what violations they break as long as they get where they want to be.

It also means that they're liable to cause other motorists massive headaches and put everyone on edge. A lot of accidents are caused because unlawful citizens make dumb maneuvers and crash into someone or something.

And once that happens everyone is angered due to the inevitable traffic jams that'll follow.

Driving in NJ is bad enough without a few idiots causing problems on the interstate. If residents were given the option to stone those individuals, then they would do it in a heartbeat.

There's zero tolerance for law breakers in the Garden State.

A blinding car beam of light
A blinding car beam of light | Source
Parking in the middle of the street
Motorists stopping in the middle of the road
Wide open car doors in traffic
Swerving and speedster motorcyclists
Incompetent elderly drivers
Dazed and confused motorists
Those without an NJ license plate
New York drivers
Red light rushers
People who driver through red lights
Neverending turning signals
No turning signal at all
No headlights after dark
High beam use in traffic zones
Tinted car windows
Distracting customized vehicles
Through the window littering
Cigarette sparks from smokers
Garbage left on top of car
Snow and ice covered vehicles

Beware the Blinding High Beams

Out of all the items on this list, high beams are one of the most irritating.

There's nothing worse than a few drivers using their high beams in a high traffic zone. First of all, drivers aren't even allowed to do that legally, and second, why are you trying to cause more accidents!

Normal, safe traffic on NJ roadways is horrible already, but apparently that's not good enough for some people.

Other pet peeves in this set include people who stop or park in the middle of the road (very, very stupid) and those who don't clear the snow and ice off their vehicle/s.

That's right!

People are so lazy that they don't even attempt to clear off their car hoods/tops after a snowstorm, which means other motorists have to dodge the ice flinging off the idiots' cars.

The utter laziness and stupidity of some of these drivers is amazing, and you really have to see it to believe it.

Drivers who don't use defrosters
People who don't use wipers during precipitation
Messy or dirty vehicles
New drivers (usually teens)
Easily distracted drivers
Panicked motorists
Those with no winter weather driving experience
Massive snow plows on roadways
Any accident that creates a nuisance
Rain and thunderstorms
Winter Weather
Dense fog/mist
Those who only rely on GPS
Sharp and rapid braking
Lane shoving without any hand/traffic signals
Inconsiderate motorists who never wave "thank you"
Those who drive recklessly during inclement weather
Non headlight use during bad weather
Loud engine vehicles
Annoying loud engine exhibitionists

How Not to Drive During Bad Weather

Question: Should drivers slow down during periods of inclement weather?

Answer: Obviously Yes!

If only it were that easy. Some people don't get the hint that when it rains or snows, they need to drive a little bit more carefully. I've even seen people who don't use their wipers or headlights during heavy precipitation events.

How does that make any sense!

It doesn't, and I don't understand why a lot of NJ drivers drive normally or even speed during terrible weather conditions such as dense fog. It only takes a few miscreants to cause a major, fatal accident.

You'd think people would eventually learn their lesson and drive more carefully, but alas they never got the message and we have to suffer for their mistakes.

Drivers who always try to showoff
Impatient motorists
People who hold up traffic because they can't park
Horribly parked vehicles that take up two parking spaces
People who take up two lanes of traffic
Swerving motorists with partial lane entry
Ambulances and other emergency vehicles
Deer crossings and roadkill
Natural blockades (fallen branches, water hazards, etc)
Man made blockades (gas leaks, fires)

Watch Out for Deer!

New Jersey residents know that deer are an annual concern particularly in less urban locations. Deer related accidents have been steadily on the rise and even the warning signs don't help anymore.

There's been occasions where deer have shown up without any prior alerts, and I guarantee people in NJ have experienced or know someone who's had a run in with a deer. I don't know how it is in other states, but that's our number one animal related issue.

Other pet peeves that often show up include fallen tree branches, roadway flooding, and gas leaks, but the biggest nuisance those problems cause is still traffic.

Traffic is still by far the biggest pet peeve, and a lot of these other annoyances factor into it.

Well those are the 100 biggest pet peeves about New Jersey traffic.

Did they annoy you, or better yet, how many of these do you experience where you live?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Your Thoughts!

What's your biggest driving pet peeve?

See results

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